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  1. One thing that I think would be coll was if there was some type of gas bombs/rockets that could be equipped to a plane or an artillery platform.
  2. You can always download 7zip which is free and easy to use.
  3. sweguy96

    Project CDF

    I have asked for this in the addon request thread two times and I would like to see the JAS 39 Gripen for the PCDF faction.
  4. sweguy96

    Project CDF

    The swedish army is using some versions of the FNC with M203 so, yea it exists. :)
  5. What I would like to have is a similar vehicle damage mod/addon like the SLX. The "slx_vehicleeffect.pbo" is unfortunately very bugged epecially against air targets and support trucks, like if you try to destroy a helicopter the game freezes.
  6. This version runs alot smoother on my computer with the ambient life on half and some FPS saving mods. I also made my onw version with meatballs MARSOC units and some other smaller weapon mods. And no bugs so far. :)
  7. It's kinda sad that I can't play this mission too long. After the Gorka task my FPS drops from maybe 20-25 to maybe 15 and it gets unplayable. :(
  8. sweguy96

    Project CDF

    Maybe something like this? --> http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15374
  9. First, Welcome back! Second, Nice CV90!
  10. sweguy96

    SOC-R Special Ops Boat

    Looks good so far. Will also be perfect for the campagin I'm working on. :)
  11. sweguy96

    Project CDF

    Don't forget this guys project. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=126546
  12. sweguy96


    As usual you never stop amazing me with your unique creations. Good luck with this one, hopefully I will use this one in a campagin I'm working on, like your M1611. :)
  13. sweguy96

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    Check out this. It works perfect with all BIS artillery units!
  14. Hmm so now Sweden and Norway must fight both Denmark and Finland. I don't really think we are the neutral anymore by looking at this map!
  15. sweguy96

    MV22 Door Gunner Project

    the gunner looks kinda bored. :D