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  1. I would still like to see an object modifier in the modules section of the editor like the F-18 series. Would that be possible ?
  2. Hi Firewill, I had one other suggestion. I like to start missions sometimes with the aircraft already in flight, with the F-18's I used the module in the editor called F-18X INIT script found in the object modifiers, it allows me to determine what is on each weapon pylon. I have found it great and thought it would be a great asset for your beautiful plane. Thanks
  3. THANKS FIREWILL, I have been so impressed with this aircraft, the only thing I would like to point out is - the high level of glare from the canopy, Spartan John and Sauls Canopys are probably about right. Flying at night with no instruments are lit up. Other than that I love it, its such a great aircraft!!! Im sure we just need to give you time for the improvements
  4. Thanks for answering that. I will be downloading from Armaholic. I've been looking forward to it so much, my partner was talking to her mother in the ukraine, and even told her about how much I am looking forward to a new plane to fly hahaha. Have a great new year !
  5. Hi Firewill, when you have completed the Alpha will you be releasing this aircraft on Armaholic ? or just steam workshop?
  6. I don't care about the look of the loadout screen, I am just so very pleased that it works. I can't tell you Firewill just how excited I am to try your F-16, it is my very favourite aircraft of all time, come release day I will be first in line to download it. Great job !
  7. Amazing, I have been waiting for this since Arma 3 was released !!! Thank you so much for bringing it to us !
  8. Coltace

    EricJ Release thread

    I have just finished doing a mod update, I'll run a couple of tests and let you know, thanks Eric and Bolo for your ideas and help. ---------- Post added at 02:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:57 PM ---------- Hi Guys, I just found the conflicting mod : USAF mod, when I remove it, it works.
  9. Coltace

    EricJ Release thread

    I have had the issue both not using asdg joint muzzles config and without, each time receiving the same error, it sure is strange
  10. Coltace

    EricJ Release thread

    Hi Eric, I have a problem when placing the weapon box in the editor, I get the following error that will not allow me to preview : no entry 'bin\config.bin/cfgweapons/m24silencer_ej.selectionfireanim'. any thoughts ?
  11. Does this work with the latest hotfix ? Im not sure if its just me or not but it no longer appears to work? any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hi Olli, Beautiful plane !!!! Great work. Maybe Im doing something wrong, but I am having problems with the loadout system and I was wondering if you could give me a pointer on what I'm not doing right. If I have the aircraft empty and placed in a hangar it spawns by default with no weapons unless I have the loadout in the initialization field like so loadout = "cap"; gun = "y" The result is the gun has no ammo and no matter what loadout type I choose it's always JSF . If I start the map flying it, it does have weapons and ammo for the gun, but again no loadout type other than JSF appears inspite of putting ATG or CAP into the initilization. Any thoughts ? Thanks
  13. Coltace

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    Hi Guys, could someone post their HLC ammo config, I'm not literate in doing this myself (formatting etc) I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  14. Hi Crash, I love the idea of the .50cal but I would like to be able to use it when I take over fire control as a pilot. At the moment when I do the point of impact on the 50 call is high left. Can it please be centred on the recticle. The .50 cal is really I pilots weapon as he is the only one who can actually centre it on target. As a gunner the recticle is right on the pilots head and the aiming cam cant see the tracers very well. Just a thought. Thanks :)
  15. Coltace

    Ivory Aircraft

    Hi Dezkit, I just wanted to ask about the flight dynamics, The F-15 seems to loose speed very rapidly, I found myself being outclassed very quickly by other aircraft, as I was unable to gain speed in a timely fashion even in a slight dive. The turn speed is better than before but I still feel its only a slight bit too slow. I found I was stalling the aircraft so much in a dogfight. I'm not saying I'm the best pilot, nor I am trying to criticize your magnificent work, so is this just an issue that I'm having or is this something you and others agree with. Also as I have said before, thank you so much for your tireless efforts and I am really buzzed about the Strike Eagle!!!