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    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    Have you ever heard that "sometimes less is more"...? well, I would say that about those wrecked cars spammed all over the place... you might get rid of them and you know what...? Altis would still be looking... well, more, no doubt about it... I can't tell why, but this is not like Sara or Takistan where those wrecks were truly making a statement, adding to the overall result... this is not happening in Altis imho... If I could do something about those wasted cars, I would save those models to make some wheatfields or a expanded canebreak kind of idea... Anyways, Altis is a remarkable piece of work... reminding us all why we fell in love with the armaverse charm... yeah, no matter unmatching ladders for climbing simulations (till today hahaha!!!), nor recycled static models among other few ponds like -troublesome forget'em all- stuff... What I like the most is the perfect blending of some rock formations around the hills... these sets of rocks are the best in the entire series... and I can not get tired to fly and explore around them... The possibilities are never ending on this island, not simply because of its size/shape, but the infinite amount of different possible approaches... Many thanks for your splendid achievement guys!
  2. Robster

    Too many destroyed cars in Altis

    well... it looks like these spammed wrecked cars are the only gap in the entire map, which is a complete delight BTW... dear BIS you might save those models for some kind of light wheatfields/bamboo over there... c'mon, isn't a big deal! c'mon!!!
  3. Robster

    Centering the custom map

    Welcome aboard! There are many ways to do what you want but first is first... as long as you are using GM you should adjust your island there... your projection only needs to include visible terrain since surrounding ocean can be drawn in-game, in other words, try to keep a minimal amount of surrounding water in your projection... this is the best approach to save some extra FPS later on... saludos!
  4. Robster

    BinMake assistance,

    it's hard to tell since that issue is quite generic... why don't you try to make a clean install of Bis Tools 2.5.1 and then use BinPBO instead? There is a great tutorial for beginners from Bushlurker in the terrain editing section and he explain in detail how to use this tool... saludos!
  5. Robster

    Would like to learn ARMA

    lol i did uninstall arma1 three times before getting into it... i'm 14 years younger and i never rtfm ... wish you luck though cause A3 might be pretty much the same controls / keymapping... and a similar learning curve should expected afaik... cheers!
  6. Robster

    Best use of ambient occlusion map?

