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  1. Xeno (or anyone else really), is the ACE1.5 RC6 hotfix just the regular update from Six Updater (ACE 398, ACEX 271 etc.)? Or is it something different that I need to do something special with six updater to download?
  2. Component Actual

    Devil Dogs SF Single Player Missions

    I can't play it. It says "requires addons that have been deleted or modified.Extra Units" I am using the the FDF Podagorsk, Modern Polish Army and Police Force, and Contemporary Polish army mod, what am I missing? I have donwloaded all three mods twice and recopied to directory, and yes my shortcuts target line is modified with the correct -mod= stuff.
  3. Component Actual

    VFAI.Equipment -> Public Domain

    Victor, Just want to say thanks for giving this to the community. Been using VFAI for a good while now, and its one of those rare gems that I end up that I rarely think about an thats a good thing, cuz you usually are only thinking about something when it isn't working correctly. But yeah its a great mod that does excatly what it says.
  4. Component Actual

    The team don't move !

    I am using the second to last public beta for ARMA2 (not OA). I can't install the last one because it gives error saying, can't locate expected file or something to that extent. I have tried reinstalling the patches and the beta patches, but still get the error.
  5. Component Actual

    The team don't move !

    I am having this problem too with the 1.05 patch or 1.07 patch. They do as I say til I take Novgorod sobor and I talk to the four beat up guys then after cutscene it IA exactly as described where they say copy but just stand there. And I have to agree qbt the warfare stuff it seems rather amateur for a campaign mission. But another problem is that I don't know how to access construction menu. It is not an available option when I press space bar or space bar communication.
  6. Component Actual

    SAM / Nordin addons

    Can the small arms fire detection system only be used with vehicles (only be used inside a vehicle) or is there a way to use it as an infantryman if so how do you set it up in this manner?
  7. Make sure that the character that you are playing as for that campaign's name is the same name as your profile, and is the same name used in the .hpp file. Some camapaings make the characters name match whatever your profile is, while others simply assign you a character name. On the latter you will have to create a new profile with the name that matches that character, if you want the goggles feature to work.
  8. Okay, figured it out. Once I finnaly got six updater to run, it did update both files. I was looking at the wrong directory the first time. (I two different installations on different drives)
  9. OMG I feel like I am beating my head against a wall trying to use six updater. I have been getting an error forever using ACE saying that I have an out of date ACE Keys.HPP file and ACE User Clientside.hpp file. So I decide I will use sixupdater to "process user configs" thinking this should take care of it. But after an hour of clicking on everything I could possible think of in six updater in going in a thousand circles I am about to throw in the towl. I can add the action "process user configs" to the preset I am using but... THERE IS NO WAY TO REMOVE THE DEFAULT OVERRIDE ACTION "INSTALL OR UPDATE" It is driving me absolutely nuts. Is there anyway to get a direct download of ACE 1.5 yet or are we still stuck using Six Updater? ---------- Post added at 05:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:36 PM ---------- LOL, it just get more rediculous. I finnaly get the "install or update" overide action removed by blind luck, and am able to run the updater using the "process userconfigs action" but Six Updater only update one of the 2 files which are out of date according to the in game error message.
  10. Where does the "LKnukev0.9" folder go? Do I just leave it in the addons folder with the "scud.pbo" file?
  11. Component Actual

    [CAMP] Operational Detachment Delta

    I can't remember for sure, but I know I played through that level twice, and I want to say that I did it once with SLX and once with no mods other than the latest beta patch at the time. But I can't say for certain. I will play it again tonight, and let you know. I been wanting to replay that level anyway, last time I was having a good time playing cat and mouse with those enemies along the road when you RTB, when I ran out of ammo and had to run away little girl. Yeah the voices do rock. Like I said before it really seems like they were made just for this campaign. I really had no idea they were recycled until I saw your post on it. (warning: long and slightly off topic) I haven't played this particular CI game, but I am one of those rare few who actually enjoy their games. You just gota play em with a grain of salt and keep in mind that they are the video game equivalent of a made for tv movie. They are usually a no frills run of the gun shooters, with little innovation and usually not so much as a gimmick like bullet time. But their focus on modern military scenarios, awesome graphics, and what is usually pretty solid game mechanics can provide an enjoyable experience (if a rather short one). The last one I played was Cod e of Hon or 3 and it was a blast, but it was over in less the 5 hours. Still I enjoyed it enough to play through it twice. Now I'm not going to argue with you that the game in question is terrible or not as I haven't played it, but I just see so many reviews of their games where the reviewers just try to tear them a new one, and sometimes it frustrates me, and sometimes I wonder if the reviewers even played the game or not or just looked at the blue and white logo read the feature list, and cranked out a review with a 5/10 rating in twenty minutes. I just encourage people to judge for themselves, and you can usually find their games for like $15 so its not a huge a risk.
  12. Component Actual

