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  1. grillob3

    [SP Mission] Takistan Storys One

    Nice quick mission! Keep them coming!
  2. You gave life to my singleplayer missions! Big thanks! Very nice to play with your mod! Makes much more real! Arma 3 is much more fun now!
  3. When i play as american and kill and russian enemy and go still its gun, i cant get it or is invisible! VERSION 0.4.1 BUILD 1025
  4. grillob3

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Really nice mod! A must for arma 3!!! Big thanks for that. Are you guys working on better 3d scopes? The 3d pip is a good idea but i have to turn depth of field to 0 to look ok! and still very pixelated!
  5. grillob3

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    nice mod! Thanks for it! Are you guys working on better 3d scopes?
  6. grillob3

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    PawelKPL can you pm this mod with the rhs bullets config?
  7. This is so cool!Ultra realistic!Good job.
  8. Really nice mod VTN guys. Thanks. And to the zoom question, you guys should allow the TECAK patch to be available here. I love the zoom future in arma games and so a lot of other people! And i just tested and now i will have your mod on full time with TECAK patch! Thanks TECAK.
  9. sudden there is no crosshair on the tanks or am i mission something? And why don't you make a shortcut or install way that when start the game only shows up maps and your mod...no arma 3 stuff?
  10. grillob3

    Can a mod make the Arma 3 engine run smoother?

    Wanna play with low fps....buy nvidia card and a g-sync! ;) cheating, expensive way! ;) don't go lower than 35 fps and you will be fine! jk
  11. sudden thanks for the answer! that is all i need to know! keep the good work! But if you keep like this arma 3 wont be playable without your mod! :)
  12. There is no unit with m249 on this mod.
  13. This is my favorite units vehicles weapons mod...the only think i miss is the m249! is it to new for the mod era? was first in service in 1984.
  14. Shelestov really nice job! details are the best! fells like i am in a real village! The fps are not the best but still good!