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  1. Txheat

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    I for one don't think this is the most stellar thing to happen. Because what we really don't notice is now we aren't the primary consumers of the game, the game's main base isn't people who want a hyper-realistic military shooter. The base of this game is now people who want a semi-realistic zombie survival game. Anyone who understands even basic business knows that this will not end with ARMA becoming a better simulator. As Day-z expands, the main consumer base will be tied to it. They will expected to be treated with the same quality that we are treated with. They will expect to be catered to and they will expect to be taken care off. For me, I personally think this will mark the end of ARMA being a game, I think it will become more of a showcase engine, BIS will improve upon the engine with each new version to cater to the main base of people who are buying it. Just my two cents, I'm not saying that money for BIS is bad, I would have liked for the money to come from A.C.E., or some other mod that focused on what the original base bought the game for. Anyways I hope it doesn't influence ARMA3 at all and it's development.
  2. Txheat

    Why don't AI use RPG's on Helo's?

    I think the Ai should use RPGs against Helos that are unloading troops. Its seems reasonable, because its a either extremly slow moving target or one that is not moving. It can have excess of 10 troops coming out from it and you have the ablitly to kill them.
  3. I would like a M-95 Degan, Zulfair MBT and a ambassador of death.
  4. Txheat

    Skyline Sci Fi Film

    Offtopic: IMO Wic had some of the best cutsences ever, and it should be made into the movie the game and its story was rocksolid and fun. Ontopic looks cool might rent it come DVD time however it does look like a ripoff of 20 other movies also the new T.V. trailers with him taking one of the aliens on with a axe make me lol.
  5. Txheat

    Pound of ground?

    Well this is new thats for sure.
  6. Txheat

    A real tank Hp system.

    Stop fighting about Russians please talk about the actual ideas for a Tank HP system. On Topic. I agree the measured effectiveness of a round should be if the tank kept fighting after sustaining the damage.
  7. Txheat

    A real tank Hp system.

    feeling slightly responsible for the thread please don't turn this into anthor western v russian agrument which to many tank threads get reduced to. So far I think the best idea would the the hitzone areas with different kill chances with a random roll intergrated. I think that is something that BiS would be able to do. just remeber this is not the time to bash each others tank. its the time to get to the point where we can, anddo it in a fair and realistic system :)
  8. Well for something "different" There is always India. I don't recall seeing any mods about them. Or really any OPFOR would be nice. That is my personal hope for the next DLC. A huge OPFOR pack that isn't just going to be cloning the russian pack.
  9. Would be awsome, all for it.
  10. Seems more than anything moscow is doing what they do best and testing the west. If anything it shows how russian-euro realations are improving considering neither side overeacted. However i find it intresting to say the least
  11. Txheat

    Czech DLC pack

    If its Opfor I will buy it. Almost anything to help the takis with M1A2s and such. Maybe china exports Type 99s to Takistan. Or even Russia sells Mig-29s to them and T-80s almost anything new for the Takistan people would help them.
  12. Txheat

    How to download things faster?

    Really? even with a 56kbs i don't that would happen. Might be where you are downloading it from.
  13. Txheat

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I think it is not popular because its down to earth. Because every 5 seconds a hind-24 doesn't miss be by 5 meters and even if one did miss me it would have anthor pass because the Ai or some person flying isn't going to isntantly get shot down. Because the game has recoil. Because oh god its slightly unfair and a Mp5 doesn't go as far as a Ak-47. Because you can't run and gun. Because its not action action omg action the entire time, that IMO is the reason its not popular. However it does have a good fan base that cares about it. Mods it and keeps it alive. It is well know though in almost every Gamespot thread about something v Pc it is brought up because it is a symbol of something different and a new take games. I also don't think its not popular because of the multiplayer Alot of people like Co-op. If you want non-stop shooting play AAS, also mods make multiplayer almost endless.
  14. Currently the system as is does not deserve to be any better at displaying tank warfare than a CoD game. The system as is does not even make sense, the system as is needs to be fixed. However I know it would be pain a huge pain to actually make such a system happen. However I think it can be done and must be done. If not for ARMA2 for ARMA3 or any game you make that claims to be realistic for now on. There will be problems though, thousands if not millions of problems. The first which almost anyone will point out is that much of todays current Topnotch tank protection is classified. Much combat infomation is disputed, and almost any comparison of a Russian V Western tank could result in a huge flame war. I think its about time the the community and BiS come together and try to make some compromise that will allow accurate tank on tank combat system. Here are my ideas, hear them out. 1. Get rid of the Hit point system, this is the major problem as is. 2. Contact devlopers that have an accurate Tank V Tank combat system. communication about items such as this should be discussed. Devs should really work together on this, using what data we have and making a impartial system will be the hardest thing to do. 3. Talk to Former Tank commanders. There are always a few that aren't fanatics and would tell you their honest combat history of their tanks. I know alot of Serbians that would love to tell their story about M84 (a T-72 clone) preformance. I am sure we could find Iran-Iraq war vets Angolan war vets. Chechan War vets and we could get some honest history about them and learn alot about their tank how it preformed and make a system based off of that. 4. Get community input. That is first and formost in a Devs mind any radical change to the system must be supported by the community. 5. More weapon types if you must keep a HP system and large amount of tank rounds must be added. 6. More Tank types. again if you must keep the HP system make diff tank export varients. And base that off of real world preformance of those tanks. for example T-72S T-72Ms and T-72 Turms should be in the game anyways. 7. Make DLC tank Packs. People will buy them. Excuse any english errors for it is not my first language. Community what do you think? Have ideas? Hate me? Contribute help out we can all make this happen!
  15. Txheat

    Who has reached the boundary in AmrA2?

    Spent about 20 mins flying into the sky and found nothing just got grey, though it is cool to look down at the clouds