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  1. If i copy the "asdg_jointrails_mas_weapons.pbo" into ./@mas/addons/ i get an error message saying "Addon 'asdg_jointrails_mas_weapons' requires addon 'asdg_jointrails'". Can you help me? :) Edit: Okay i think i see ... asdg_jointrails is a separate mod. :D
  2. Thanks for this smart and awesome modification. Im was bit unlucky with the current vanilla future setting in arma 3. Now i found a good alternative to improve my game experience!
  3. Ratamahatta

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 77777

    Strange graphic issues with 77777 Build: http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/8449/arma2oa2011013016311749.png :( 5870, Cat 11.1
  4. Where i have to define the config? In the mission.sqm? The documentation is very tiny.
  5. Ratamahatta

    Help - Battleye kicking me off!

    Read the message. Think. Then start the game as administrator. Win7/Vista: Rightclick on the icon "Run as admin" (or so...)
  6. Ratamahatta

    arma2 Arrowhead weapons class

    That is what you are looking for, other stuff (+ pics) inkl. http://www.armatechsquad.com/ArmA2Class/indexOA.php
  7. At first: Im not a native english speaker and im so sorry about my grammar :o My problem based on multiplayer-scripting. I wish i could synchronize (and also avoid an asynchronous start) at the beginning of a multiplayer game. A lot of players "receiving data" until others run over the map. The result is a delayed start between 1 and 5 seconds (or even more :() for some gamer. Thats not fair. How to force a "waiting-loop"? Exist a known solution? :cool: