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  1. ghostnineone

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    I have noticed that the woodland textures in game look washed out, it's more like everything has a white dull shinyness over it all. Was that intentional to make them look faded or am I the only one with this issue?
  2. What was the save load bug? Was it the inability to load any saves with the mod or was it something else? Right now I get an error about missing content but it's blank and doesn't say what it is. I'm not sure what is causing it and I haven't been able to test it yet but maybe updating this is the fix.
  3. file check was fine. It's probably one of my addons but I have no idea which one
  4. ghostnineone

    [MP] The Dark Ones - Horror Sandbox [DISCONTINUED]

    do you need multiple players or can this be played by yourself?
  5. I know it's a dependency error but it's blank and doesn't tell me what addons are missing. I'm not missing any I will load my save right after dying and still get the error, I noticed I get it with any scenario or campaign I play (or almost all of them) rpt says this 2:07:41 Missing addons detected: 2:07:41 2:07:41 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.
  6. This doesn't work for me, I always get the missing downloadable content issue when trying to load my game. It's frustrating :( Also, for missions like eliminating the priest do those also get more precise the more intel you get? there are a lot of chapels in the AO and searching every single one will take forever.
  7. does anyone have the bug where you cant access the configure menu during a mission? I can sometimes access it once with no problems then it will stop working. If i spam click it it will sometimes open but more often than not it doesn't open at all.
  8. I also have the artillery computer with the F and also I can't seem to lock onto laser targets or gps targets anymore.
  9. ghostnineone

    RWCO: Rotor Wing Combat Overhaul

    I can't seem to get the guided rockets to hit a laser target. You have to put the laser on something, pick the fire mode press T and then launch it correct? I get the lock on and the beep but the missles just fly straight no matter what fire mode I use.
  10. ghostnineone

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    I updated this morning. I think VQI's wind deflection was interfering because after turning it off my shots don't go as wide when they miss now and hit relatively consistently. The one thing that would be nice is if it was possible to see the vapor trail of your shots or some kind of tracer you can see in the day because sometimes it's impossible to figure out where your round has hit, but that's more of a BI thing.
  11. ghostnineone

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    I will try to get some videos of what I mean, something doesn't seem right because even with wind set to 0 my rounds are all over the place and are not consistently off like you would expect with spin drift or the coriolis effect. (was also shooting facing almost north so coriolis should be minimal no?) One round can be dead accurate and the next will by high left, and the next low right, and the next one high top, and the next one almost center. I was shooting a .50 cal at 1000m with no wind but other weapons do the same thing. Also, is it intentional that you can't use the BI zeroing and then use the turrets to adjust? I tried doing that but almost every shot fell way short unless I left the default zeroing alone and just used the turret to increase elevation.
  12. ghostnineone

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    The wind seems a little nuts, I have never shot long distances in real life but the wind seems to change with every shot. This makes it difficult to adjust for as by the time you make your turret adjustments the wind has already changed. Regarding the Kestrel: Headwind and Crosswind will always be relative to the direction you are facing, correct? But how do you know which direction it is blowing I.E. east to west or west to east, etc? Also what is the smaller readout on those sections that reads something like 0.5 @ 40? Using the vanilla zeroing is definitely broken, I don't know if it was the weapon or the scope I was using but I was shooting at a 1000m target with a zero of 2300 meters and landing extremely short. I should be flying way over the target. Is this intentional? If you leave the vanilla zero alone and dial it in using the turrets then the accuracy is fine with no wind. Also have you thought about range cards? Arma 2 ace had them with suggested mils in 100m increments with a wind of 4 m/s. There was also a second mod that allowed you to create your own cards in game for rounds that weren't supported by ACE, and I liked that one a lot. It would be nice to have your own range book that you can leave notes and adjustments on like real snipers have.
  13. ghostnineone

    Preset keybinds

    Is there a way to force the default keys out of their binds? It's very annoying that I can't bind anything to left shift because it's the open DLC screen button (even though it lshift+p) shift by itself says "open DLC screen", and I can't bind anything new to Lctrl because it always says push to talk even if I do lctrl+LMB or any other combination. I can't reset my flight, helo, or sub controls back to normal because of this and if I try and do it anyways it doesn't work because the key binds interfere. How can I fix this? I have keybinds that work for me already and I don't want to have to change them all.
  14. ghostnineone

    Trixie's Release Thread

    The 3.0 update crashes my game as soon as i put the box down in the editor. I'm only running it and ASDG_JR.
  15. I reinstalled A3 today and made sure that no addons were selected in my launcher but yet when I launch A3 I have several of them activated yet all of my launchers and command lines are empty and there are no addons in my documents. The addons are not the default ones and include ALIVE and TMR and JSRS. Where can I find these so I can get rid of them? there is nothing in the game addons folder (I deleted the entire folder before reinstalling) so I don't understand where they are coming from, if I disable them they will all reactivate the next time I start up the game. Also, the BI arma 3 launcher doesn't work so I can't check that (it has never worked) edit: i fixed it by deleting all addons in my root folder, I don't know why they automatically activated though.