    [CAMP] Operational Detachment Delta

    I wasn't trying to insinuate that it was. I was just stating where I would place the priority for future reference if you will. I doubt C*ty Int#ract*ve will notice that the dialoge/sounds from their game have been re-used in a User Made campaign for ARMA2 but SICK1, you may want to be careful using such copyrighted material. If you took something from a bigger publisher they might notice, and I would hate it if you produced another great campaign and then Company X forced Armaholic and whoever else to remove it from their servers. On an unrelated note, I really liked when the enemies were positioned in buildings/windows. It is unfortunate that the AI can't seem to take advantage of the cover a building provides, and seek out a line of sight through a window on their own, so this is something we don't get to see that often playing ARMA2, and was a nice change up. Kinda threw me off at first, was like who the hell is shooting at me. Kinda like the first mission in ST6-2, when you attack that little port or whatever, and there is a crane holding up a cargo container with an enemy standing on it. I don't know how many times I got killed by that guy, before I happened to look up and see him not more than 50 meters away from me. Good times.
  13. Component Actual

    [CAMP] Operational Detachment Delta

    Sick1, I had trouble on the last mission. When ever I tried to use an airstrike against the troops at the compound or their vehicles, almost every time the side of the main building of the compound which faces the entrance would collapse. It would not kill the prisoner inside but there was a room on the side that collapsed with two enemy soldiers in it, and after the room collapsed they would be invulnerable, and there was no way to kill them which prevented one of the tasks from completing. Maybe I am going about this wrong, by using the airstrike but when that enemy armor pops up I like to drop bombs. I am also having the same problem I see others are having with the Halo Insertion mission, and the power station. Whenever I blow it up I get the NIL VARIABLE OVERRIDDEN error, and none of the lights go out even though I use enough satchel charges to level a city block. (I know its enough to level a city block, because it does level a city block, hahahahaha) Great campaign though, it seemed more difficult than previous one's, and the professional voice acting did help bring up the quality of the experience. I would have never guessed that the dialog wasn't made for this campaign but a completely different game, lol! I just hope using this cut and paste method doesn't restrict you too much creatively when designing missions, because if that is the case I would rather have good missions and bad dialog than vice versa. On a completely un-related note, I was wondering if you might consider including FFAA weapons as an optional add-on in your next campaign, especially now that with their newest release they have incorporated all the new OA features into them.
  14. Component Actual

    SEAL Team Six 4

    nothing to say
  15. Component Actual

    ArmA2 crash to desktop

    Do not use the -maxmem=2047 command. It is not needed with the 1.07 patch, and will actually hurt performance. If you are still having out of memory errors after you do this, check "Control Panel, System, Advanced System settings, Advanced Tab, Performance - Settings, Advanced Tab, Virtual Memory - Change" and either check the box next to "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" or increase the minimum and maximum allowed paging file size to 4096 MB (= RAM x 1), and 8192 MB (=RAM x 2) respectively. Also you may want to make sure that your paging file is on the same drive as your ARMA2 directory. The out of memory error refers to Virtual Memory so playing with these settings has a good chance of alleviating your problem. I use to have that crash all the time running x64 Windows 7 with 6 GB of RAM, but it completely stopped with the 1.07 patch. You may just try reinstalling the 1.07 patch. If none of the above helps I have heard of a out of memory error crash that specifically affects computers with 4GB of RAM, and that removing 1 stick of RAM fixes it. That probably isn't ideal though since it would likely mean going from 4 GB of RAM to 2.