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  1. WyndonP

    More Russian Weapons Arma 3

    So, to beat a dead horse: Rezero. Flip the rifles. Add a crate. At least you stopped pumping out single-weapon PBOs... :cool:
  2. WyndonP

    AK weapons

    Instead of a new addon for each weapon, may I suggest rolling them all into one? Things are going to get a little sloppy if there are 25 weapons or variants and 25 different pbos...
  3. WyndonP

    MK18 Mod 1

    Great looking blaster! I have one critique that hasn't been put out there yet, as the gaping muzzle of the suppressor has been addressed: It's piddling but if we're shooting for accuracy, it probably should be corrected- the lower is stamped RRA. Though RRA used to have some federal contracts, none of them were military. Colt has up till now made any and all M4s in service and until FN starts producing the M4A1s later this year, Colt is the only lower for M4s or Mk18s in service. Other than that, the gun looks awesome.
  4. This is going to be wonderful! Nice work Sakura Chan.
  5. I did not see the class AmmoCoef entry used anywhere else in the small arms configs, so it's not being used to differentiate between the MX full length and MX carbine length barrels, for instance. If my guess is correct- and I am going to be testing this this week on my own weapons I've been porting- it's that all the numbers are multipliers. That data I pasted in was directly from one of the suppressors in the A3 weapons accessory config. It would seem that the suppressors act on the velocity and power, as well as visibility and audibility, of the cartridge fired in the magazine currently in the weapon. This used to be done to the cartridge itself, and then reflected in the magazines. In a messy workaround for carbines in A2, I had various magazines that kind of faked the barrel length issue in this manner; I had M4 and Mk18 magazines. It was usually more pain than it was worth. Of course, I can only test some facets of my hypothesis, and I'm going to reduce the hit down to what I think is 10% and start engaging live targets against an unsuppressed version of the same gun. Unfortunately, there isn't much of a chronograph to work with to test muzzle velocity...
  6. I think this should be easily done by adding a variation of the "typical speed" section in the code found associated with the new suppressors and then adding this class to a weapon: class AmmoCoef { hit = 0.5; visibleFire = 0.5; // how much is visible when this weapon is fired audibleFire = 0.3; visibleFireTime = 0.5; // how long is it visible audibleFireTime = 0.5; cost = 1.0; typicalSpeed = 0.6; airFriction = 1.0; }; The coefficients would seem to be fractions, so the typicalSpeed indicated here would cause the weapon to utilize 60% of the cartridge velocity in the magazine being used in the weapon at the time. Power, loudness and visibility would be affected in a similar manner. In the formula above, the ammunition is only half as powerful as the baseline ammo. Of course if my understanding is wrong, someone please correct me.
  7. Here's a fun one- Duplicated in 2 different MP sessions on Chernarus, different missions, different areas of the map, confirmed by ADuke in single player test mission. Three out of four players have noticed that warehouse doors near the docks, through out the island, etc., will not give an option to open, nor will we see the door opening animation when the fourth player, who does get the options, opens the doors. He's able to go through, which to us appears as him just jumping through the closed door. He then is able to drive vehicles out of the building if there are any inside, move around in the building, and so on, though, again, the vehicles look as if they're just leaping through the closed door out of nowhere. We are running many many addons, probably too many to list, though if it becomes an important issue I can list them is some fashion later on. We do run ACE, CBA- which leads to another question- are all three of the CBA's necessary or can one of them be used alone? To the best of my knowledge, all four of us run the same addons, unless the fourth player is missing something we have that's conflicting on the other three games. It could be some clash in the order the addons are running I'm aware, but I haven't heard or seen this door issue up to now. Other details: 1.60 patch, last official one, no betas. MP is hosted by me, from my PC, no server. The game doesn't crash, so I don't have any report information to share about the issue, just anecdotal evidence shared by 3 players that these doors are inoperative. Anyone else getting this, and if so, what was your resolution? An addendum: ADuke tested in SP, vanilla, no addons, and the doors work fine. Obviously an addon issue conflicting with the island...
  8. WyndonP

    ACE for OA 1.12

    LOL Well, there's always room for debate on that point, and apparently reading comprehension isn't one of your strongest suits. At no point did I suggest how you go about anything, nor did I offer any solutions- if anything I thanked you and complimented you for your attention to detail and effort. I agreed with AD's observation and merely questioned the logic of developing and releasing on a regular schedule elements that may or may not mesh with what BIS is doing at any given time, especially when it requires unfinished or potentially broken patch RCs. This discussion is also taking place in the ADDONS & MODS: COMPLETE forum. I don't consider something that is in essence a beta version of ACE coupled with a beta version of a 1.60 patch "complete". This was the intention of what I was saying, not to argue with you or tell you how to do stuff. I use your mod, I like some of it, some I can't care less about and I'm certainly not going to suggest how to go about it. I have enough issues with my own personal addons rather than to go toe to toe with you over this, and it's silly to argue over a game anyway. Anyway, moving on, thanks again for the hard work and I look forward to what you're going to be able to do with the new patch.
  9. WyndonP

    ACE for OA 1.12

    Hey, no offense intended- you guys want to chase your tails with trying to anticipate what the RCs are going to break in your mod with each release, go right ahead. I just find the logic a little off personally. Maybe you enjoy doing repetitive work at those times. I have no idea. That said, I appreciate much of what the ACE team has brought to the table and thank you guys for your hard work. At least it's not me that has to worry about BIS boning up something that worked fine in previous ACE updates each time they let out a RC, something which may have taken weeks refining. There's something of a historical precedence in one thing or the other getting broken with each additional patch and I can't say I envy trying to track the sources down. With that, I bow out. Thanks, ACE team, for at least having the balls to try something unique and revolutionary to the game.
  10. WyndonP

    Hazar-Kot Valley

    Always a need for good Afghan-type maps. Looks awesome.