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  1. roni

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    Why there is so much faked and forced vehicle stops at low speed, and very unrealistic, F1-like center of gravity for vehicles? Also very unnatural behavior when vehicle rollover, with clearly visible additional forces applied to vehicle. All that artifical shit and faked forces are killing whole point of using physx, dont ya see? And I still dont have any pleasure driving car in arma3, because it is very artifical.
  2. Ya know, im Polish lazy bitch x)
  3. Performance tests anyone? I mean bCombat vs vanilla fps.
  4. So what, youre trying to compete with LJ now ? :D
  5. roni

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Im confused. This 3.1 stuff in playWithSix is this newest phoenix version, or phoenix is some kind of addon to it?
  6. Well, very well. Now get your supression effect mod to this bundle too :)
  7. The idea and general realization is nice, but i won't use it, because shaking screen is very bad idea to simulate supression. Just leave shaking screen for nearby explosions and it will be really nice mod.
  8. Yup, tell me what ya think bout it. I like that idea.
  9. Wait... What ? No replies for a week? Is it joke ? Is this mod is still alive at al !? Oh noez ! My meaning of life is gone now.... Hehe just kidding, cant wait for this xd
  10. Two questions Lord: 1. have you served in military? If you do, what unit and how long. 2. How do you obtain these sounds, you record real weapons, or.... idk, is it possible to "make" for example explosion sound without any recordings?
  11. A little OT, but I wonder what bis developers feels when they see that single/few hobbyst made 100x better sounds in game than their whole not-so small team >.>
  12. You definitely should take part in contest, and I even say more - you should win it, and take main $prize$, imo you deserve it. Because I can't see for now any competition for your mod. Happy holidays! ;
  13. From what I remember, BiS promised bolt-action rifle animation and shotgun-style load animations, game version is 1.24 so its supposed to be pretty polished already and all features should be already ingame. I can understand that can be problematic to implemet or whatever, but looking at current Arma's animation system which is pretty good imo, it should be small work to do, because we already can see those animations when you reload when you reload bolt action rifle, but not between single shots! Can someone enlight me whats going on? I know its kind of detail, but imo very important and adding very much to atmosphere. Sorry if there was thread like this.