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  1. jadehorus

    Isla Duala

    Great work, as usual, and excellent "customer service", IceBreakr.:)
  2. jadehorus

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    Amazing work! It was already a gorgeous map as a beta, now it just got better!Nicely done.
  3. Nice work, finally a map perfectly suited for air operations. It is the first time I could correctly fly in formation with my squad in Arma 2!
  4. jadehorus

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    What a fantastic playground.The ammount of work and the love of detail is just amazing for a map this size.Might be a beta but how many possibilities! Apart from a drop in fps here and there( especially before entering Sabina, but I suppose its because of the shere size of the map) and some textures I find to look a bit too "new", I can only say,congrats: it is impressive.
  5. jadehorus

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    So true.Otherwise Taviana is already exceeding anything I could wish for in a single map;How did you manage to encapsulate the atmosphere of an eastern (post)communist major city I will never know.(I grew in one,I know how it felt)
  6. jadehorus

    -=/UP-ARMORED Vehicles\=-

    That M-ATV looks better and better. Any plans of splashing on an woodland camo, or will it be strictly desert?
  7. jadehorus

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    Man, this is an awesome map! I tried it out, it's incredibly realistic, large and detailed! No wonder it takes so long to complete.So much detail, even in the parking building; I love the atmosphere it oozes! On a sidenote, I also love the highway bit, it was a great idea, and the airport is roomy and well made. I suppose the fact there's grass on the runway is an "under construction" fact, even if that is...quite realistic for some airports. I've fallen a few times through the pavement in the vicinity of the river, but other than that, I just can't wait for a 1.0 version!
  8. jadehorus

    Project RACS

    Thanks for the mirror, and by the way nice teaser, I liked the aerial scenes!Plus it's nice to see the RACS in motion!
  9. jadehorus

    Project RACS

    Teaser is blocked in my country for having some corporate content...:depressed:
  10. jadehorus

    Isla Duala

    Finally, something to tear apart the Molatian T55s! Molatia will have to find something else! :ok::ok:
  11. I think I've missed an episode;Has Vilas SA-8 been released already? However,solid looking re-texture,Vasmkd.
  12. Stunning looking model;This promises to be one helluva ship!And an excellent idea!
  13. Joining the "Wowww" chorus. That heightmap looks sweet,shrinked or not.
  14. :yay:An M88!!A GEPARD!!AWESOME!!!