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  1. I found out how to solve PIP flickering in ArmA 3. It is really easy! 0. Make sure to have the latest drivers installed. 1. Download and install Nvidia Inspector http://www.techspot.com/downloads/5077-nvidia-inspector.html 2. Open Nvidia Inspector 3. Find ArmA 3 Profile 4. Change Nvidia Predefined SLI Mode to SLI_PREDEFINED_MODE_FORCE_SFR 5. Hit APPLY button. 6. start game. 7. Enjoy, please give me credits ;) (Jonas Hendrickx, Belgium) Those who want to buy me a beer are always welcome! ;) See you ingame!
  2. I want to remap the XBOX360 controls but they are fucked up completely. How do we do this? I realized it's easier to fly with the XBOX360 Controller using the joysticks. But on my controller the R2 button of my PS3 controller is firing and turning my helicopter to the right at the same time. But it's acting as a XBOX 360 Controller. Other games work fine.
  3. Is the development build still being updated ? I didn't notice it earlier. I would like to help debugging.
  4. RadicalAtHeart

    SLI Destroys PiP monitors.

    If I disable PIP the monitor of the gunner seat in the big jeep with the grenades is still flickering. As FPS increases the flickering goes faster as well.
  5. RadicalAtHeart

    Fatigue effects

    No blur when you are tired please. It's not realistic. Put a heavy bag on your back and sprint. I want you to tell me if you saw blurry.
  6. RadicalAtHeart

    SLI Destroys PiP monitors.

    Set SLI rendering mode to SPLIT FRAME RENDERING in Nvidia Control Panel or Nvidia Inspector. I can hear the die hards whispering too much overhead too much overhead... But this is the only way to fix the PIP flickering.
  7. What is that irritating beeping noise when detected by enemy? It specially appears with the Showcase where you steal the truck or humvee. how do i disable that?
  8. I use EVGA Precision X and I watched the loads on both GPUs. It looks like my second GPU is not used. using 314 drivers. Forced high performance mode in NV Control Panel. Anything else to try? ArmA 2 doesnt seem to be working either.
  9. RadicalAtHeart

    Tutorial: How to fix pip flickering sli

    Lazy people could always disable PIP. I mean its a small bug really. They probably have to change the way it is drawn. If they give me pseudocode or a scheme of how PIP is drawn I could maybe correct the issue finding a better algorithm. I havent noticed it. I am going to test with compatability bits and AFR2
  10. RadicalAtHeart

    Tutorial: How to fix pip flickering sli

    I don't notice a severe performance degradation it's completely the same as with AFR2. I havent benchmarked but my FPS seems to be the same. It's either SFR or a different implementation for PIP rendering as far as my research went.
  11. RadicalAtHeart

    Tutorial: How to fix pip flickering sli

    My GPU only showe Single GPU, alternate frame rendering 1 and alternate frame rendering 2 The previous frame is probably always black which is why you shouldnt have the GPUs draw in turns (AFR1 or AFR2) because the last frame drawn was 2 frames ago. SFR mode splits the work across the 2 gpus for 1 frame.
  12. PIP is flickering on all settings except disabled. All my driver settings are default on 314.22 OS: Win8 x64 GPU: GT650M GDDR5 SLI If you need anything else to complete the report PM me
  13. Playable on Lenovo Y500 I5-3210M GT650M-GDDR5 on tweaked standard settings Disabled PostProcessing, Terrain Quality low, disabled shadows, view distance 2500 30-50 FPS ill get the ultra bay SLI card
  14. Very playable on a Lenovo Y500 - i5-3210M - GT650M GDDR5 - 5400RPM hard drive I think people should stop crying the game is not playable. My laptop also plays ArmA 2 pretty good on high settings even better than my 2500K. An i5 2.5GHz will simply do fine. SSD is not a necessity as well. I will get one in the end anyways. I still have to test ArmA 3 properly instead of a few seconds. Also going to test PCSX2 with my SOCOM games to test my CPU performance. Don't waste on overclocking it's pointless. I really haven't seen a difference in the past.
  15. Bump. This also happens in ArmA 1. I hope you can fix it once and for all.
  16. In the Infantry showcase turn somewhere east. At some point you will see some shadows disapear when looking to the east somewhere. Can this bug please be fixed? it has been present since ArmA 1. I know it's an alpha but this bug has been present for a long time. Good job with ArmA 3. Let me know if I can help debugging
  17. RadicalAtHeart

    What will happen to Stratis after the Alpha / Beta?

