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    ION, Inc.

    I couldnt give a fuck about that poophead. His "PASSWORT IS SERIOUS BUSINNES! ONLY TRUE OFP FANS DESERVE THE FUNNY VIDEO! RAGE! RAGERAGERAGE!" is so uterly ridicoulous. No, it was not me who banned that clown in the first place. I however stumbled over his crap just now and decided to permanently ban him for 'idiot' and 'poophead'. :)
  2. Dr. Horrible

    EA-6B Prowler - WiP by IrishDeviant

    Ha, I dont watch the show for Bell or the acting, I watch it for the jets, the carriers, the helicopters etc. :D Back to topic, I just tried something in the editor, I took a C-130 and let if flew a close circle, as a Spooky or Spectre gunship would. As soon as it came under enemy fire, its speed dropped to a miniumum, and it started wobbling around the area like 10 feet above the ground. Does anyone knows workaround for this?
  3. Dr. Horrible

    EA-6B Prowler - WiP by IrishDeviant

    I know, I know...JAG bursts of patriotism. :D But if you are into military stuff its actually a nice show, they have an unusal eye for accuracy and detail. For example "chinese soldiers" appearing on the show use chines made AK-47s, while "iraquis" use russian AKMs etc.
  4. Dr. Horrible

    Mil Mi-24A Krokodil

    Yesno. They wanted a Hind in Rambo 2, 3, Red Dawn and one Dolph Lundgren Movie which name I cant remember anymore. But obviously, during the 80ths you couldnt get the Soviet Unions most advanced attack helicopter.... ...So they took a Super Pumas, and added wings with fake rocket pods. The Super Pumas in Rambo III where not very convincing, they really looked like Pumas with fake wings: http://www.rotaryaction.com/images/rambo3a.jpg However in Red Dawn they did a better job, their Puma actually came close to a Hind-A this thread is about: http://www.imfdb.org/images/thumb/d/dd/RedDawnFakeHind05a.jpg/500px-RedDawnFakeHind05a.jpg
  5. Dr. Horrible

    EA-6B Prowler - WiP by IrishDeviant

    Thats enough :D Actually my F-14 vote might be influenced by the fact that Im currently going through all seasons of J.A.G. :rolleyes:
  6. Dr. Horrible

    EA-6B Prowler - WiP by IrishDeviant

    Well all the guys who are here since OFP (which came out 2001) are at least in their middle twenties. So yeah, this community is quite mature To be honest, sometimes I think it became even a bit too mature, during OFP you saw a lot more creative and "crazy" addons, much very well done SciFi stuff, all this has changed more to a demand for serious, realistic addons. (Rather realistic Special Forces underwear then a Tiger Tank or X-Wing...) I personally will fight against this when I finally figured all the RVMAT and other texturing obstacles out :D Oh and hooray for the F-14. A F-14 cockpit as detailed as the one in the Su-25 or MiG-15 would be amazing.
  7. Dr. Horrible

    Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA 2

    I have to correct myself, it works, but you have to wait up to 2minutes to make sure the Charon Zombie Mod initalizes completly. There seems to be kind of a script wor going on, and the Zombie mod comes online befor the Mando Missile mod. If you wait, both nukes seem to work fine every time then, but the conventional warhead sometimes glitches a bit. (The Camera view wont appear, it detonates way of target etc.) So yeah, nothing to fix there, just if you use zombie mod and nukes at the same time, wait for the zombie scripts to initalize completly and dont be surprised if the SCUD-camera view wont appear, the rocket itself will work.
  8. Dr. Horrible

    EA-6B Prowler - WiP by IrishDeviant

    Come on the list he gave us is long enough. Check the first post, there a like 50 planes to choose from.
  9. Dr. Horrible

    EA-6B Prowler - WiP by IrishDeviant

    On new vote? Well allright: F-14 MiG-25 / MiG-31 (I dont care which one) .... Cant decide on a third one.
  10. Dr. Horrible

    mikebart's Project's

    Anyone else getting some "ILS" error? Apart from that everything works perfect, its putting the ArmA graphic to a new level. EDIT: Ah yes, "Config: 'ilsDirection' array doesn't have 3 entries", seems its known and will be fixed.
  11. Dr. Horrible

    Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA 2

    Poop. You cant blow up Zombies with a Nuke. The "Infected" or "Undead" marker from Charons Undead Mod negate the SCUD missile. You can launch it, but it wont reach the target. (The Nuke doesnt get created)
  12. Dr. Horrible

    EA-6B Prowler - WiP by IrishDeviant

    AC-130? Meh. Im still for the F-14 EVERYBODY LOVES. Or at least an update on the F-14 cockpit, thats the part of the existing Tomcat that really shows its age.
  13. Dr. Horrible

    EA-6B Prowler - WiP by IrishDeviant

    Ah the MiG-28....Now you have to make a F-14 to go with the Prowler ;) EDIT: We got a Nimitz Carrier soon, but played "Topgun" on a Nimitz class or on the Enterprise....?
  14. Dr. Horrible

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    EDIT: Nevermind, I got the A-10 from your complete Soundpack working, no need for the single version anymore. Fucking hell, for a second I thought they were the real sounds, just played very silent cause of some bug...But then I realized "nope, you got yourself some farts there coming out of the A-10". :butbut:
  15. Dr. Horrible

    EA-6B Prowler - WiP by IrishDeviant

    Tell me about it. During OFP I was quite into Oxygen, made some nice stuff. (Some for myself, some got released with the Warhammer 40.000 mod mostly). At the end I even was getting into the scripts more, I could make my models open their doors etc. And textures? Well they are just textures....Just get yourself a nice open source example, and then copy & paste...:rolleyes: But now in ArmA II? RVMAT? Lightproxys? UVmapping? What? After my first five models looked like shit or glowing orbs even after months of testing, I gave up on it. Im just no into texturing :(