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    A.I needs a lot of work

    I have played mostly SP since OFP, and I have to say that the AI hasn't really changed that much. A modded ArmA II is a much better SP experience in terms of AI than ArmA III which should not be the case. It's like AI improvement is an afterthought when compared to the other changes of the game. There is seriously no sense of unit conhesion. They don't even at least stick to two man buddy teams let alone fire teams and up. I guess I will have to wait for the community to improve the AI.... again. The bad thing about all this is that nothing will change from now until release. The AI will still be terrible.
  2. Nope, it sounds about right.
  3. I also want to my weapon to be persistent between missions, so I can clean it before and after. BIS, please simulate carbon build up and have my hands get dirty when the armory gives me a weapon that hasn't been cleaned in months after repeated firing.
  4. TBH, they actually got it right. Gunfire in video games are usually uncharacteristically quiet, but its loud here which is nice. Most often then not you will have earpro in, which will muffle the surrounding noise and save your ears when firing a weapon when you are in the Army. Firing a M4, for example, is pretty loud in real life, so to see ArmA III have small arms fire that drowns out all other sounds is refreshing. Especially after ArmA II's disappointing sound.
  5. Is this game going to be as modifiable as the ArmA Series? Because I would have hate to have bought this game on PC when I could of bought it for my PS3 (I enjoy flying and using vehicles with a controller dealwithit.jpg)
  6. I was on the fence about getting it but I like the concept and got it anyway. Some stuff I heard about the game bums me out but I'll just play it and see anyway. Patches and mods should make it great.
  7. I know what you mean. Its just that infantry combat makes the game feel more alive. You can't take islands without the foot soldiers. Is there AI infantry that you can order around and that the enemy uses though?
  8. I kind of dont want to get the game now because of the no infantry combat besides select scenarios in the scripted single player. The attraction for the game is the open ended sandbox gameplay and no infantry combat just seems absurd and a horrible design choice. Is there AI infantry at least and can a dev say something about it?
  9. No, its about convenience and not having my crap strewn all over the internet. I just like having all my games in one place. I just dont want to be fucked if BIS goes down for some reason and I cant download the game anymore. That could be said about Steam as well but that is less likely in the foreseeable future.
  10. Wait, so in the final game, I wont be able to control infantry units besides the scripted campaign?
  11. That sucks. I guess I will have to wait for a sale on Steam then. I dont want to have to come to all these different websites to download the game and the subsequent patches when I could just get it on Steam later and have the patches automatically download.
  12. The answer to this would be cool. Im on the fence about getting the game because I dont want to be trying to simulate an island hopping campaign and only having 5 aircraft and like 10 infantry units taking over an island when I could have many times more then that. Is there a way to up the unit count or do we have to wait for modding and the like?
  13. I don't mean that I want to call the artillery but the artillery is continuous whenever I start the mission.
  14. Is there anyway that i can have the AI just randomly send mortars or artillery fire down onto a select location through the editor or in game. As in no scripts used.
  15. TacKLed

    E3 - Arma 3?

    Sandbox SP