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    Bootcamp ending?

    The problem was that when I started the "Maxwell" scenario I was back in the forest trying to link up with my buddies after the staff sgt stepped on a mine in the forest. I dunno, it might have been me just being confused or something. Anyway, I reverted the Blackfoot down scenario, ran it and then the story continued as expected. It was probably just me being a complete noob here. Thanks Drebin!
  2. Soldiers, I have just started trying ARMA 3 out so I though doing the "Bootcamp" (The east wind) campaign would be a good way to get into it all. However, when I'm finished with the "Blackfoot down" scenario I don't get another to play. In the UI the next available scenario is "Maxwell", which preceeds BFD. Is this a bug, something I've done or does the campaign actually end with Blackfoot down? Any hints would be appreciated
  3. Hehe. Well, I'm not gonna bet any money on the "norm" but I've been flying for years and most (in fact all I've used) do support TIR and I only assumed every simmer had TIR by now. But maybe I'm more hard core than I assumed. Anyway, what you're saying is that the answer is "no"? There really is no way of disconnecting the "freelook" feature from using the mouse for interaction? That's a pity and I'm heading over to the suggestions department to suggest there should be. I also found an anomaly in that freelook was active in career mode even though I'd deactivated it. That might have been before I patched the sim however so I'll double check that. Cheers
  4. Pilots, I've just installed TOH but I find it hard to enjoy due to the weird workings of "mouse look". I have pretty much all the bells 'n' whistles for simming, including a TrackIR setup so there's no need for me to control the view using a mouse. I've figured out how to disable it (game options) but then I can't interact with the virtual cockpit. Pressing and holding [ALT] enables interaction again but not without also controlling the pilots head/view. Is it possible to set up the game to work as all other flight simulators? The 'norm' is that the mouse is used to control a mouse cursor for interaction only, not for viewing. Would that be possible? BTW: Sorry if this subject has been discussed before. I have search for answers on this forums but found nothing. Feel free to point me to another post that explains this. Thanks /Jonas
  5. This is the value in MAIN: E:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 I've double checked and it complies with the game root folder. ---------- Post added at 10:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:55 PM ---------- Seems the problem was: I had only installed ArmA 2 and not Operation Arrowhead. I had no idea OA was actually a later version of ArmA 2 so thought I'd upgrade and install OA after that. As I installed OA it appeared ArmA 2 was upgraded to 1.07 at the same time. Having installed OA I can patch just fine. Thanks for you help guys
  6. I did start it, as far as the menu being displayed (where a carrier passes by and so on) but then I exited. Do I need to start a mission/training?
  7. I just made a clean install for ARMA 2 Combined Ops. but I cannot patch it. I downloaded patch 1.59 but when I try to install it I get the message you see in this posts's title: "ARMA 2 OA is not installed on your computer or installation is corrupted" I've seen suggestions that there must be a "MAIN" node in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Bohemia Interractive\ArmA 2 (yes, I'm running Windows 7 x64) and there wasn't. I went ahead and created the registry node but I still get the same problem. My installation is on my "gaming HDD" in this path: E:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 I'm out of ideas here. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated Thanks
  8. moggel

    Missing script file

    Has no one else seen this?
  9. moggel

    ArmA 2: Manhattan

    Can't you use a Javelin to kill the T-72? You'll need to be stealthy of course but it could be quite fun...
  10. I'm playing through the ArmA 2 campaign "Red Harvest" (currently playing the "Manhattan" mission) and every time I enter a new mission where I'm supposed to be able to use the UAV terminal I get this error message: "script ca\modules_e\uav\data\scripts\uav.sqf not found". This seems to make it impossible to use the UAV. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Regards
  11. moggel

    Missing script file

    Sorry about the misplacement. I'll repost in the appropriate forum. To answer your question: I have patched to 1.07 but only AFTER having seen this error. The error remains after the patch though.
  12. I'm playing through the ArmA 2 campaign "Red Harvest" and every time I enter a new mission I get this error message: "script ca\modules_e\uav\data\scripts\uav.sqf not found". This seems to make it impossible to use thr UAV in various missions. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Regards