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  1. FSF_TargetZero

    N'Ziwasogo A3 terrain (Released)

    Awesome map Makhno !
  2. FSF_TargetZero

    UPSMON for arma3

    Thank you !
  3. FSF_TargetZero

    UPSMON for arma3

    Without TPWCAS. Regards,
  4. FSF_TargetZero

    UPSMON for arma3

    With 6.0.1 I have the bug "debug mode tells me that one unit is damaged from start" and AI is alerted/throw grenade. And I cant download 6.0.2, the file http://www.uploadlux.com/l-lHztKrSNKn looks like the 6.0.1 (version number in Init_UPSMON.sqf and UPSMON.sqf Version = 6.0.1 ). Edit: finaly it works with this file http://www.uploadlux.com/l-1sXoVugTEi which is exactly the same version number 6.0.1 in Init_UPSMON.sqf and UPSMON.sqf but it looks like the good one). Please could you check and fix (update version number in files, add correct names to the links) ? Thanks for your work. Regards,
  5. FSF_TargetZero

    Operation FrenchPoint 3.2

    Good work !
  6. FSF_TargetZero

    FSFLauncher A3 Edition

    The best launcher anyway ;)
  7. FSF_TargetZero

    [Dr_Cox1911] Hostage Script

    It doesnt work in Multiplayers, my whole group spawned on the hostage location :( You need to run hostage teleport only server side and not client side by using IsServer condition. In captive.sqf one mate made this modification and it works on dedicated server:
  8. FSF_TargetZero

    [Dr_Cox1911] Hostage Script

    Cool script thank you Cox. I'll test it in my next mission. Does it work in MP ?
  9. FSF_TargetZero

    Massive desyncs?

    I got problems too with the fillCrate.sqf v0.2 script, it works in singleplayer but the ammobox is burning in multplayers :p I'm looking for an easiest way for players to rearm with an all-in-one crate.
  10. FSF_TargetZero

    =BTC= Revive

    Thanks :)
  11. FSF_TargetZero

    Radeon 7970 released - ARMA 2 Performance Gains

    Same problems for me with Saphire Radeon HD 7970 3Go Dual-X. I got white dots in trees in ArmA 2, it's ugly. Wasting hours to test ATI drivers ... and the best for ArmA 2 (and ArmA 3) is beta 13.2 v6. But it still some dots in trees (but it's much better). Whats a shame for a 300€+ graphic card :(
  12. FSF_TargetZero

    =BTC= Revive

    For teamplay reasons, i would like only medic can revive. How does it work ? BTC_who_can_revive = ["Medic"]; or maybe BTC_who_can_revive = ["B_medic_F"]; //for west medic ?
  13. FSF_TargetZero

    Urban Patrol Script

    Must have script for all ArmA's generation ! But "Paraiso city" on the first screen doesn't sounds like ArmA 3 ... it sounds like Armed Assaut lol :)
  14. FSF_TargetZero

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive!

    I appreciate your work since 2001 and I followed all the releases of OFP/ArmA, all extensions and DLC. Congrats for this release. That is the right way to go ! Keep the pressure. Im waiting the SDK and more content which are both going to follow.