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  1. shammy2010

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    @gpgpgpgp You may absolutely use my animations! It's an honor if ACE would allow it!
  2. shammy2010

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    Yes, I unfortunately lost the CAR-15 model aswell as the m16a2. The config files still think they exist but they actually do not. I am working on re-modelling those as well as an experiment to re texture the ar 15's
  3. shammy2010

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    Sorry for the glitched post, I don't know what happened.... anyways, thanks for the download and if it's not too much trouble, please leave feedback and what could be improved! have a great weekend
  4. shammy2010

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    Hello There! For anyone still following this mod, I got another update for ya'll in 0.075 Changelog: -Re-added remodelled and retextured M27 IAR with WORKING Grippod!! -added M92FS Pistol -Added rail cover to all ar 15 platform railings -Fixed multiple Geometrical and texture issues -Other small fixes I cannot remember Link is the same as the first post, feel free to download and leave feedback!
  5. shammy2010

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    Thank you hellghost for the kind words, I understand that the pictures have never truly been updated, I should have informed Foxhound that I took new screens
  6. shammy2010

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    Unfortunately that is the only way to get these to work at the moment, I will ask the ace developers to implement this into their mod but for the moment, it's only AGM. Also, if anyone wants the latest version of my work, they can get the beta that is always under development. This is the link, I will also link in this in the first post: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hvkbw9qx5u6zter/SHM_Armament%28beta%29.rar?dl=0
  7. shammy2010

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been able to update in a while; life gets busy and stuff happens but I've been working on getting these weapons to look better, here's what I have been up to recently, check it out if you're interested and get some! https://www.dropbox.com/s/4logcthp9kchwpj/SHM_Armament.rar?dl=0 Changelog: -Remodelled and retextured much of the AR 15 platforms -Added M249's -Added custom reload animations -Added custom jam clearing animations (works with agm only) -Removed m27, m40a5, and a few other weapons (temporarily) -minor config fixes Future plans and things left to do -I have to work with the weight of the m249 box mags (right now they don't weigh as much) -Re implement the m16a2, car 15, m27, m40a5 -Motion capture all custom animations (basic redo) -Add Scar-L
  8. Hmmm that's a shame... is it possible to script it in? I have no idea how to do so and so I ask if there was a tutorial or something one could point me in the direction of
  9. This has probably been asked before but I couldn't find the thread so apologies for asking it one more time. I was wondering if it was possible to to make custom sources for weapon animations in the model.cfg, If not, if there was a work around to it. Let me be more specific. for example when you reload your weapon, there's a source "reloadmagazine". that allows you to move/hide/rotate certain selections in the weapon model. I was hoping there was a way to make custom sources or to find a work around Reason I ask is because I was thinking of trying to make a custom animation to jam clear or check ammo when running ace or something. There was an option for this back in agm where weapon modders could have their own custom animation for jam clearing and etc. But they could still not animate the weapon itself, just the character. That looks pretty boring so I just wanted to know if it's ultimately possible to animate the weapon itself for custom purposes such as jam clearing and such and such. I'm out of ideas so I'm assuming it'll have to start with scripting it in. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  10. shammy2010

    Is there anyway to retrieve my p3d's?

    Unfortunately, after hours of scanning, I can't say I found what i was looking for, wish I knew about this software sooner
  11. shammy2010

    Is there anyway to retrieve my p3d's?

    Thanks, I'll give this a try
  12. Hello So I'm embarrassed to say this but I have done something awfully stupid. In a sleep deprived state, I have made a rash choice to freshly upgrade to windows 10 without considering for a second that I have a year's worth of 3d Models in my HDD. After ignorantly wiping my HDD Clean, I remember this small point. The only back up of my latest work is in closed beta version in dropbox and ofcourse, it is binarized. Now before I accept the Imbecile of 2015 award, I would like to know if there's anyway to retrieve my work from the binarized p3d's Please help me lol, I have worked a good year on this I really don't want to have to loose all my work! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Shamwill
  13. shammy2010

    Rainey Gear Modification (RGM)

    nice, I'm liking the various amount of detail, keep at it!
  14. @ranwar: I don't know exactly what the problem is but it may be a problem with the xy poser thing in obj exporter options, you could try toggling it or you could try to import your character as .fbx, obj doesn't contain animations anyways. @mladjaSRB: Yeah, i forgot to save it to older versions, My fault entirely. I re uploaded the file, try it now, it should work now, I saved as max 2012 version. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a24xh1etd5wh3pu/A3%20Rig2012%28Sham%20Edit%29.max?dl=0