    They will or may release the map eventually. Maybe not. If not then the map is designed for testing purposes. They need to test the AI and everything so they crammed everything in one small map. Don't worry too much. If you want to design a car, you have to test it, you are not going to test that prototype car on sand or gravel? You test it on asphalt. Same with games.
  18. Did some testing. Any Intel Core 2nd/3rd Gen i5/i7 will be able to play ArmA 2. I disabled turbo boost and did my testing with cpuCount=2 disabled cores as well during testing. Testing was done on a 7200RPM drive with GTX670 FTW using 'High' settings If you want to max out ArmA 3 I suggest buying LGA2011 6-cores. ArmA 3 makes heavy use of multithreading. Not the crappy multithreading from ArmA 2 Bulldozer and Piledriver CPUs should be fine with ArmA 3 Mobile i5 and i7 2nd gen and later should be able to play the game as well. For the GPU I suggest www.videocardbenchmark.net (1500+ points on the benchmark) Laptops with GT650M can play the game. I am buying one. His performance sucks because he has a i7-720QM which runs at base clock of 1.6GHz and turbo 2.8GHz. It's a crappy CPU in general. I also had it. Couldn't even play one game properly.
  19. I am looking to buy a laptop. Can you guys tell me what you have and how it's running ? I am deciding between a i5 and i7-3630QM And then as a GPU probably a GT650M GTX660M or maybe GT650M SLI with Lenovo Y500. Is it worth buying? I am still waiting for a torrent to complete to try it out till my Paypal account is filled. Still three days left for me. I really hope all bugs have been gone from past ArmA games. I was hoping to get Supporter Edition on Steam since I have Steam wallet money there. I guess it's a no go. I have to get deluxe edition instead.
  20. 2500 is a acceptable draw distance. I would say no more than 4000. Any higher is overkill. Good seeing 1st gen i5 being able to run the game.
  21. I Grabbed it from a torrent to test it out because I had to wait for my payment to Paypal which would in return pay Steam. I tested on my 2500k and got bottlenecked. I could max out the game but was between 20-40FPS at all time. You should be able to play it very well. Buy it! I bought it too. Can someone tell me if I should buy a i5 or i7 in my laptop ? I figured ArmA 2 made a lot use of higher cpu frequencies than multiple cores. So I think the i5 may be of more use. It's either the 3210M or the 3630QM I can go for 3210M and GTX660M if I want with MSI. I do have a bad experience with i7s in laptops, they tend to overheat easily.
  22. RadicalAtHeart

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Put Terrain Quality on low for a huge CPU improvement. I also noticed the amount of objects drawn makes a difference. Not object quality. Looks very promising. I am going to try to delay my laptop to Haswell.
  23. What laptop should I get? i72630QM or will a i5 just cut it ? GPU GT650M or GTX660M ?
  24. I was actually thinking if AI processing would be more efficient using CUDA or something like that. They should release ArmA 2 source code for free when they can. So the community can maybe help optimizing the old game. And those optimizations could end up in ArmA 3 eventually
  25. It's hard to tell if this is with original OA. But in DayZ I am always getting killed by zombies through walls. I hate it so much. Can this be fixed ? I guess I will skip DayZ if this bug will exist forever. The War Z may be more crap in general but at least I am not getting killed through walls there. I will stick with Invasion 1944 and some other addons meanwhile. I really hope this gets sorted out someday.