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  1. Tisman


    Hey man, just wanted to congratulate you for making this absolutely awesome map. Absolutely awesome work.
  2. Tisman


    I hope that the research done in that aspect (collisions - playability vs visual fidelity) will we able to be put to use on future building packs. I wouldn' t mind real houses (as in, not made for cqb training houses) with slightly oversized doorways, windows, staircases...etc if it means better playability thanks to less collision issues to put all that training to good use, as long as it doesn' t look ridiculously huge of course. But on the comparaison screens that Mondkalb provided it doesn' t look bad at all, it seems like you guys found the right ratio.:cool:
  3. Tisman

    ACE for OA 1.11

    Indeed, that performance revolution thing is unbelievable and definately deserve it' s name! Fantastic work fellows.
  4. Tisman


    Good to hear. keep up the good work!
  5. Tisman


    This is absolutely awesome Mondkalb. I loved all your buiding addons so far, and this won' t be an exception i' m sure, especially since i' ve been waiting for something like this for a while. Since it' s make a wish time, here is mine: Any chance you could make a version of the shooting house with a walkable surface above the walls accessible via a ladder for the instructors?
  6. Tisman

    RH wip thread

    Hi Robert Hammer, since i read that you are going to update the m4/m16 pack, here is some nitpicking.:p -On the m16a2 and m16a3 cco variants, the aimpoint looks way too small compared with the m16. -on the m16a4s, the texture of the part of the barrel that is in front of the front sight looks a bit weird, as if it was an m4 barrel texture on an m16 barrel model. -The way the m203 is mounted on the m4s and m4a1s isn' t exactly correct, you are supposed to remove the lower part of the handguard or of the ras to mount the grenade launcher, right now the lower part of the handguard is still on the weapon when the gl is attached. -On the m4 and m4a1s, the m203' s barrel look a tiny bit too short. Obviously, this is nitpicking and as i' ve said in the past i really love your weapon packs, so please don' t take this the wrong way, these are obviously very minor visual issues, so if they are corrected in the next version it will make me even happier, but if they aren' t, it certainly won' t stop me from enjoying the pack. Good luck with the mod and keep up the good work.:cool: Seconded. It would be awesome.
  7. I don' t know much about configs, so don' t quote me on that, but maybe there is a way to code these ace functionalities without making the addon require ACE, making them activate themselves only when ACE is detected. Or there is always the solution of making two separate configs, although that would require more work from the author. Don' t worry, i wasn' t asking the author to make the addon have ACE as a requirement.:)
  8. Looking good! Except for the low res textures but as you said, this is probably due to your graphic settings. Nice to finally see some tricked out g36s. About the laser versus light debate, have you looked into the ACE feature that allows you to have both a laser and a flashlight on the same weapon? Good luck with the project.
  9. I don' t quite understand what is the problem here, you can definately use these weapons in conjunction with ace. If the question is are these weapons compatible with ACE, then the answer is yes. If the question is are the weapons optimized for Ace, then the answer is no. But these weapons aren' t going to make the game crash if you load the addon along with Ace or anything. At least, it doesn' t for me. The only problems i can think of are: -Slighly Lower recoil of the famas compared to the other 5.56 guns of ACE (the recoils are configured so the weapons will fit in with the bis weapons in vanilla Arma2, with Ace there is a bit more recoil so you can get a bit of an advantage when using these over Ace guns.) -No support for the newest Ace functionalities (ability to have both laser and light on the same weapon, animated reticles) and (not sure about this one) lack of Ace dexterity, weight ...etc values. -Once again not sure about this one, lack of the ability to deploy the bipods. But these are only minor quirks and you can very well use the pack while playing with ace without having any game breaking problems.:)
  10. Tisman

    Isla Duala

    To be honest, i haven' t tried it out in depth yet but i do like the kinda unorthodox layout of the town, i' m sure that it will be home to some very intense firefights. I already like the halfway destroyed house with the stairs in the corner. Thanks for the info about the waypoints and the new road, will check it out later. All in all the map just keep on getting better and better. Congrats.
  11. Tisman

    Isla Duala

    Oh ok, i was afraid that i didn' t install something properly. I hope that you will be able to implement the voices to DSAI soon then! :) Anyway, i just did a quick test of the new version and i'm really liking the added details such as the soccers fields and the industrial zones. Duala has always been a favorite of mine. Once again, great work and thanks for the quick reply.
  12. Tisman

    Isla Duala

    Hello IceBreakr and first of all, congratulations on releasing the new version! I' m trying it out right now. I just have one question though; Earlier in the thread you mentioned the inclusion of French and "African" voices in the update, yet wichever way i try it the units that come with the island still speak either american english or russian. At first i thought that it was because i ran Ace and some soundmods so i tried it again with vanilla Arma2 and the voices still don' t work. Am i missing something? Thanks in advance!
  13. Tisman

    Still no 3d scopes?

    Weird, i thought i saw a post of yours were you said that you were trying to achieve some kind of semi transparency with the red dot sights. I think that it was in a thread about somebody' s suggestion to make so that pressing right click would automatically switch to the primary weapon/ pistol in case that you had something else selected such as grenades or a satchel charge. I might be confusing you with somebody else though, so don' t look too much into it. I apologise if that' s the case.
  14. Tisman

    ARMA 3, E3 Coverage (reveals)

    @ That guy: I do agree with you about the no weapon modding in the field part except for 1 thing: When i create missions, i like to put a bunch of weapon crates at the place where the players start, instead of letting them choose via the briefing, because honestly put i' m lazy and i don' t feel like adding all the ace weapons to the briefing. So i believe that an honest middle ground would be to let the players select their accesories at specific crates, and it would then be up to the mission makers to make sure not to put these specific crates in a place that the players are supposed to reach in the middle of the mission for example.