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  1. Hi, i'm in to the same clan with Zaffoman, the mission is made from scratch directly with the ace3 i'm conscious the modules are changed, but don't work. If sameone have a missions ace3 with medical system correctly working can post a link thanks
  2. how can i insert a new interactive menu with "ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject" from outside the ace3 mod thru a sqf scripts ? If possible reply with a short example. I'm sorry for my english. Thanks
  3. Hi, i have make a script for creating a radio relay through a menu on "Sat Phone" object. it's working and when you command "deploy satphone" and "Connect to antenna", the script create antenna object and activate RxmtVirtual trought function call. my problem is how remove (destroy) the virtual Rxmt when i remove antenna. thanks in advance TonySoft
  4. Hi all, i like make mission with score bonus for reviver and penalty for revived with the functions ace_sys_wounds_rev ace_sys_wounds_rev2 i can handle the wounded and killed event. the functions give me the revived unit name how i get the unit reviver name?? sorry for my poor English!! thanks.
  5. Hi, i like a wounding system but in my clan, lot of people don't play with this feature becouse. the "First Aid" time is too long. it's possible change the TREAD_TIME value from 120 sec. to 60 sec. into init.sqf?? Thanks
  6. tonysoft


    I use Jayarma2lib 1.3.7 and beta 74630 without problem. you need to copy dsound.dll also in beta folder.
  7. Hi, you can read about the project progress at this link http://dev-heaven.net/projects/a2ts3/roadmap bye
  8. New ACRE is working but I have a problem. In game Hint Always pop-up and say my TS3 uses a different version of the plugin (1.0.12). and it's verry annoying !! thanks
  9. yes , translation of frequencies works!! but transmition range don't change!! can you send me a sample working mission with antenna and 2 radiomen? thanks
  10. HI, I need to create a radio repeater, I tried with '[Position, 80.025, 81.025, 20000] call acre_api_fnc_createRxmtStatic;' This antenna transmit and receive using the two frequencies but the radio signal power remain the same of prc_148 radio (100 mW) how can I do? thanks
  11. hi, how can I download the files? work it with Operation ArrowHead?? Tkx
  12. hi, how can I set "withSpect" variable to see spectator when incoscius?? (I hope Xeno see this message) Thanks
  13. hi all, same people can say me how lock and unlock the "self interaction menu" with the script Thanks
  14. hi. have you in roadmap ts3 voice activation only for direct comunication?? now it don't work for a lot of people and is very uncomfortable. thanks