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    Sabre, great work! Thanks! But there is one really annoying bug here. It happens only if you have texture quality less then "High". Then every unit on some distance will look absolutely black. See the picture. http://imageshack.us/a/img193/7817/arma2oa2012091618491858.png (1640 kB) Is this possible to fix? Best Regards!
  2. CptArmA2, I've found the reason of such crash. It's caused by DEP. By default on servers this service is active for all applications. On XP and other it's switched on for some services only. The problem is that adding "ArmA II Launcher.exe", "gslist.exe" and "qstat.exe" to exclusion list don't fix anything. It's still crashes. Only turning DEP on "for essential application" mode has a sence. So, what else services are used by "ArmA II Launcher.exe"? Maybe adding them to exclusions will fix the problem. Thanks!
  3. When click on the ServerBrowser button the program crashes with error: Such behaviour was in verson 2.0.6 and current 2.1.1