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  1. Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems. First I'd just like to point out that framerate drops in multiplayer are very common; besides playing on a suitable server with an optimized mission (please don't just rely on Wasteland as a benchmark) there's not a great deal that you can do. After overclocking my CPU from 3.6 to 4.5Ghz my framerate almost doubled under certain circumstances in multiplayer, so it may be something you'd like to look into. I haven't kept up to date with recent processors but the general consensus seems to be that Intel produces superior CPUs, which is down to architecture and/or manufacturing. It's not as plain cut as you may think. It'd be helpful to know what view distances you're using too. Please post back with any updates!
  2. MissileMoose

    Can I reduce bot accucracy?

    DR Skill is exactly what you're looking for. There is a drop-down list under the difficulty menu, however if I remember correctly that reduces overall AI skill. You may also wish to look at ASR AI3 and AISS2.
  3. Ensure that you're running the latest version and have updated 'Arma 3/Userconfig/TPW_MODS/TPW_MODS.hpp', then adjust the following config line: tpw_hud_thirdperson = 0; // No HUD in 3rd person. 1 = HUD in 3rd person
  4. I quite like it too; displaying it in third person would reduce the immersion for me, however one can't go wrong with additional parameters for those who enjoy it. My only complaint is that the icons and range markers clutter the screen too much. I'd prefer a HUD which displays NATO military symbols for each known group between around 500m and 2500m with a single range marker (increments of 100m); and for infantry and vehicles closer than 500m - diamonds (or small dots above?) without range and NATO symbols with range, respectively. Regardless of preferences, this is moving extended situational awareness away from the map, which is great. Thank you!
  5. MissileMoose

    Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool

    'Wait for host' is a message which appears when no mission is loaded, or a mission is unable to be loaded due to missing content required by the mission. Use '/' to bring up the input box, here you can enter commands with a '#' prefix. To load a mission, use '#login server_password followed by '#missions'. Alternatively, you can access the multiplayer control dialog with 'Ctrl + P'. When entering your password, be sure to include the hash symbol to prevent your message from being sent to the entire server. Note that it will still display as a message when the symbol is included, however only you will be able to see it.
  6. I really do hope so. User friendly tools will definitely increase the longevity of the Arma series, in my opinion that's a good enough reason to invest money into them. While they're unlikely to develop something to compete with Cry Engine tools, in-depth written guides and work-load tweaks would help.
  7. MissileMoose

    Questions about domination

    I think you're confusing Domination with Warfare, which is the mission that allows player to vote for a commander. Even then, with Warfare it's not possible to rebuild default map buildings, only those which have been placed by a commander.
  8. MissileMoose

    Cant See Parts of my HUD when playing

    Disable 'Stream friendly UI' within either the video, or game-play options.
  9. MissileMoose

    Around 50% are roleplaying servers

    I think it's safe to say that most games, including Arma can be referred to as role-play games. I'm perplexed as to why people feel the need to complain about the actions and preferences of others' in a video game. If you dislike current trends, create one of your own. I feel that this argument mainly stems down to laziness, to either create your own missions or search for servers running preferred missions.
  10. Majority of public servers contain nothing but chaos. I recommend tagging along with various reputable communities, but it all depends on how you would like to play. A list of groups can be found here, from my experience it's better to avoid those which use the names of real life military units, and/or contain "tacticaool realism" or "mature" in the title.
  11. MissileMoose

    Can not play/edit mission

    Most missions require both Arma 2, and Operation Arrowhead (Arma 2: Combined Operations). This is the reason you're unable to join certain servers. Unless you can find servers which run Operation Arrowhead only missions, you'll have to purchase Arma 2.
  12. MissileMoose

    Computer Crashes on Startup

    Apologies, I got distracted from the main issue. Please upload a report file to Pastebin. You probably already know where your report files are stored, if not see here for information.
  13. MissileMoose

    Computer Crashes on Startup

    I think Dark6-6 was trying to say that Arma 3 has greater optimisation over Arma 2 in some areas, however it definitely does not require less resources to run. Areas which were demanding in its predecessor are still notorious in Arma 3. If you are interested in purchasing a new system, I recommend posting in this thread for advice.
  14. MissileMoose

    Computer Crashes on Startup

    There could be an underlying issue which isn't related to your system, however I doubt this very much. You have a very weak system and if possible should definitely look at upgrading your CPU and GPU at the least. If you have the money, an entirely new system is advisable. As always though, I would love to be proven wrong. Apparently Arma 3 is much better at detecting hardware now so doesn't require start-up parameters relating to hardware. It's also not recommended to use more than 2047 when manually defining '-maxMem', as this is the hard-coded limit. Old habits die hard.
  15. Please upload your report file to Pastebin, see here for instructions. I suspect that we all may have a very similar problem.
  16. MissileMoose

    Computer Crashes on Startup

    Are you using a dedicated video card, or an on-board solution? If you're using the latter, then it's highly unlikely that your system meets the requirements.
  17. MissileMoose

    Laser painting

    Ah! I've only just realised... Well, I speak the truth. I suspect that the implementation of such feature would be low priority for BIS, so it may be worth trying to make a few changes yourself. I haven't played Arma 3 for a long time, so am not sure if laser targeting systems have been implemented yet, but if they are it shouldn't be too difficult to add the infra-red beam to a model. Start by taking a look at the IR pointer attachment configuration, in the editor.
  18. Include '-showScriptErrors' in the parameters when launching the game for extra help when debugging. Many things are case sensitive, capitalise "west" and report back.
  19. You aren't missing any content, the helicopter showcase may not have been updated since the beta release. Navigate to the editor and place one down, note that it's not under the 'RAH-66' title.
  20. I concur. I recommend using the Google search operators instead of the internal system, mainly because Google (like other search engines) also searches for words similar to your search terms. 'site:feedback.arma3.com error' for example.
  21. MissileMoose

    Laser painting

    It's certainly possible, and would be nice to see the infra-red beam when designating targets, instead of the red globe which is the usual place-holder.
  22. Welcome to the forums! To submit a ticket, you need to first login using your Bohemia Interactive account. Take a look at this guide too.
  23. MissileMoose


    allowDamage has seemingly become unreliable as of recently, is this command now obsolete?
  24. MissileMoose


    Have you tried 'this allowDamage false'?
  25. MissileMoose

    ATOC and plant foliage size

    No, Anti-Aliasing must be enabled for AToC to work. Turn Anti-Aliasing to 2x to improve performance.