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  1. I deleted the old version, which was not running. downloaded from the link above "working" version. during installation I receive the following error message^ can't download bla bla bla and "Details".... There may be offline version?
  2. can i join to beta test? but i'm not so good speak english :)
  3. Can I join the beta test?
  4. rpg-7 pgo ....again broken ;) 2OA-R6mv-f8
  5. Greez

    Ovaron Island

    cool :bounce3:
  6. I would like to ask you to port the ACE version for Fallujah map. please)
  7. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/18342 just support this ;)
  8. Greez

    Isla Duala - Co30 Combat Air-Assault

    I was confused at first place with - Addons Required - - Isla Duala- - bla bla bla- - bla bla bla- Now everything has become clear. thx ;)
  9. edit this line in init.sqf file to "true" enableEnvironment false;
  10. Greez

    Ovaron Island

    something wrong with this bridge (Ovaron ver 1.3)
  11. remove "," after last unit in infantry array []