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  1. Zdravim, sorr, ale predpokladam, ze mi budu tvorcovia hry rozumiet. Dovod preco som "zboznoval" a aj mam rad Operation Flashpoint a ARMA II je ten, ze tvorcovia su z Ceskej republiky a cela hra je i v cestine. Ked ste vydali BAF najprv som zaslal mailom otazku, ci je BAF i v cestine, to nastasie bolo, teda cela kampan mala titulky, bola kratka ale dobra. Teraz som si kupil PMC a som sklamany z toho ze neobsahuje CZ titulky, alebo asi má chybné titulky pre CZ jazyk. Rozumiem anglicky v pohode (sice v anglictine pisem ako madar po slovensky), ale predsa len ma to sklamalo. Bol by som rad, a urcite i mnoho dalsich zakaznikov z CR a SR, ak by ste vydali patch pre PMC s doplnenim CZ jazyka. "Spoiler" obsahuje 3 snimky posledny je z popisu misie, kde je "hatlanina", podla ktorej to vypada skor na nejaku chybu, ta je vsak rovnaka aj po tom co som si v hre zmenil jazyk na Anglicky.
  2. For future, I recommend to add for example torrent download for customers for launch day on Sprocket. I think it could be faster for this quantity of customers. But it is ok, I am very patient man. Question: Only full textures and sounds in PMC do 800 MB on this DLC? Patch 1.56 has only 329 MB. Or in buyable version of PMC is something as gift for customers what does this difference (470MB)?
  3. Hello, I forgot ask you, will K9 units be in ARMA II - PMC? If not, I think that you can add this units in next patch for ARMA II. Not only for OPFOR, but for all sides with civillians dogs too. (For some scenarios with police, jogging civillians, blind people...). I recommend abillities for dogs: - report hided people, if dog will smell them or hear them (K9 units were used for this requirements in Vietnam war by US), but for more chaos and reality is good if dog will report all hided units which are not in units group where dog handler is, not only enemy but friendly and civillians too; - search for people, if dog handler will find som equipment which was in enemy inventory and give order for dog to scent this unit; - search for explosives; - search new object - "drugs"; - with few basic orders from dog handler like: "go forward", "come to me", "attack unit", order to yap. It would be good if dogs tried to keep in some maximum distance where dog could hear dog handlers orders or his whistle for order dog for come back. Not use attack dog with orders on map 5km from dog handler position, for kill enemy general.
  4. Hello, I wrote some questions yesterday... 1, SUV with minigun is very good for this PMC expansion for ARMA II, thank you for this... :) (I am faithful fan of ARMA II. I have OA and BAF too...) I think some people didn´t understand my idea about rear gunner in the car. I mean normal civilian SUV, like Mitsubishi Pajero with three contractors (two on front driver, gunner and third gunner with machine gun focused to rear for eliminating threats from rear of convoy). I think better idea is add new cars, where some units moved in cargo could shoot with primary or secondary gun through opened window... 2, What about escorting VIP? When I played OperationFlashpoint 1.75 (excelent game I think) I wrote one script for escorting VIP, it was based only on looped MoveTo command. I am not good in writeing scripts, it was so stupid script. it looked on first sight good, team leader was near VIP as bodyguard and others was in formation but when VIP was killed guards stopped near body, when they were under attack they fight with enemy and didn´t cover VIP. I think that better is add new type of waypoint or module into game for escorting other units. 3, Another idea, i think that it is useful for PMC if bodyguards armed only with secondary guns (pistols) could holster their guns if they are in Safe or Careless mode.
  5. Hello, I would ask creators of ARMA II few questions to PMC expansion: 1, Are you creating some civillian SUVs with rear gunner in the car. And some special armoured vehicles typical for real PMC? For example BlackWater´s grizzly. 2, Are you creating some new functions in game for "bodyguard missions", with escorting VIP? Will be possible in edit mission add waypoint "Escort VIP" for Bodyguards group. With formations, for example: group leader as Bodyguard in close range from VIP and others in V, box, diamond formations... 3, Most of real missions for PMC (after base guard), are with vehicles escorting in fast speed. Are you developing AI for drive vehicles on roads? Without stupid slow downs in corners and when cars are going clash against each other. 4, Advanced GPS navigation in car and personal navigation (in mobile phone) will be very useful for PMC campaign missions with cars VIP escorting (form hotel resort in green zone to factory...)