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  1. wickedstigma

    Operation Herrick 9

    Lol, 204 views 4 comments :-D I was expecting some more feedback if its not a problem.
  2. wickedstigma

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    The artillery sounds were taken actually from a real 155mm hitting about 50 meters from the camera, real footage not game, the bullet fly by sounds are there two, its just that other sounds may not let you hear them. I want it to add the camera shake but I'm still working with those skills since I wanted to add them through the video software and not through cameraShake. Thanks for you opinion and I will keep posting my work! Thanks again! :D P.S. I enjoyed a lot the helicopter footage of commarades in arms! Great gameplay!
  3. wickedstigma

    Operation Herrick 9

    @domokun First of all thanks for correcting the typo lol!, I didnt notice until you told me, but since its already up and my upload speed is not the best I'll leave it like that, but thanks anyway! It actually uses BAF like @colonel stagler said. I will take a look to @Lightninguk missions, thanks for the feedback and the info! I have never tried to make a coop mission, Im even having a bit of a hard time making the single player mission since I know how to set the waypoints, timing of things, triggers, etc, but I dont know how to make the official objectives and that stuff. I've been programming for a long time, but never got to make a complete mission for other one than me so I have never worked with the intros and outros either. I'll see what can I do.
  4. wickedstigma

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Hi everyone, this is my first montage, I tried to focus on the overwhelming sounds and desperation of being pinned down and then the danger close artillery support. Hope you guys enjoy! @LitosHQ your videos where one of the main inspirations for me to start making machinimas. I hope you see this video too. _Wofro2_0SM
  5. wickedstigma

    Operation Herrick 9

    Hi everyone, this is a trailer/teaser for a possible [mission/campaign] based on the real Operation Herrick 9. Hope you guys like it! _Wofro2_0SM
  6. wickedstigma

    Merry Christmas / Happy New Year Thread

    Just wanted to say happy new year to all the Arma lovers from Puerto Rico! I wish you the best this year and wish for great things for Arma 3!
  7. Game Name: Jaime (James in spanish) Age: 28 Location: Lares, Puerto Rico Languages:Enlgish, Español ACE: YES Time Zone: GMT -4 Roles: I have played different roles in the past, but the majority of the time with the AI. I like to be in the front lines as any role inside a light infantry team but I can also serve as a pilot with A-10/ AH-64/AH-1 and other sort of choppers. I also have a lot of experience controlling AI Team with upto 10 soldiers, and have basic to intermediate knowledge on light infantry formations, strategy and tactics. Preferred Roles: Classes: Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, Medic, AT. Looking For: I want to be part of an organized team, looking for realism and to learn communication skills, team work, and epic battles. Would prefer role playing but its not necessarily at the moment. Never played a coop-mission , at least not with other people so that would be great to know how the team works etc. Also want to play different types of game modes and scenarios. Anyone interested send an email to wickedstigma@gmail.com
  8. wickedstigma

    Takistan Buildings Classnames

    @kylania you are the man, thanks a lot, this guy deserves a standing ovation for doing such a great work
  9. wickedstigma

    Takistan Buildings Classnames

    Thanks but thats my point, its not a random town I want, its a town I already sketch on paper. But thanks for the help anyways. Let e check anyways the demo mission. ---------- Post added at 07:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:44 PM ---------- @cobra4v320 THanks a lot for that! And yes I wasn't referring to the module kylania, as cobra said. @Demonized Im going to try this too, if it works, which im sure it will, it is really really useful. Is there a way to spawn all the houses at the same time. I mean with a script since I need to know which one is which so I can pick the ones I will use. @kylania I love your freaking sig, everytime I cross through a thread and see your sig I say "Damn it looks cool..." Lol! Really like it, no joke. Thanks for the info on the Town Gen anyways. After this, in the weekend maybe, I think Im going to make a visual guide to this buildings. You dont know how many headaches I've got just searching for it. Now i think Im going to get another great headache by placing the buildings one by one, adjusting height, direction, position of OpFor... but I think is going to be worth it. As I said before, this is the first time Im going to make a complete mission, by this I mean with intro all the objectives and everything, not like the thousands of custom missions I've made and played straight from the editor. Ill make it singleplayer and then depending how it goes out will try to convert it to Coop, depending on how difficult it is. Before I end this post I wanted to ask if any of you guys know how to make a mission not dependent on certain addons even if I run them when I'm making the mission. I don't want any problems when I upload my mission. Thanks again in advance.
  10. Hi everyone, long time I havent post. I'm looking for a way to add a custom town, not with the town gen module, but its been a week now of searching for Takistan buildings classnames without any luck. Some time ago I found a visual guide which had the buildings with their classnames and everything, but it didn't include the takistan or Zagrabad buildings. I'm making a mission, finally a complete one!, and I'm having a pretty hard time with the different buildings since their are a lot. Thanks for any help as always.
  11. I was thinking about something like this except not scifi, more like ghost recon addon for Arma.
  12. wickedstigma

    Door Breach

    Yes! I hope they actually do it. It would be good if you could use tactics just by command, like the game Swat 4 (if you ever played it.). Wow, so many things in mind for A3!
  13. wickedstigma

    High Command AI

    Ive been thinking the same thing for a long time! I was planning to make a RTS mod with A2 at least take the first steps towards making one and adding more commands and stuff through scripting.
  14. wickedstigma

    Door Breach

    I know this post was las year, but why you dont use a trigger so when you are standing in front of the door the the above code activates?