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  1. We are trying to update our settings and take advantage of some of the new features. Quite frankly its a little confusing


    As example would be the following setting worked for view distance before the update. We want players to be able to set their own View distance;




    The confusion lies in which we should be overriding, both the mission and the client, or just the client? You can see from above we had to leave the server option of overriding the mission blank to make it work which seemed counterintuitive.


    Adding further to the mystery are the indication of the meaning behind the red and green x's and checks, which have different meaning depending on where they're placed.


    Anyone have an easy walkthrough or suggestions for this?

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  2. Found this on the ACE 3 website, not sure if it works



    When double clicking a unit you can find a performance factor slider under the ACE options. This unit specific factor will override the global setting, but is only applied to that unit, unless you select multiple and change the slider for all of them at once of course.


    Advanced Fatigue Framework · ACE3 (ace3mod.com)

  3. In the last few weeks we've had the following issue on our MP server. Bear in mind, we have no AI in our squad.


    Everyone spawns in at the beginning of the mission. For whatever reason, player Joe restarts the mission. An AI takes over Joe's ingame character. When the real Joe comes back in game, we have one AI Joe and one Human Joe. We cannot delete the AI Joe with vanilla zeus.


    Tried googling this and couldn't find anything about it. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Agreeing with much of what’s been said here. Like the idea of CDLCs keeping the game fresh, but the way they’ve been rolled out and are managed really segments the player base and diminishes the reputation of the title.


    it’s simple things like being able to easily host the new content on a server, sharing assets and making sure the quality is there.


    Honestly, if BI are drifting away from the Arma series, they should let everyone know. Don’t harp on the celebrations or nostalgia of the series if it’s being put out to pasture.


    It would be a shame to leave the series in a bad light out of apathy or lack of effort.

  5. First, this post should be over in this part of the forums - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/


    Second, you can’t directly edit  bin file, but need ‘de-bin’ it. Then you can save it as a config.cpp file and edit away.


    if this is yours or your friends file, not only should they be able to give this in a cpp format, they should know this. If this isn’t your mod, make sure you’re not stepping over any lines in regards to the original mods creator(s) and their work. I would head over to this part of the forums to learn more about creating mods - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/


    and here for the tools you’ll need for modding - https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/163-arma-3-community-made-utilities/


    Good luck!