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  1. Aye I already use that in some of my spawning functions; it does work in A3. Still messier that I'd like, but I guess it's what I'll have to do!
  2. A good point. I do have a function that handles the mass creation of attacking / defending forces already and that does include adding event handlers to each unit created; that's fine, as I just have to call a function. I will also in various places, however, be using createVehicle to add individual objects here and there for which the same EH should apply. Maybe that's the ugly way round it, then? Create my own createVehicle function... _obj = ["B_Heli_Some_Model", [123, 456, 789]] call AW_fnc_createVehicle; Which calls... _type = _this select 0; _pos = _this select 1; _obj = _type createVehicle _pos; _obj addEventHandler ["killed" { /* do something fantastic */ }]; _obj
  3. Aye, but that would be rather heavy when dealing with a lot of units, plus it'd miss the rare moment where something dies quite quickly after spawning. Quoting from http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Event_Handlers#Init... So supposedly this event handler can be used every time createVehicle is used? How do I use this functionality?
  4. -_- I'm very aware that I can add event handlers using a command, though I'd rather avoid having to add one every single time I create a unit. Is there no way to automate the process?
  5. Hello there fellas. I come with another brain-tingling problem. I'm looking for a way to add an Event Handler (killed, in this particular case) to every unit spawned (via scripts using createVehicle and the like). I'm aware I can do this using config.cpp, but am I right in thinking that config.cpp is only present in addons and therefore I can't add event handlers with that method unless I create an addon? So, is there a nice easy way that I'm missing or is this a tricky one? Thanks!
  6. Fuzzy Bandit

    Dynamic #includes

    Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. mindstorm's idea is probably closest to what I had in mind for the final result but, alas, I've already tried that method and failed. I'll resign myself to just putting includes in the description.ext; this was really a look at making things more modular in a mission I'm creating, meaning adding/removing certain elements didn't mean you'd have to edit a number of files.
  7. Fuzzy Bandit

    Created Markers for JIP players

    Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. :D
  8. Fuzzy Bandit

    Dynamic #includes

    So there's no way get this working at all? I'm aware it'd be a small convenience, really, but it would still be a lovely thing to get working! :D
  9. The best way to learn is to hack apart people's creations, I've found. Next time you need some functionality that's available using somebody else's script, download that script and then pick it apart, looking at what it does and how it works. From that, create your own script that's tailor-made to your situation. After doing that a few times you'll start to understand the basic concepts a little better and how the engine works and you can continue to improve your scripts and missions as you go. Once you have a large project going (like Invade & Annex for me) you'll be learning horrendously fast; I've got code I've written one or two weeks ago that I'll look at again and think "What the hell was I thinking?! Why was I using that crazy method when I could do this instead?" Honestly, I'd say it's the same situation here as it is with scripting/coding/programming in a multitude of languages; there's good documentation on functions and syntax but information on good practice and optimisation is hard to find. A lot of people will ask a question and get a script in return that they'll just throw into their mission. Don't do that! Learn and understand it first (ya know that whole "teach a man to fish" analogy, right?). Dependant on your level, I've found Sickboy's MP Editing Guide to be rather handy when it comes to scripting for a multiplayer environment. 'tis a little out-dated in places, but they're good guidelines.
  10. I'm looking into a way of including content from a variable number of files in my description.ext. In this particular case, let's say I want to include some CfgSounds classes. If I have two folders, somethingA and somethingB, I want to, essentially, do a forEach command within the description.ext and grab the contents of both somethingA\CfgSounds.hpp and somethingB\CfgSounds.hpp. Already played around with feeble attempts like the one below, but that (obviously) didn't work. :) In the below example, "config.sqf" is a file that defines and returns a list containing somethingA and somethingB. __EXEC( _folders = [] call "config.sqf"; { path = format["%1\CfgSounds.hpp", _x]; #include path } forEach _folders; ) Is there any way to achieve this?
  11. Fuzzy Bandit

    MenuInventory vehicle usage

    I know that; I'm suggesting it might be a good idea if it did. The issue isn't necessarily appearances. In my particular case, I was wanting to use conditionals based on player models ("B_soldier_F", "B_medic_F" etc), though to do so I have to use setVariable/getVariable to assign player "roles". I'm aware of the current functionality of the function and the "vehicle" parameter; I'm suggesting it might be a good idea to extend it. :)
  12. Using the fantastic MenuInventory respawn template, I can easily define a "vehicle" that I wish to steal some gear from to use as my respawned player's load-out. What would be ideal, though, is if using this option actually changed the player's vehicle. At the moment, players could be kitted out like a sniper but still, upon another friendly player looking at them, be marked as a "Rifleman". Would this be a planned feature or is there a reason it isn't already implemented? I'm sure I could fiddle around and get it working this way for myself, but, as Moricky said somewhere, it's not a great idea to create "custom" versions of these functions seeing as they're updated in most patches.
  13. Post the errors you're getting along with the relevant piece of code - can't really help you otherwise. :)
  14. Fuzzy Bandit

    CO25 Invade and Annex Occupation Mash up

    I'm Rarek (the fella that made Invade & Annex that's in this mash-up). I'd say it's fine if I post regarding updates to Invade & Annex, especially when it's relevant to this mission.
  15. Fuzzy Bandit

    Created Markers for JIP players

    Aye - works perfectly in a dedicated server environment, supports dynamic marker names / settings and only requires one public array. I was even going to write a blog post about it, though that seems a bit pointless if it's now fixed. Damn you, Bohemia Interactive! Damn you for being so damned productive and fixing important issues! Damn you to hell!