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    Situation update?

    It's about WW2 too, yes. We have more interest in it rather then modern wars. At the moment there is not much info, because it has just recently started. ---------- Post added at 07:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:44 PM ---------- Yes, my old mate, I pretty understand your sadness too... I am not happy at all too. Really not the best end for such a project. But I don't give down, we will try to be more careful with the next one.
  2. panzer_baron

    Situation update?

    Hello, I am Panzer Baron, AWAR's art-director. Guys, the situation is pretty sad, mostly especially for AWAR, as the main developer. The game itself as a brand belongs to Deep Silver (publisher and investor), all the main decisions are also taken only by Deep Silver, and we are not approved to say anything not-agreed with them about the situation. Iron Front was our first project. The sales were pretty successful as far as I know, but I don't see any moves to continue it by Deep Silver. About the greediness - guys, please, don't forget that 50% of the Iron Front was done for free, just because we were hoping to release a good game. And personally, I think we achieved it. With a small team, with no experience of any big project before, we created a game that was noticed a bit in the world. The need for money is not because we are greedy - we just need resources to keep the team alive - we don't have any serious capital. And so, we had somehow to move on. Now we work on a new project, taking in account all the good and bad experience we gained from Iron Front developing.
  3. panzer_baron

    Upcoming 1.03 patch content

    The 1.03 patch will include only the first part of the mod, with infantry only. In the next patch will be added tank crew and other units also.
  4. panzer_baron

    Footsteps SFX issue

    Fixed, will be included in the next patch. Please, close the topic =)
  5. On a clean game must be patch 1.01 and then 1.02 installed, not directly 1.02 on a clean game. It's said in the instructions.
  6. With a few words, the units becomes more aggressive and effective, throwing more grenades, advancing better, without being terminators who kill everyone with a single, accurate shot.
  7. If you make a mission with trenches in the editor, the best way for the soldiers inside the trenches to act properly, is to write in the initialization of the commander of the trench group this: {_x setUnitPos "UP"; doStop _x; _x allowFleeing 0; _x forceSpeed 0; _x setPosATL [getPosATL _x select 0, getPosATL _x select 1, 0.23];} foreach units this; The getPosATL_x select 1, 0.23 is the altitude of the units, for various trenches are suitable a different altitude, you can test in the editor with various trenches. For example, to set an anti-tank gun in the anti-tank trench, it needs this setPosATL [getPosATL this select 0, getPosATL this select 1, 0.75]; in the initialization of the unit, where the 0.75 is the altitude.
  8. At the moment, since patch 1.02 arrived, the are more large PvP servers.
  9. panzer_baron

    Graphic mind melt.

    Put in the video settings the Video memory: default.
  10. Yeh, that's right...
  11. Everybody is free to write good and bad comments, isn't it obvious. I see enough good comments in this topic also, they could write their opinion too.
  12. Guys, I would really appreciate if you would post your opinion about the game in the rating of metacritic. http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/iron-front-liberation-1944
  13. There are 5 important modules in the Iron Front, among the classical arma ones. - Advanced AI. Makes the AI more aggressive and effective without making them deadly sharp-shooters. - FVD. When you sit in aircraft, you get larger view distance then in the standard mission settings. Must have for any aircraft mission. - Tank riders. Enable the soldiers who are on tanks, to act more realistic (dismount when in combat, dismount when the turret of the tank turns around) - Using mines and tripwires. That module is must to make all the mines and explosives to work, in couple with the Functions module. - Advanced artillery features. Needed for the artillery towing and pushing. Needed to be in couple with the Functions module.
  14. panzer_baron


    There is colonel, check in the editor, for the Wehrmacht.
  15. About the "coul'dnt find the last one" - sometimes it happens, that if the view distance settings are too low, you will not be able to see the target, if it's too far. Try it.