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  1. So can we find MASSI and ask him to fix it. I consider this a very mod, so that would be good.
  2. inhaler

    Arsenal Broken after 1.68

    "Meh, it's entirely possible to make a small config file addon as a third party that will patch the parameters in. Similar to how people make ACE compatibility files." Easy to do with little scripting knowledge? Very many thanks for the replies.
  3. I maybe being overly picky here, but it seems that MASSI's Weapons Add ons are not long showing completely in Virtual Arsenal. Mates have observed the same thing/ Is there a fix or od we just sit this one out until someone fixes it? Should someone tell MASSI and/or is it even his problem? grateful for any help
  4. I'm using ALiVE and ACE, with an ALiVE custom OPFOR. The thing was working fine, but suddenly I have a situation where player placed CIV_F cars work fine, but ambient ones do not. I'm wondering if it's a corrupt profile item? EDIT: Testing shows that using CIV_F the Kamaz trucks are undercover, but none of the normal vehicles. I've deconflicted with the custom OPFOR and it's not that. Ideas? ..and MORE EDIT. OK, hand entered all the CIV_F vehicle class names I could find (including all the colours) and that seems to have done the trick well enough. - that said, what an amazing mod!!
  5. This could just be me, but I cannot seem to get the script to work with ambient vehicles generated by ALiVE. Everything else works great. Am I missing something?
  6. inhaler

    UK Special Operations A3

    Sorry if this is old news, but since APEX there seems to be a conflict between headgear and backpacks in UKSF an African Conflict. Simply put, if you have a backpack, I cannot have headgear. Anyone else seen this, or just me?
  7. Good point. Further testing revealed my very overly optimistic opinion was dead wrong. Just a one-off with the MH-6J. CH-47 and all else flies like a clown! :(
  8. Also got this working today. Great!! BUT... Why is the Heli-Flight model so good when the Standard one is so appalling. This would appear to show that the "lunge" flying, and "drop landing" the Helos do in ARMA is fixable.