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    I grew up, I killed some things, then I left the slave-ship known as the Army, now I'm back home.
  1. I am not trying to hijack this thread, as I figured it'd just be better to post my issue here as to consolidate information to try to get this resolved as best as possible. Below is a screenshot of the issue upon launching ARMA 2 OA by itself, similar to the OP's problem: Below is what happens after the "OK" button has been pressed,: It continues to load: The game starts up, the screen turns black, and then it says: I've done the following to try to remedy the situation: 0: Run Arma 2 as Admin 1: Deleted BAF 2: Deleted PMC 3: Run Steam As Admin 4: Run the game from Steam's folder as Admin 5: Re-Install Arma OA Here is my DX Diag, in case that'll help: If anyone can assist myself and the OP to get this situation resolved, we BOTH would greatly appreciate it, because I, and I'm sure he as well, cannot figure out what's stopping us from enjoying such an amazing game. ***EDIT*** I've uninstalled PMC, and installed the Beta Patch, will report as to how that affects the situation. Installing the BETA patch, and running the following command: does not help the situation any further. Another error message pops up, this time it says: Upon first load (with BETA Patch enabled). And after I select "OK", it then says: ***EDIT*** Will try installing all Direct X's... Yeah, that didn't work either. I'm stumped. I'm going to uninstall STEAM... And then RE-Install Arma 2, launch it, then Arma 2 OA, launch it, then install BAF, launch it, then install PMC, and launch it. Wish me luck..... Hopefully I'm going through all this so anyone else that uses the search function will be able to locate the fix for this issue, and see the steps that it took to get to it. Maybe it'll help out for development in the future, who knows. If I'm breaking any rules, just delete my post and pretend I don't exist. -_- ---------- Post added at 04:57 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:07 AM ---------- YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! OP, my advice to you is to uninstall EVERYTHING, STEAM, ARMA, EVERYTHING, COMPLETELY!!!! Get RevoUninstaller to remove all that, and remove every single trace of Steam and Arma from your registry. Install steam. Install Arma 2 - Then Run It Install OA - THEN RUN IT (error should come up again) Install BAF - DO NOT RUN IT Install PMC - DO NOT RUN IT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER.... While STEAM is loading, on your desktop, double click the sh india tango out of the OA icon... Run as COMBINED OPS #profit
  2. SoggyMilk

    Mounted machine gun accuracy

    Wait, WHAT!? IIRC, when I was in Iraq, the mounted M240, 240's, and 249's were accurate as HELL out to 6-900M when on a vehicle, and much more so when mounted on a tripod. When firing a burst, it was still accurate, spread must've been about maybe a foot.... If that. *shrug* Just my 2 cents.
  3. One thing I don't like about that, is that if some Admin decides to be a douche and ban someone simply because he doesn't like him, that if it streams to BE, then BE would ban that player from every BE Enabled server..... OR maybe I'm understanding that wrong?
  4. SoggyMilk

    OPForce or BLUForce?

