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  1. Looking excellent man, really glad to see you are still at it.
  2. I use a mixture of zeus and RUG High Dispersion. Only works on missions that have RUG I believe, so basically none, but I just make my own simple missions with it and the firefights last forever. All it needs is something for them to manage ammo better.
  3. Hopefully making a new base for Arma2. I like a lot of units people put out, but none of them feel, pardon the bad term, "next-gen". Arma 3's character models seem to be heading that way, but that is a long time off so I thought a fresh one for Arma 2 would be nice. Obviously it depends on if/when I finish it, then comes the task of getting it in-game, which I have no experience with the Arma 2 engine. I feel like I have the pants in a state now that is good, so I am going to move to finishing up the boots, then off to the undershirt.
  4. getting there, the waist area is next along with some belt loops and a belt. Ignore the plate carrier. Trying so hard not to ditch it and start over. Every time I look at it I see 5 different things I want to change/redo. Mainly the left leg, but I might just mirror over the right one. I just like when they aren't symmetrical, but the right one looks a lot better imo. Added some minor folds and wrinkles EDIT: restarting from scratch, it was good practice but I hate it. take two
  5. gracias. Starting on the left leg now. Soooooo much more to do. Different view. Pockets are gonna be redone.
  6. Just started on some pantaloons, got such a long way to go. The boot is a super early wip as well, just whipped it up real quick to give myself a base for the pants to rest on.
  7. drmidnight

    Lennard's WIP thread

    Yeah, I always forget what will and wont show up well ingame. Looking good ingame. Are you planning on doing a dirty version? if not I would gladly give it a once over for you ;)
  8. drmidnight

    Meatball0311 - WIP Thread

    Helmet is looking great man. I'd check your smoothing groups on some parts of the helmet, not sure if it is just the shot or what. The PVS looks good but that texture seam is really taking away from it. I take it you are photo-skinning the pvs?
  9. drmidnight

    Lennard's WIP thread

    Looks much better. Here's a pretty good ref for some of the wear, probably seen it before. http://b3.us.imgsrc.ru/m/magpul/6/20039526Jnd.jpg Not sure if you have changed it at all since last shot but I took a few seconds to edit the wear just a tad. Its nothing special but it conveys the idea.
  10. drmidnight

    Lennard's WIP thread

    The wear on the bolt catch and on the receiver around the mag catch looks a little odd. I'd add a little variation to the wear since currently it seems to be the same gray color. Other than that it looks great ;) Have a shot of the other side?
  11. drmidnight

    US Marines

    Looking great man, definitely throwing these in as my go to when I am in a Marine mood.
  12. drmidnight

    Meatball0311 - WIP Thread

    Much better shots, could still use some higher res ones to check out the details of the textures. Really digging the helm though, maybe do like Max255 said and tune down the tan just a bit. Some shots http://i54.tinypic.com/2whkzs6.jpg http://i51.tinypic.com/zum2rb.jpg
  13. drmidnight

    Meatball0311 - WIP Thread

    Can't really tell much from the screenshot, have any other shots? or even some from inside o2 that shows off the models and textures a bit more? The shadows make it hard to see anything. I'm all for some MARSOC units so I'm looking forward to see how these actually look ;) And I see what you mean about the arms, I am sure someone here can give you some input on a fix, I think I remember reading about that issue awhile ago on some other units.
  14. drmidnight

    SyNcRoNiCzZ WIP Thread

    Yeah everything is looking good, but that shemagh looks more like an ascot. Try defining some of the edges and add a slight shadow so it looks more like an overlapped piece of cloth, it seems like it is just a solid piece. Not sure if you modeled it or just textured it but some minor tweaks to the model could really help out in conveying the fact it's a shemagh. Could just be the angle of the screenshot though. Loving the jacket.
  15. Textures are looking nice. Man that kneeling seems to stretch and squash stuff like crazy, looks great in the profile shot though. Have you tried modelling the flag patch so it doesn't warp as much? May want to tighten down those chest rig straps, the floating is a little odd.