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  1. the question is why should there be any dlc? in the past the devs waited with a addon release till they got enough content to sell it on a cd over the normal market... right now everybody without a credit card is sorted out... (in europe credit cards are not that common like in the states). in the past just everything was better (except the grafics;) )*sigh* i have nothiong againt buyable addons - im against the way its done and the price it costs these days. i propably would have bought a CD/DVD with BAF and PMC for ~10 - 15€ in a store or via amazon but if i buy something i want to hold it in my hands and stuff... "I'm too old for this shit!" :p
  2. well, is BIS trying to Coppy the sale style of EA? if pmc will cost 10$ as well like the BAF DLC its the same amount of money as OA standalone was worth... and OA had way more content! am i the only one who thinks the DLC are to expensive? I likley would have payed 10 bucks more for OA and getting these DLC for "free" as this way BIS has taken now...
  3. all ok - as long the DLC comes for free... if not its just another dlc i will not buy (like all buyable DLC ever released and ever will be released!)
  4. BCA quattro

    RH M14 pack 1.0 for OA / CO

    who mind the weapons - cant get my eyes from the masks :D Release them ASAP!