    OPFOR Don't really know why.... Just like the AK's.
  5. Yeah, I"ve seen that thread in question.... Sweet Jesus, imagine what would happen if that got out? All hell would break loose. Well, it's all a part of the game between "teh haxxorz1111" and the "good guys".... Most likely, B.E. is gonna update and start scanning for that same .dll that's being used to inject. AND, probably try to prevent any program from hooking into the game... If it's possible. Then, all the hackers have to do is change the way the program hooks into the game, maybe run BEFORE the game starts, and catch the loading module of the game, and then disguise itself as a game-file that's to be loaded up when the game starts... This is just hilarious to me, man.... That's why I don't really play that much anymore. Mount And Blade Warband FTW? :-) To the guy that made that thing? That is SURE to spice up the war now. I can't wait to see what happens next, lol. *NOTE* Before anyone flames me.... I don't like it when people cheat and ruin my game. I hate it when other people's games get ruined too. But in this instance, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. So instead of sitting in a rut all p'ed off, I just watch, and comment. Sorry if I offend/p'off anyone.
  6. It's been said before..... But if people can bypass BattlEye and SigChecks, then they can do whatever they want to your server. Also.... People don't have to HAVE the game in order to bomb your server, they just have to be able to communicate with your server. Fighting these guys is hard. Indeed... I doubt we'll EVER see the end of hackers, because to them, this is fun. This is their hobby, not their bread and butter. And the only time that we'll see the end of cheating is when they're tired of doing it. Which is unlikely to happen. Which is why I don't really play FPS's on the PC all that much. I just play that crap on the Consoles, where it's much harder to hack. *shrug* Back to work fer me! BTW: The only thing that I've seen that makes them put in a LITTLE extra effort than to what they've already done to bypass BE and SIGCHECKS would be for someone to Monitor Scripts Being called on the server. Figure out what scripts are being used, and then when they're called up, GUID ban the person using BattleEye. They'll be able to bypass the GUID ban again, but it'll buy you some time. But keep in mind, that the experience hackers on the scene know how to change their GUID's. So I think it's up to Bohemia to implement some OTHER kind of method to use in conjunction with GUID for banning people. Serial numbers on hardware components can be spoofed at the drop of a hat. Instead, find a way to lock the game up when the game senses something injecting/hooking into the EXE of the game. In essense..... Just make the game un-f*cked-with-able. But hey, without hackers, and devs always trying to 1-UP each other, things wouldn't be where they are now. A little competition is allright in my books. I can't wait to see what both these guys come up w/ next. Hackers: "HA! I pwned your systems!" Devs: "Take... THAT! Now you can't do it anymore!" Hackers: "POW! Bypassed your update!" And it keeps on happening over, and over, and over again. Guys, in order to keep the hacking of the game on a smaller level than what it already is, don't give the other guys the fortune of hearing you complain about them, or even try to challenge them outright. When you try to challenge them, that's when they get riled up, and start to think of the challenge..... as a challenge. And I have yet to meet an amateur hacker that won't step up to a challenge simply because of the security that the internet brings. They'll want to prove something when they sense that you're talking smack to them, and then that's when the rampages start. And thy don't fear reprisals simply because it's the internet! They stay anonymous! There's nothing out there that can find them and try to harm them for hacking on a game. A professional hacker, well the ones I've seen, they don't really do it all the time. They spend most of their time making hacks for popular games, and won't waste their time on a game that only has a couple hundred people playing it a night.... They've got better things to do w/ their time, I.E. trying to defeat SpunkRuster so that their hacks can get more popularity, and in turn, more customers, and in turn, more money lining their pockets. Anyway, I'm talking too much. My own personal beliefs are coming into play. Good luck to the Devs, and to the hackers that are looking at this thread, Can't wait to see what you come up w/ next when the Devs pull a trick card out of their butts!
  7. SoggyMilk

    Idea for a project. Need people to help out.

    Hey, bud, I'll take all the help I can get in regards to actors and such. And thanks for linking me to the voice actor's group.
  8. I'd like to make a Machinima for Arma OA. That's it, plain and simple. What that means is I need voices, I need actors to schoot scenes with, and I just need people who are interested in making something to entertain. I would also like people who know how to write effectively, and to convey messages. I think we can make something fun. It can be a project that we all can have fun with. Please, send me a PM with your contact info But this guy still wants to make this happen. Who else is down for it?
  9. SoggyMilk

    10th Special Forces Group

    After joining with the 10th since January, we've been doing what we do best, which is to provide a fun, realism based community for people to play and participate in. I invite you all to come play with us, and take advantage of what we have to offer. If you're interested in joining, talk to SoggyMilk or ChefD. We're not looking for recruits, but we are looking for like-minded players/groups to have some good games with. There's some things you might want to know about our server before you join, so please, check out our website by clicking on the link in the picture below. Thanks for reading! Take care.
  10. I've searched these forums up and down, to no avail. What I need to do is I need to figure out the command to make a vehicle respawn with an init code to keep the vehicle flying. I have a number of A10's spawning in the mission. They get destroyed, and respawn. But they don't keep the "special" attribute that starts them off as flying when they respawn. So I changed the respawn call code, and made it like this: So my question is.... What do I need to put after "fly4 flyinHeight200" to make the vehicle actually fly? Another question.... I'd like to know if anyone here knows a script to automatically repair a vehicle? I don't want an action list, I just want to repair a vehicle like Xeno has in Domination.... but slightly more simple. Please, I'd appreciate the help, guys. -Soggy Btw, u can contact me on AIM: Jumpin992
  11. I've searched these forums up and down, to no avail. What I need to do is I need to figure out the command to make a vehicle respawn with an init code to keep the vehicle flying. I have a number of A10's spawning in the mission. They get destroyed, and respawn. But they don't keep the "special" attribute that starts them off as flying when they respawn. So I changed the respawn call code, and made it like this: So my question is.... What do I need to put after "fly4 flyinHeight200" to make the vehicle actually fly? EDIT Sorry, I didn't read the sticky. Don't respond to this, I'll go to the editing section, and ask this question there. My apologies.