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  1. Trying to get this to run as a default mission on a dedicated server at the moment but I'm completely unfamiliar with that process. Could someone check this code and tell me what's wrong? From the server.cfg // MISSIONS CYCLE (Remove // below this line to make active) class Missions { class cox_patrol-ops-3-01-nato { template="cox_patrol-ops-3-01-nato.altis"; difficulty="Regular"; }; }; Do I need to plug in the slot number in the actual map name like co20_patrol-ops-3-01-nato.altis? Not sure what I'm missing.
  2. Hey L etranger, the MH47 mod just released which natively works with the halo fuselage script (awesome!) but rappelling doesn't seem to support the model, you end up getting stuck. Any chance you can support it? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25580
  3. Found the problem, UI scaling. With it turned on I can't see the remaining options. Thanks.
  4. Where is that in the interface?
  5. Maybe someone can give me a quick answer on this, I spawned a bunch of orcas and used the fill cargo function to fill them with CSAT. Set them to land at a point, all that works brilliantly but how do I get the group inside to disembark and issue seek and destroy orders or other VTS orders to them? Edit: Earlier in the thread someone mentioned placing a squad and an empty chopper then setting the squad to reinforce which would make them board the chopper and disembark at waypoint but that doesn't seem to work anymore.
  6. Anyone have a quick guide to removing the VAS restrictions in this? I thought it would be simple as replacing the Functions folder but when I do that it says it can't find the Config.sqf (but it's still in the folder) and most of the interface is missing text. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  7. Full body (or adding legwraps to) ghillie suits. Apparently a full body version existed/exists in the code somewhere as evidenced by this discontinued project. Current suits in the game are situational at best and this would bring more practical use back into the fold.
  8. Cheers. My group uses flashbangs quite often so it would be nice that while he's disoriented from the flash (flashbang starts animation) an order to surrender could be given via interaction menu. Not sure how doable that is on top of what your plans are for the surrender parameters/conditions. Edit: To clarify not requesting that interaction to only be available during that animation since that would require addon dependency. Just pointing out it would give a team time to close in on the VIP and hit the interaction without being shot.
  9. L etranger what are the current requirements to get the VIPtoCapture unit to actually surrender? I've put 5.56 in his leg as much as I can without killing him but he's a tough bastard, won't give up.
  10. Disguise feature is amazing, L etranger. I would change "Torn disguise" to "Remove disguise" just as a native English speaker nitpick. Also for the Disguise menu confirmation I'd change "or your cover will blow up" to "or your cover will be blown"
  11. DrBo42

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    This is a great suggestion for an overhaul. Unfortunately I don't see this happening.
  12. Could swear I tried that at some point. Works now. Cheers.
  13. Amazing utility. Unfortunately I can't seem to copy the output of my work in VTS to the clipboard. Any reason or fix for this? On Windows 7.
  14. Been playing this a lot on my server with some buddies. Really great stuff. One thing we have some issues with is the defend mission type. Seems pretty strict at the moment for fail scenarios. Not sure if it's tied to a single enemy making it into a specified trigger area within the town or a friendly unit passing too far outside the town's border but depending on the building positions and terrain both of those are hard to control. My personal recommendation would be to turn it into a timed defense as a solution. The UAV, defense and mine tasks also seem to be heavily stacked in the rotation.
  15. Another VAS related question/problem: I replaced the function folder as instructed with multiple posts in here and now I can load my saved presets but the main tabs (Weapons, Magazines etc) fail to load anything. Anyone running into this?
  16. DrBo42


    Unable to get this working on a rented server as well. Uploaded @Zeus folder, defined it in command line, uploaded zeu folder to userconfig, no luck. Ran the test mission and not a single skill has changed. Not running any other AI mod, simply CBA and ACRE.
  17. How do I check if I'm using the version with default systems setups? And yes, remote mode in the A10 at least is definitely improved compared to local.
  18. I fly with 5000 view distance and maintain a pretty high fps with no dips. However as soon as I engage the camera and try to get some locks, it just goes through the floor. Haven't tried it on Utes as of yet and sadly no ACE is not an option as my unit's server is running ACE as a staple ATM.
  19. Thank you very much for the OA compatible release. On a server running with ACE the onboard cameras for both the A10 and the Apache seem to experience extreme lag, to the point where it's almost impossible to lock on to a target in a medium-heavy AI populated AO in a domi map. Is there something wrong client/server side or is the OA version lacking performance optimizations at the moment?