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  1. Hey guys, I am about to release a new version of battleWarden EX and just wanted to let you know that there is a new developer blog post available: http://battlewarden.net/archives/410 If you have any other suggestions or feature requests for the new update do not hesitate to post them here!
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to post that there is a video tutorial page available for battleWarden: http://battlewarden.net/support/video-tutorials I hope the video tutorials will be of any use for you!
  3. Hello Community, being the first RCon tool that has ever been created for DayZ & ArmA, battleWarden is used by thousands of people word-wide and enjoys a high reputation among DayZ and ArmA administrators today. It revolutionized game administration for BI titles and also massively influenced other rcon tools available. If you really want to do serious & professional server administration, start using battleWarden today and be part of a large fanbase! Your support counts! Homepage: http://battleWarden.net Fan- & Support-Page: https://www.facebook.com/solicusoftware Online User Manual: http://battlewarden.net/usermanual/ Video Tutorials: http://battlewarden.net/support/video-tutorials Features at a glance (battleWarden): Supports DayZ, ArmA 2 & ArmA 3 Easy to use server manager Local player database with SQLite support Ingame chat suppport Comprehensive ban support Fully compatible BE client Unicode Support Support of administrator names [NEW] Does NOT depend on .NET or other runtime environments Automation of server logs Custom actions & triggers Scripting Interface for advanced tasks Full feature list: http://battlewarden.net/features/feature-list In addition to that, the Premium version supports battleWarden:Spy enabling you to define own message triggers. This thread can be considered to be the official place for update news, handy tips and bug reports. (This thread has been adopted from the ArmA 2 forums)
  4. I have created a new video tutorial for battleWarden showing on how to use shortcuts for quick connections: Enjoy!
  5. Hey guys, there is a video tutorial available on YouTube explaining the Trigger functionality of battleWarden
  6. Hey guys, I have great news for you. I finally managed to finish the user manual for battleWarden EX: http://battlewarden.net/usermanual Also a new update released. Please see http://battlewarden.net/community/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=618 for more information.
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to notice you that a new XMAS update has been released for battleWarden:RCon EX! Changelog: A new update for the other version will follow fixing the localhost problem! Hope you will enjoy!
  8. Hey guys, a new update (V. 1.2) is out supporting admin names. Also I decided to release the premium features (except battleWarden:Spy) for Non-Premium version. Enjoy! http://dev.withsix.com/projects/rcon/files ---------- Post added at 05:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:13 PM ----------
  9. Dear ArmA/DayZ administrators, today I have to make an important statement regarding the future of battleWarden. As some of you may know, I have no personal use for battleWarden since I am not running any game servers (and never did). After 4 years of developing/maintaining battleWarden and supporting several administrators in using this tool, I have now reached a point that does not allow me to invest any more free time for this project. I am about to finish my study and have to use a huge part of my "free time" to finance it. This does not mean that battleWarden will die. Never! And I really enjoy developing this tool. But since the donations lowered from time to time I really can not affort any more free time. However...I do not want to cancel battleWarden after 4 years and thus thought to start developing an extended version with features that never have been available and offer it for a few bucks. For instance I planned to integrate a scripting system to give you full control over the tool enabling you to script your own actions (like vote kicking, custom automated ban actions, own logging system etc.). I really do not plan to make any "business" with this but to allow me continuing this project besides my engineering study. I hope that you will approve of this idea and not blame me for my decision. Please feel free to comment this! BTW: the development has just begun and the script engine works like a charm. See http://battlewarden.net for a short info on this. I think you guys will love it! Here is an example code that can be executed with the current alpha version: function export Main(str as string) dim banCount as integer Debug "Hey, what's up!" banCount = BEGetBanList() while BENextBanListElement() Print BEGetCurrentBanID() + " : " + BEGetCurrentBanDuration() + " : " + BEGetCurrentBanReason() wend endfunction This code goes through all the bans and outputs them in the debug console. Regards Soner
  10. Hey Foxhound, thanks for updating the page!
  11. Hey guys, a new update was released! The ingame colors are back, bugs were fixed and some new variables for bW:Spy were added. The spy module is now also able to play sounds! http://battlewarden.net/downloads/
  12. Sounds good. Put your suggestion here: https://dev-heaven.net/projects/rcon/issues .
  13. An example was given in my previous post:
  14. Hi FelixLegion, thanks for your kind words. I will try to implement every reasonable feature request in my free time. So do not hesitate to post them here!
  15. What exactly is confusing you? The bwspysettings.ini is the only file to access the bW:Spy interface. It's declarative so it does not look like there are any commands. If you want to add your own trigger just add a new sub-class within the Triggers class. This one could look like this: class trigger3{ Type="Chat"; Pattern="[a-z]c[a-z]"; Title="bW:Spy"; Message="Triggered"; Call=" "; // this parameter takes a URL, you can use <Base64Content> as a variable }; So what's this code doing? First we have to define a class name. In this case it's trigger3. You can choose any class name you want. It really does not matter whether you are using trigger as a prefix or not. You can also name your class "dummy". Within this class we have several parameters to set up our new trigger. Type is the type of data you want to trigger. It can be "Chat" or "Log". In this case it will only trigger chat messages. So every message you can see in the Log tab will just be ignored. The next parameter Pattern takes a regular expression ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regular_expression ). So bW:Spy will trigger all chat mesages which contain a string in the format [a-z]c[a-z], for instance acu. Title and Message are parameters for the systray popup. Leave them empty if you do not want battleWarden to display any popup. And finally, the most important parameter is Call. Call takes a URL and you may use <Base64Content> as a variable within the URL, for instance: http://www......com/bwspywebinterface.php?id=<Base64Content> whereas <Base64Content> is the WHOLE message triggered and base64 encrypted. If you are familiar with PHP you can use base64_encode in order to decrypt the content and process it (note that the resulting string is UTF8 encoded).