    A tiny humble question: ambient shadow map can be made with Pal2pac? thanks
  7. Ok... Minimalaco dry your tears off and let us give thanks to these fine gentlemen: Mikero, kju, Bushlurker and Columdrum also... Please dear admins: do not close this post yet... :dancehead:
  8. So I came and I did raise my hands and pray ... cause the end of the world was nothing but true :pet5: And I also keep 3 HDDs to spare a light of hope... :cc:
  9. @mini: lol don't worry pal... uncle Robster is here to save the day hahahah
  10. pfff bis walls has a named property on geo lod... placement = slope wall model must be facing z axys - front view then you can see how wall follows terrain gradient and it might look kind of a seamless plane... to know more about those check for named properties and oxygen documentation
  11. you're going too far on steps... i've never seen anybody around asking about these details before... basically steps are meant to work on resLOD and for getting characters climbing you must use a roadway LOD, a plane to walk over... roadway for stairs look like a ramp... here you can see a geo lod corresponding to an octagon platform shape with stairs that suit an heli pad... those ramps are stairs in res lod... if you are patient enough you might read this to get more tips regarding proper geo lods... in my experience geo lods are difficult to grasp when beginning until you understand oxygen logics and then you get quick results... do not burn your brain though... you are moving quite faster... saludos! EDIT: I don't want to provide rancid advice, but stairs have never been attended here... you may look at any soldier in-game climbing ladders and then you will see arms grasping empty space... and that's definitely not modding but official development... so you might become a truly hero in armaverse if you manage to match character animations with steps on stairs and ladders... something that nobody has gotten before afaik... you know, who is gonna care about those details ???? chabela!
  12. You can make a thin wall at ResLOD (i.e. = 15 cms) but GeoLOD must be bigger (i.e. = 30 cms)... almost nobody will notice the trick... cheers!
  13. @dualJoe: regarding those FPS drops because of water behaviour you might try to increase your river shores level a bit, let's say above 3.5 meters and even 2.5 meters should work... that way you will get rid of those water "shades" and it will look better at medium/far distances... saludos!
  14. well, you can change default size (value=100) for any given model... (max =500) but doing like that sometimes produces some issues... geo lods do not work properly... killing objects... bumping roadways... etc... you might try some custom sizes and then run a test to see if there is any trouble with your new values... take care mate!
  15. Many thanks Vovonauta! You put it all pretty nice & clear...
  16. I still use old Yoma's AddonSync... so I'm gonna give this a try... spasiba!!!!
  17. @Mondkalb: That means LCA only apply to those tiles "hacked" as you say, and the rest of them remain as LCO, am I right? EDIT: FATA will have a better looking wheatfield area :) @VOVO: I think is clear enough now... :p 1. As far as I understand you do not have to bind anything in layers.cfg... for these purposes you have to leave it as it is... read again what Mondy <3 said hahaha alpha tiles would add ref values automatically -> 0, 127, 255 = black, gray, white (in this last case alpha should be off) 2-3. ok, you have to replace those files manually BEFORE launching buldozer... get rid of PNG files inside layers folder and then replace corresponding LCO for your new shiny LCAs... if you do not delete png files, buldozer will convert them into paa again replacing your "hacked" tiles... If you do not know how to get an LCA file just modify your png tile put your alpha in there and then convert it using pal2pac... I think it's important to change png file name sufix _LCO and rename it as _LCA so pal2pac can make a proper conversion... I will try this all later... I hope not to be wrong with my assumptions... Saludos!
  18. Thank you mondy <3 That's precisely the kind of job for a 5th texture... But I do not understand how the engine can distinguish values coming from alpha channel, how engine deals with LCA... Afaik in layers.cfg you define color values corresponding to a given texture... how do you manage alpha then? What does layers.cfg say then? Do you add an alpha value in RGB colors definition list there?
  19. @mondkalb: what did you do manually???? tweaking rvmats inside layers folder??? did you use an LCA??? would you show us some ref rvmat??? c'mon mondy!!! c'mon!!! would you????
  20. Congratulations Martin! :D
  21. ecce mono! wena! cheers!
  22. Hi Mondy ;) I noticed this problem on a couple of spots in FATA roads sometime ago... and it can be fairly fixed by moving a rock a bit But, I'm not sure about serpent's road built as showing in RL sat pic, beacuse AI can't handle heavy turnings and usually chooses the most direct way to go across... and this map was specially designed to warn drivers about to not to try too many off-road trips nor trying to take shortcuts anytime, as we were used to see in the past...
  23. @Max P: Now you did explain yourself, thanks so much! @IceBone_: You might try a cell dome covering outside, think about some kind of a half blackberry cover shape (!) made by smaller overlapping flat boxes (don't forget CTRL+A, CTRL+U) if it covers enough it should kill any flickering light... try to stay under 30 m for covering panels just to be sure that drawing distance for shadow lod do not bother... if you have some issues with that thing, pm me and I will send you a working LOD, so you can see what I mean... Saludos Saludetes !
  24. Robster

    maps under construction:

    An AI focused map impose several constraints for many of the features built in FATA, which is a map specially designed for Project Reality, meant to be played at 3000m view distance max... - fully enclosed perimeters, - massive display of blocking enviroment objects (rocks, big sunken shrubs), - different sort of bridges and pedestrian access, - compounds turned into mazes, - a serpent like asphalt road, - cave system and underground stuff, - wavy dirt roads, - narrow paths, - etc... Basically, a map ready for teamwork PVP gameplay... Thus, if someone get stuck over there we shouldn't be surprised at all... Anyways, I've been trying to run away from some friendly BAF bots after collapsing a Jackal but they have managed to follow me all over the place so far, no matter the turns or paths that I did choose... I also wanted to see if some geometries were working fine, so I made a tank battle test using the whole riverbed area and all of it ran flawlessly... and it was a truly surprise for me ;) Saludos pa toas las washas pelúas hahaha