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  1. SAT Productions

    [CAMP] War on Drugs

    *Updated* v0.4b -Added Mission "AA Destruction" Mirror @ OP
  2. Okay, i have searched and searched, and i cannot figure out the answer to this question, how do i make a replacement pack? like how do i replace a bi unit (lets say US rifleman) with a user model (lets say, a tiger) thank you in advance i think i have figured it out, nvm
  3. SAT Productions

    [CAMP] War on Drugs

    *Updated* v0.32b -Got rid of timed trigger in mission "Invasion" and replaced it with a radio call, as the extract helicopter would sometimes come immediately after RTB if the player did SecOps. Mirros @ OP
  4. SAT Productions

    [CAMP] War on Drugs

    *updated* v0.3b -Added Mission "Invasion" (READ THE BRIEFING VERY CAREFULLY, ESPECIALLY THE EXECUTION PART. THE DIARY MAKES EVERYTHING MAKE SENSE, AS DOES PLAYING THE PREVIOUS MISSIONS.) download is at OP ---------- Post added at 11:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:15 PM ---------- *updated* v0.31b -Remove SOM from first three missions ("First Lead", "Going Clean", and "Your Fired") Mirrors @ OP
  5. this really is an annoying problem if BI doesn't get it fixed. I am making a campaign with the module, but im going to have to axe the module on the first few missions now, because it is simply not following along with the story line to have russians in the country.
  6. SAT Productions

    [CAMP] War on Drugs

    that is a great idea ^^ this will definately be implemented in later releases of the campaign. :)
  7. SAT Productions

    [CAMP] War on Drugs

    *updated* v0.2b -Added Mission "You're Fired" mirror on OP ---------- Post added at 08:01 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:46 AM ---------- *updated* v0.21b -Added Ammo Crates to all missions (sort of meant to do that last time my bad :0 ) mirror on OP
  8. SAT Productions

    [CAMP] War on Drugs

    sorry kman, i forgot to reply earlier. Yes so far their are only two missions. I want to make each mission as good as a possibly can... I am going by the rule of quality over quantity. *updated* v0.11b -Added an edited version of goliath86's Medevac Module. It really is amazing stuff. See below for more information on how to use it. All props definately go to Goliath86, i simply changed around the userconfig to spawn a blackhawk instead of a seahawk. -Co-op compatable see op for mirror
  9. well, this shouldve been posted on the main post anyway, not in a new thread...
  10. SAT Productions

    [CAMP] War on Drugs

    There was no mission Anvil in the campaign that i knew of :) . thank you for the positive feedback though. As for the errors 1) That would be a BI script, not my own, as that uses the SOM 2) In American Detective stories, they usually call hints or clues "leads". THe man you were meeting in the town had your first "hint" or "lead". The position of the team leader is something that has annoyed me but i have not figured out how to fix.
  11. SAT Productions

    Medevac Module

    This really is good stuff dude. Thank you very much. I sent you a PM with a question in it.
  12. hi guys, im not sure if this has been covered already, if so im sorry, i searched and didn't see exactly what i was saying just similair I get how to add supports using the SecOps module, my question is, how do i add them so that they are only available during an active SecOps mission? Does that even make sense?
  13. SAT Productions

    [CAMP] War on Drugs

    *updated* Changelog v0.1b -Added mission "Going Clean" See OP for mirror
  14. SAT Productions

    Can't install the game

    further than being on admin account, when you go to run it, do you right click and choose Run as Administrator?
  15. SAT Productions

    [CAMP] War on Drugs

    thank you, mirror updated