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  1. I deleted the old version, which was not running. downloaded from the link above "working" version. during installation I receive the following error message^ can't download bla bla bla and "Details".... There may be offline version?
  2. can i join to beta test? but i'm not so good speak english :)
  3. Can I join the beta test?
  4. rpg-7 pgo ....again broken ;) 2OA-R6mv-f8
  5. Greez

    Ovaron Island

    cool :bounce3:
  6. I would like to ask you to port the ACE version for Fallujah map. please)
  7. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/18342 just support this ;)
  8. Greez

    Isla Duala - Co30 Combat Air-Assault

    I was confused at first place with - Addons Required - - Isla Duala- - bla bla bla- - bla bla bla- Now everything has become clear. thx ;)
  9. edit this line in init.sqf file to "true" enableEnvironment false;
  10. Greez

    Ovaron Island

    something wrong with this bridge (Ovaron ver 1.3)
  11. remove "," after last unit in infantry array []
  12. I hope to 1.18-1.20 will be the TvT version? ;)
  13. Greez

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 78927

    fps counter in lower right corner. video 8800gtx, last nvidia drivers before last beta build (beta 78183) no mods - fps 25 when zoomed actualy 25 ingame settings. AtoC set to 0 last beta build 78927 - fps 28 when zoomed
  14. Greez

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 78927

    test the new beta and did not notice any difference. still a huge gap in fps when you look at the optics of the trees. Map takistan.
  15. I apologize for my clumsy english. I hope somebody will understand what I'm asking) before creating issue in the bugtracker two questions on the latest update. A new system for interaction with satchel charges just super. question number one: it is now satchel attach to the tanks and etc.? I have not found a way. question number two, more complicated and to the developers. what a source of damage to undermined the explosive charge recorded by the system. such as Event Handlers "HandleDamage". This EH is triggered separately for every selection of the damaged object. Passed array: [unit, selectionName, damage, source, projectile] source of new satchels in this case, anyone? The fact that stopped working script that allows you to damage the object only when the source was a man (with RPG, satchels and any explosives), and from vehicles damage revoked. before the last update script worked perfectly with explosive charges set by humans. today, after update, script is no longer working.
  16. looks like download links at ArmaHolic is broken. Or just for me ?
  17. I discovered that you're trying to do some indestructible objects of this code, and in my opinion this is not working correctly this addeventhandler ["hit", {_this select 0 setdamage 0}]; this addeventhandler ["dammaged", {_this select 0 setdamage 0}]; recommend trying to make it easier this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}];
  18. absolutely cool mission. Thank you! I hope the author will not mind if I will continue to slightly edit and run on our servers otstrel.ru slightly retouched by me WIT. I hope that after the release we will see continued development of this mission. By the way, what would the players do not clog the base trenches I am in my wording slightly corrected the script. (You need a marker in the center of the base "centrebase")