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    HIGH-MACS - HMCS Addon

    Is it possible to have a release version that doesn't perform the one-man tank jiggery so it can be used in gamemodes such as Urban Conflict which doesn't like it when ad-hoc crew are added to vehicles? Barring that is there a way for me to disable that stuff myself rather easily?
  2. It's been a while since I've dabbled in Arma scripting, but it seems like there's a way for this script to work via a trigger set to a radio call. I'm not really familiar with how creating functions work, I just know of the ones you can access via the editor. Is there a pretty simple way to set this up so that it doesn't run on a timer but to work the way described above?
  3. private ["_unitList","_unitType","_N0Crew"]; if (_unitType isKindOf "LandVehicle") then { _N0Crew = count crew _x; if (_N0Crew == 0) then { deleteVehicle _x;};} forEach nearestObjects [getpos player,14000] { deleteVehicle _x; } forEach allDead; { deleteVehicle _x; } forEach nearestObjects [getpos player,["WeaponHolder","GroundWeaponHolder","WeaponHolderSimulated","SmokeShell","CraterLong_small","CraterLong","#dynamicsound","#destructioneffects","#track","#particlesource"],14000] hint format ["Server cleanup"]; // Message Boy in the right upper corner I haven't played Arma 3 since the APEX update so I'm not sure if that might've broken it, but this script used to be activated by a radio trigger manually. I also used this below as a backup and executed it from the debug console which also doesn't seem to work anymore. Any help regarding these issues would be greatly appreciated. cleanup = player nearEntities ["landvehicle",14000]; { if ({alive _x} count crew _x < 1) then { cleanUp set [_forEachIndex,objNull]; { deleteVehicle _x } count (crew _x); deleteVehicle _x }; } forEach cleanUp; cleanup = cleanup - [objNull];
  4. That is not the experience I've had. Too many times now I have advanced toward heavy cover, my own vision completely obstructed, completely unable to see what lies ahead only to have bullets flying out from the other side and kill me. It doesn't matter what kind of AI it is, the simple fact of the matter is that a BMP shouldn't be able to see though bushes much less hear footfalls, especially if its idling with a loud diesel engine. In all of those circumstances the AI had not previously spotted me. I'm not saying that in some circumstances the aforementioned doesn't apply, since I've had incidents where the AI didn't see me when it should have, however it seems to me that there are some significant inconsistencies regarding what effectively blocks AI sight and what doesn't. All I'm saying is that there are newer games out there now that have done a much better job calculating realistic visual obscurity for AI. Yeah, I'm totally sure you'd see them before they saw you. This is precisely what needs to be changed, this isn't realistic, this is ridiculous.
  5. Apparently not as much as you suck at reading, considering I said nothing about Arma 2. But you could have just as easily informed me that such an obvious flaw that most certainly DID exist in both OFP and Armed Assault had been fixed. But I suppose responding to me like somebody half your age would is also appropriate considering your ability to read is about on-par.
  6. Can the AI still see you/shoot at you through opaque bushes/foliage? That's one thing that absolutely pissed me off with Ofp/Armed assault. Also being able to cancel reloading anims?
  7. Really. Why is it that every time I try to run a stock version of warfare without any addons (as I've just reinstalled), it gives me errors crying about how Vilas_wpn is not present?
  8. Their guns will not fire, they almost seem broken. What's wrong? I installed the version specific updates in sequence and it seems like I'm still getting weird errors.
  9. *cough* Notwithstanding arguments against and for specific helicopters, if their aspiration were to create something truly realistic these would've been accounted for within the game's programming. Basically meaning, even if it was not realistic for any of the helicopters in the game to do it, even though it's pretty obvious that the UH1-Y seems more than capable. It should at least be -possible- to create a helicopter that -can- through user mods. There's a distinct inability to do this, and I can't help but wonder if the devs purposely nerfed that ability for the specific reason I liked it. Just saying...
  10. I'm pretty sure you're right, which is quite disappointing. Fortunately ARMA/2 got pretty much everything else right.
  11. I know I'm likely going to catch a lot of invective for this, but I'm just going to put the query out there anyhow, as I'm really curious to know. I know that the helicopter flight model has been something of a contentiously debated subject since Armed Assault. However I was -really- disappointed to find out that you basically can't strafe using the rudder in Arma/Arma2. Honestly, there may be some realism "grognards" who really like the new flight model, and I can sort of understand that given that flying in OFP was dead easy, and you could basically use FFAR with sniper-like precision without much effort. However as far as I'm concerned most of the helicopters could be replaced with gimbals planes or something similar and they'd be just about as effective. I won't go into mentioning a particular military-style shooter that also has helicopters, but all I can say is I really liked being able to fly and strafe around targets, especially with the more manuverable helicopters. I honestly don't even come close to giving a toss if it's realistic or not, as I've heard plenty of people talk about how flying helicopters on actual flight sims seems to be easier in terms of performing specific actions. I myself have been a longtime player since OFP came out and have always appreciated the efforts to maintain broad-scale realism, specifically regarding small arms handling and the fact that an expanding ring system is about as unrealistic as you can get. But when it comes to helicopters, I hate to say it, I really don't give a rat's ass. I want to fly an AH6 and strafe and circle around my opponents whilst blasting them to pieces. While I certainly like every other realistic aspect of the gameplay, the helicopters are not fun. I might as well be flying a cessna with weapons and VTOL, boring. So, TL DR version: Are there any helicopter addons/mods out there that fudge the helicopter flight mechanics? Specifically relating to rudder usage at higher speeds?