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    They better have female soldiers...

    Ex British forces here, all females in the British Army are REMF's simple as! Get back in the cookhouse lol
  2. Ive been away for quite some time and when ever I come back and have a catch up on this thread, Im always blown away with the sheer awesomeness :) 2fDgt2pcCrM tfcx9_RvKUI
  3. Cheers Sarge4267 BL1P That is just pure awesome!
  4. WOW Gents I havnt been on for a while but these are some awesome vids you lot have been posting since I was last here. :) Heres another 2 from me ;) :o A VCB Plug P4-1-xJhmac And an OP from last night ZIJaXCYrZ6w First tune is XX -The Intro and second is Two Steps From Hell - Freedom Fighters ENJOY
  5. This looks brilliant, will it also have the burger van? ;)
  6. lol I was waiting to get rick rolled.
  7. LOL Sarge beat me to it :) glad you liked it Richie its your work that inspired me to start making ARMA vids. :bounce3:
  8. Here's another :) Rg3fDPjGoaA
  9. Kuris that was great! Here's some more randomness from me. X2MefgaB_Zg C1IV7bu03Hk

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! You made the bullet cracks wimpy :( The thing that makes it for me is the sound of rounds going over your head, in real life the crack is loud and makes your ears ring (In game makes you poo yourself). I know people who play with the sound through there headphones were complaining, but...but....they've ruined it for me :pet5: aaaaaaargh!
  11. I run mine at 30FPS and have never had any problems.
  12. Another Sunday nights fun :) lbm74YH7WPE
  13. Here's my little tribute to ARMA2 with me zipping along on a bike :) 54L5qA5mvoI?hd=1
  14. Last Sundays Op _8qFlpr2z60
  15. Dcal that was bloody epic, that actualy gave me goose bumps watching that, and the part where the apache pops up....wow