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  1. The Swedish Forces Pack proudly presents Wamako Standalone. Since we believe that over islands don't get the attention they should and that some might not find all the content that is there we have decided to release a standalone version of Wamako. It was originally meant only to be used internally to figure out how to work with arma3. But have since then got a life of it own and some major updates. It is however far from finished but could still offer some nice scenarios in its current form. Don't expect updates to come regularly for this island since its only a side project when we need some thing different to work on. What is Wamako Wamako is a fictional African island with a mix of lush forests and arid bush land. The indigenous Orebro tribesmen have inhabited the island for at least 1000 years living in harmony with nature and there huts could still be found all over the island. During the early medieval Arabic tradesmen found the island and the Islamic influence could still be seen in Bakunga and many other east coast towns. They also left a religious legacy with a large portion of the islands inhabitants being Muslim's today. In 1868 French troops occupied the island and made it into a colony. The following 100 years the island was used as a naval refuelling station for the French navy. Fort Laurent and Fort Chambly was built by the foreign legion 1879 to be used as training facilities before posting to more hostile colonies. In modern times the island have hade its share of conflicts as most other African countries it was cough up in the cold war. And civil war have been raging more or less since independence in 1971. Because of this almost no major infrastructure exists on the island with the exception of the Kuban build harbour on the southern part of the island. . What to do on Wamako Its strongly recommended that you visit the old town in Bakunga with its narrow streets and medieval buildings. Here you find the pirate princes castle with its high towers and imposing breastworks over the harbour. In the eastern part of the old town you find the amphitheatre and the ruins of the grand councils meeting hall. In the new town a visit to the blue mosque and the liberation square with its statue of the soldiers of the revolution. Angenteuil was the main city during the French times and the European influence is quite visible on the town. Here you also find College Wamako the only place of higher learning on the island. From here its also close to get to Fort Lourant & Fort Chambly both is open for the public. The island also has great natural assets in oil and natural gas and the large new harbour on the southeaster coast. The construction of a pipeline from the oilfields in the interior of the island have started and will be completed shortly if no major crisis erupt. For those that is more in to a natural experience there is countless miles of dirt tracks all over the island that connects the far out farms and Orebro tribal villages with the major towns. New Features Since the last SFP islands release Wamako have got 20+ indigenous villages. The towns of Berthoumarie and Tutaomi have got a mayor overhaul. A major deep sea port have been added and numerous other small changes for the explorers out there to find. Changelog: 0.1.0 no longer dependet on other addons. Rock rmoved from the road in Berthoumarie Missing vehicle classes casuing an error in the editor is adjusted. And some new areas for you all to discover... Changelog: 0.1.1 Changed some of the Slums to a new denser type with lots of small Alleys. And as Always some new areas for you all to discover. Changed requirment to Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete. Credits granQ = Inventor of Wamako Grip = The blue-collar working man of SFP island building Subroc = Creator of the Wamakoan factions(not included) Bad Benson = Midrange texture update Anrop.se = Countless hours of gaming Download: http://sfp.granq.se/files/@sfp_wamako_011.zip Requires: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30045 Optional: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?152536-Swedish-Forces-Pack&highlight=sfp+arma3 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?185717-SFP-Aggressors
  2. grip

    Krokom, Sweden

    Really good map, super quality build this far.
  3. And another small update... A sneak peak of Rosö island.
  4. New version out now! (first post updated also) Changelog: Intro no longer dependet on other addons. Rock rmoved from the road in Berthoumarie Missing vehicle classes casuing an error in the editor is adjusted. And some new areas for you all to discover... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40357100/%40sfp_wamako_010.zip
  5. After a quick consultation with local people, I am of the opinion that you have encountered the famous Wamakoan wandering trees. To be a little more serious as it depends on how the roads are created on the island. Sometimes the result is not the one expected and some displacement occurs. In this case the road should be about 5m further south at this point. This could be seen by zooming in on the in game map close enough so you could see the texture. It is also visible where the two gravel roads connecting to the main road. But please continue to report them and I will fix them as soon as possible. Johan614 This was done for two reasons. In order to make Wamako visible since it is otherwise quite invisible where it lies in SFP. And to make it easier to update the different parts of the mod. We will continue to work on the islands that is included I SFP even if Sturkö will get less attention than the other two ;)
  6. There are two reasons that Wamko isn't in ether of the releases. 1. The SFP team is not totally happy with the island. 2. In strong Nordic traditions parts of the team was a bit on a Saturday evening and during the packaging of the MOD and might have forgotten to move the island over to the island pack... We will try to remember to include it in the next release for those that wants to use it. But don't expect to much to happen to the island in new content.
  7. If any one have a Unsung mission to share please send them my way and i will try to put them up on the 27th MU Public Server. I will also try to fix any older broken mission that is out there using the obsolte uns_tracked. Cheers Grip
  8. After two days of playing and mission building a would be relly happy if the next realeas could contain battalion markers fore all types of units, and some kamfgruppe and Combat Command A/B/C markers. And btw i have forgot to say great mod. Cheers Grip
  9. When building a mission a noticed that some windows(high on the walls) in the church is unusebel. Its like theres somthing stoping the bullets from passing thro them. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40357100/window.png Whould be nice if this could be fixed since the church is a great defensive position wite some use of other objects. Cheers Grip
  10. Nice! Its fun to see somthing different. Any ETA or is it when its done? What kind of maps could we expect other than port stanley? God luck Grip
  11. Well my firewall allways finds somthing when i enther that site or i cant find the thing i want to download(just advertisment):confused: But i guess since you support the mod i dont need to go there any more...
