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  1. Panzer Jager

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Thanks; wasn't sure about if it was reported yet. Wish I could help but I'm mostly a config editor not a modeller; and a quick overview of all the configs showed nothing obvious to me as to the cause. For some reason the "one" uniform works, but it seems to be related to the rig and not the script.
  2. Panzer Jager

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Hello, I've noticed when wearing any uniform EXCEPT for the "Gefreiter with Rolled Up Sleeves," all Pistols will have misaligned ironsights. I find it unusual that the one single uniform works properly with them. Was this an install problem I had (I installed via Play with Six) or is this a known bug?
  3. M4A1 14.5" barrel with Eotech... (seems unlikely with the ugly AUG-like weapons in the screens..) Mk18 CQBR if there's M4A1s Mk14 EBR I hope muzzle velocities are modelled properly in ArmA3 since Mk18 CQBR produce less than terminal velocity for 5.56mm Ball...
  4. How did you fix the sights? Anyhow. To add it to the Geurilla cache you'd have to convert the .bins to .cpp (there are tools for that), and then edit it in Notepad, or even Visual Studio if you've got that installed.
  5. Panzer Jager

    Bullpup fix?

    You're not buying a car here... not really the best comparison.
  6. Panzer Jager

    realistic carnage

    While I agree with you explosive weapons and headshots can be quite graphic, high-caliber Machine Gun fire (I'm thinking .50) will not tear off legs. It might break an arm off at the thin areas but in all seriousness it's not as horrific as is commonly assumed by those who have never seen .50 Cal wounds. Shots to the leg deal enough tissue damage to typically necissitate amputation, but that is due to the large amount of damaged tissue, not the complete destruction and severing of the limb due to the projectile. Come hits to the body with large-caliber Machine Gun fire, there will be what would seem fairly small entry wounds (1/2 an inch in diameter is not that big if you think about it) but exit wounds can be 2 inches or more, depending on how much yawing occurs - this is a large wound and is fatal 99% of the time, however even machine-gun fire of this volume will not tear a man in two unless you wanted to waste a considerably large amount of ammunition on a dead body. Edit: Below will be a picture of the wound channel of a 12.7x99 Mk211 APHEI in ballistic gelatin, used to represent human tissue. The first block is within the width of a human torso (~20cm) - the blocks following it would only be within the width of a human torso if you were something like 500 lbs. I wish I could've found an image with a man standing beside the block - there used to be one (had it bookmarked), but it seems it's been deleted. However, there are two pieces of information here to use as a mental/visual scale: the fact that the entrance of the channel is 1/2 inch in diameter, and that the first block is 20cm long. As you can see, within your average male target, there is no way a .50 cal, even an Armour Piercing High Explosive Incendiary .50 cal, will break a man in two. If you were strafed horizontally with a large number of Mk211's, you'd be missing a whole lot of your back, but your front and middle would keep you together.
  7. Cooper's voice actor was white, and yes, I do notice it alot, however some black guys (on the rare occasion) sound white. Have you ever seen that show Destroyed in Seconds? Believe it or not the narrator is black.
  8. In current ArmA 2 and OA, Autocannons and Miniguns only fire at a maximum fixed rate of 1200 rounds per minute, even if the weapon's rate of fire vastly exceeds that. To compensate, the weapons use more ammuntion per shot fired, and deal extra damage on a hit. However, with the newly-implemented Pellet system in the PMC DLC, I'd like to propose a more effective solution to the above-mentioned kludge. Instead of using single, high damage bullets, use multiple "pellets" like the Shotguns: this way, each individual projectile can explode (in high-caliber HE) or hit for a normal value, and this will vastly help the performance of the weapons such as the M134, since 2 shots fired per "ammo" with some extra dispersion has much higher hit-chance than 1 shot fired with extra damage. So what I'm saying is make Autocannons and Miniguns fire a form of "pellets" instead of high-damage individual bullets. It's more realistic since it allows the Gunner a higher hit probability, just like the weapons should have in real life.
  9. Panzer Jager

    Headshot didn't kill an AI?

    One time, I hit a Takistan Militant in the leg at about 100m with an M107, and he kept running for about 5 feet, then dropped to the ground, where I had to place another round into him (again in the thigh this time) and he STILL did not die until I shot him square in the torso. As much as it may be realistic that he would not spontaneously die from even a .50 cal, he should've been down and "game dead" right away. If you get hit by a .50, you're not getting up, even if you don't die for a minute or so. I don't really know why this happened but it was in a the Editor, in a short mission I created.
  10. Yea, the old Russian weapons you listed would all fit well into the Takistan faction, and some more 9x39 Rifles/Carbines would be kickass.But alas, this DLC is for a Private Military Company, not Russians or Takistanis. Maybe the next DLC could be for the 'Bad Guys.'
  11. I could've gone for some Mk18 CQBR variations. XM8 is ugly and was cancelled. I don't see why they're adding it but I also don't see any harm in it as it's just a game. I would've liked to have Mk18 CQBRs but I'll learn to live without.
  12. Panzer Jager

    New Behavior Mode: CHARGE

    I agree charge should be implemented into the game. While some may say "ArmA is today's soldiers who are pussies who would just call in an air-strike instead. " I'd like to see the Takistani Militia call in an air-strike. I think of the Takistani Militia as the Taliban - and the Taliban have been known to show no regard for their lives and run in the open.
  13. Panzer Jager

    New Recoil and the AK-74 Series

    The weapon model's voice. If the Russian AKM and the Czech AKM perform vastly different, chances are that they are visually different too - like the Type-56 to the AK-47. So we look at the model which is represented in the game, and what makes sense - who is using the AKM? Well, it's the Russians and the Takistan Militia, therefore chances are it's not Czech. A whole new system would need to be implemented to proplery simulate Terminal Ballistics, and for some calibers in the game the Terminal Ballistics data is not well known - for example, 7.62x54 7N14 Sniper Ball and 9x39. So while it would be nice if the AKM had lower damage against personnel due to the garbage terminal ballistics of the 7.62x39 M43, doing a full system would be really hard - especially when you get to 5.56x45 NATO whose tissue damage depends heavily on velocity, but obviously changing the "air friction" of the bullet not only affects damage but also flight path.
  14. Panzer Jager

    New Recoil and the AK-74 Series

    We're talking mainly about the recoil of the 5.45 (AK-74 it says in the thread title.) So while the AK 7.62 to M16 balance is still important, the initial complaint of the thread is that the AK 5.45 is kicking too hard when it should be even lower recoil than an M4A1, and considerably lower than the AK 7.62. I referenced that on page 1 :) Here is one link. http://www.warriortalk.com/showpost.php?p=838695&postcount=10
  15. Panzer Jager

    New Recoil and the AK-74 Series

    Here is some data for reference: AKM Recoil Energy = 5.3 Ft.Lbs (from east-german tests, one reference here) - lower than what can be calculated due to the muzzle brake AK-74 Recoil Energy = 2.5 Ft.Lbs (from east-german tests) - lower than what can be calculated due to the muzzle brake M16A2 Recoil Energy = ~3 Ft.Lbs (various internet sources referencing books) - roughly the same as what is calculated using a 62Gr bullet, 3100Fps velocity, 26.1Gr charge load.