  12. Could be i god ide to move the mod away from the virus/trojan heaven that is media fire. Its not that kind of infection im serching fore!
  13. First of love the mod, lots of work left but its alredy one of the best ones out there! Hove come BattelEye got turned on all the servers today? Cheating sudently increased or was players just acussing others fore cheating? My own personal experience of BE is not the best... But i guess its time to do a reinstall of the game and find whats wrong any way. Whould love to se a list of exactly what version of addons that are the latest ones and are used on the servers. CBA sems to be atleast two different versions. Cheers Grip
  14. Nice to see somthing new :) Couldent you add a few more cargo seats on the assultboats? 6 seams a bit few wite all that space avaible. Whould probebly make it a bit more usefull if you are abel to load 10+ in the cargo. Cheers Grip
  15. Jakerod you sure the right Moschnyi went wite that download? I keep geting the old picture and island, no runway (the easiest way to check). The file i download(and armedassult.info is hosting) have a latest changed 2011-11-21 date on it. Only the Readme is from 2011-12-04. hove i installed it Cant relly se hove i could get this any other way than that the wrong pbo ended up in the 1.1 file, but i might just be tired and stupid today. Cheers Grip
  16. This mission have bein laying fore 5months on my harddrive now but i havent taken the time to complet it. Now i want some feedback on this beta, is it to hard/easy. Any gamebreaker moments built in to it? Any one have any suggestion(im open fore ideas might just not implement them:P) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40357100/CWR_Invasion_of_the_fatherland.eden.pbo Mission You start this mission outside you homes on Everon armed wite a shotgun and you have heard that the soviets are comming to invade your fatherland. So you do the only thing you can do, you rush to the closest source of modern weapons and ammunition you know about and then you take to the hills to fight them of. The mission have respawn, its a bit random but should take you to the closest respawn point from where you died(Dont work everytime). Weapons and supplys are a bit low and you will start scavanging pretty fast. Further you need to think remember this is large mission covering the hole of Everon and you never know were you will run into the invaders(But its more probebel around towns.) Now militia men of Everon defend the fatherland. Credits Subroc fore making A-Mob fore SFP i stole a few things from there :P theOden he made the scripts and made my ideas work. Hjulvort and Firetank fore all those beta test we forced you to do durring the late summer.
  17. @Jakerod First of this is just my opinion:yay: Kind of strange to not have a navy but still have some large warships like Frigates and destroyers, and i must say the pressens of a Ivan Rogova Class amfibious landing ship indicate the presents of marin infantery. My view is that the best way to treat the CDF is to think about the CDF as overvew name just like FDF. The present of a Army/Land Force, Air Force/Air Defence Force, Navy(Wite or wite out a "marinecorps") is called CDF, just as we at my end of the wire speaks about the Forsvarsmakten(DefenceForces) when talking generly about all the branches. One way if you are abel to get a modeler and texturer is to do it abit like RACS a big box of candy and then every one can make there own favorit mix. BTW if any one makes or alredy made a Ivan Rogova could you please let me have it fore SFP to please :) Cheers Grip
  18. Serching fore any one that can/wants to make any of the following ships Ropucha class landing ship, Zubr class LCAC. or maybe a Ivan Rogov class landing ship Why i need somthing fore my favorit foes the russians to use when they invade my new island project(Gotland). Cheers Grip
  19. The island is Slattakra maybe included in the next release of sfp(Think it has a german name to;))
  20. To get a bit longer runway might i suggest adding the airstrip(dirt/grass runway) just south of Moschnyi insted enught room fore a 300m+ strip and some turn around space/parking space fore a An2 or Cessna. A hangar and some sort of one rum office bulding should fit there to. Quite flat alredy to ;).But your spot as i understand it is long enugh to land a An2.
  21. As said they have some amfibious capacity and since Lennard made these Marines and they atleast should have a brown water navy. I messed around wite this one yesterday to take some screenis. A bit of but way not, should atleast not cost a astronomical amounth of cash fore a small nation to buy.(And it exist in the armawerse alredy) Cheers Grip
  22. I allways wanted to se Novigrad and the area around it, but may visitor skills have never been god enugh to make them justice. And now you come walzing along making stuff wite just as much love i belive they should get. So now the question is hove much will it take to bribe you into making Novigrad and the Delta fore me;) Cheers Grip
  23. Thank you love those islands, they hade somthing so many other islands was missing. And now you do it again, i must say that this island togheter wite Padgorska is the benchmark in natural terrain every mapmaker should aim fore. The only stuff that i whould like to change on this island is to throw in a bit more fences, and stonewalls to make the large open pastures a bit more "owned". (And maybe add a heliapad at the hospital incase emergency transport to Novigrad is needed.) Cheers Grip
  24. @william just as it happens a fellow mod member posted a couple of army manuals from the 60s 70s, 80s and 90s a month back :) will work my way thro them and and translate it into a TO&E that wold be in use in the first years of the 80s. But it will take some time since its alot of information. Nice to know you are making more and more stuff avaible. And in a "hot war" in the 80s is somthing PlannedAssult relly can make missions in hundreds of :) Cheers Grip