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  1. Nielsen

    Does anybody know how many DoF A3 will have?

    I'm no wizard at this, but I think it is down to the fact that in a (true) racing sim you can move your car as well as your head, combined with the fact that cars have a lot of components that make them move differently, ie. brakes, aero, suspension etc. I play racing sims (mostly rFactor), and I've noticed that here you (read: they) talk about a lot more DoF than in FPS games.
  2. Thanks! I think I know what is causing this, and that I might have allready fixed it. I'll release a new version soon, and hope that will be fixed as well.
  3. Thanks. Glad you are finding use of it :) Hmm. So they do have the wounded texture, but they stand still and do not perform any animations - they just stand totally still? Could you provide me with the .rpt file after reproducing this bug? Then I can take a look. (if you dont know where the file is look further above in the post :) ).
  4. Awesome news!!! Thanks BIS. Loving that changelog! Merry christmas
  5. Allright. So, now I am back in business, with a little more time on my hands than the previous week... @Kremator: Yeah I see. I realize the benefit of this, but it is pretty much a choice between two evils. At least for now, you will have to unpbo the missions and add the modules yourself. @SmokeDog: Thanks. I'd like to check out that sample. I'll throw you a pm about it. @Raptor 6 Actual: Thanks for helping out! @SideKilla09: Just to clarify what Raptor 6 said. The only 'setVariable' that is actually required is the variable 'nielsen_crm_locations'. It has no standard value, to make you remember that you need locations for the events. Actually you do not have to put down any markers, but you do have to indicate to the module how many (if any) has been placed. If you wish to place no markers, and just handle/call the events with e.g. triggers, then you should just place the following in the init of the cRm module: You can still spawn any event on any position with the following code: "EventType" = String with the wanted event type (e.g. "Random"). position = An array with a position (e.g. getPos Trigger1). multiplier = The multiplier of number of spawned civs. This variable is optional and does not have to be there. (e.g. 0.8 = 20% less than normal, 1.5 = 50% more civs than normal). Also, Raptor 6 i correct. Right now the cIm module is required to make it all work. This will be fixed for the next update. Cheers
  6. @Kremator: Not totally sure if I understand you correctly. You need to put down the modules (in editor) for them to work of course. CIM wont work in missions without the modules. But the 'Reaction Module' features will work without sync if you call them by command: The sync is only needed to check if players are close to "event markers". If you want a specific event on a specific location you can use the above command to call it from, say, a trigger. EDIT: I could of course make the addon without modules so it just works "out of the box", but that would drain computer ressources, and force people to turn the CIM on/off depending on the mission they want to play. That's why I went with the module approach, so I can have the addon loaded as standard without worrying about ressources.
  7. The 'Interaction Module' does not have to be synced. Just put in down in the editor. The 'Extraction' module only has to be synced with one unit - to indicate player side. The 'Reaction' module needs to be synced with group leaders of any and all groups that should trigger civilian events. Only the group leader though. It requires clients to have the addon installed. (I will consider making a script version when the addon is closer to completion).
  8. LoL.. x2 This is straight awesome... Guess I will have to start learning Java too.
  9. @SmokeDog: Thanks dude. Appreciate it. Let it be know that your Sangin/hells Kitchen map is currently my favorite map. Everyone should make sure to try it out. (btw: Your screenshots are in the making I am told). Regarding your ideas: 1 & 5: Those are cool ideas. It would be another level of ambience. I'll think about how it can be implemented. It will probably take some time before I can implement it though. 2 & 3: I actually just implemented those last night. I have replaced the "evidence" feature, with a new feature that (re-)configures the ALICE module to make civs more varied. (i.e. they dont all carry maps and radios). With this, all ALICE civs will have a custom chance of being armed - though not hostile - and a chance to carry "evidence" items or explosives. 4: I like this idea, and as I have already made the FSM for the "massacre" feature, it is very feasible. But that would require a 'killed' eventhandler on ALL civilians. I'm not sure if that would result in a noticable performance hit, but I dont think it will be a problem. It should not be complicated to implement. I will give it some thought. @psvialli: I agree that would be a cool feature. It has ben tempting to make suicide bombers and VBIEDs, as they are obvious civilian-like hazards. But I need to limit the scope of the addon, and I do not want to encroach on the territory of other mods, that do these features much better. For now, I will leave the exploding parts to the EOD/IED mods out there.
  10. @clements: Sweet! You guys rock. Looking forward to the game play footage! @yanhchan: Thanks man! I was'nt sure if people would like the concept of the 'Reaction module'. I just felt it would be usefull as quick ambience when making missions. Regarding a template. clements video above should help. I am a little worried that with a mission template people wont bother to read through the readme (who reads a manual if they can help it?), and they will end up having problems with it. But I know how concrete mission examples can be much more intuitive than commands in a readme. I'll make sure to do a quick template. On a general note I have realized that the CRM currently requires CIM to also be present. Otherwise some events wont work (see Raptor 6 above). I will fix this for the next update. Until then the CRM should not be run without the CIM.
  11. The gathering thing is already planned :).. I gave some of them weapons without turning them hostile to give some tension. I figured it is a shame to have that weapons=kill all the time. It could be cool with a bit more strict ROE to create suspense. I plan on evolving the .FSM file for "gathering behaviour" to include a chance of weaponbearers turning hostile. That wont be hard at all. I will make sure it makes it into the next update. Regarding shooting around the crowd that is a bit more difficult (at least to me). I've allready experimented with it, to get civilians to flee to safety if you fire your gun. I thought it would be a cool way of dispersing the crowd in a pinch. But the "firednear" eventhandler that I used was really unreliable and did more harm than good imo. If I figure out how to make this work reliably I will make sure to make good use of it. ;) Regarding sending people back in their vehicles: Yes of course. Not sure why I have not done this already. Especially since the 'get out' command excludes them from reentering vehicles (else ALICE civs would get right back in and step on it). And since I've currently only got one command for vehicles it wont even clutter up the action menu. I'll make sure this i featured asap. Let me know if you get more ideas.
  12. That's no bother at all! I really appreciate the feedback. Thats doing me a favour man. Please do report any bugs you find, and I will try to solve them. Regarding the ones you just posted: You are right about the female civs. They cannot go prone, and they cannot use male animations (keycuffs). Nothing I can do about it afaik. Gathering: Not sure about this one. I will look into it. I'm glad the stuff spawns at least. I'll check it out. Ambush & Intel: Well spoted. I think I know whats causing this. Earlier I corrected a (potential game-crashing) bug that related to houses not having path LODs. I think that a related issue is causing these errors too. That is why the problem shows up on Utes but not on Takistan. That should be an easy fix I think. I'll look into it asap. Massacre: None of those are CIM errors. Most of them are about ACE and CBA. The ones that do relate to the addon are not errors but just debug messages. Because the addon is still in beta it has a "debug-mode" enabled by default. This will throw diag_log to your .rpt telling you what's going on. (I check it continously while testing to make sure stuff has been spawned and such). ETA on update: I am extremely busy irl this week, so I cannot say for sure when I have time to fix this. Besides work it is my main priority though, so it should not take too long. Thanks a bunch for a detailed bug-report. Posting the settings and .rpt obviously makes it a lot easier to track down issues :). Regards, EDIT: Certainly. I plan on adding more events. All I need is time and ideas. Of course as long as there are bugs they will be my main priority, but I'm deff. going to add more stuff. If you've got some (more or less) feasible ideas I'd love to hear them. :)
  13. Thanks for the feedback man. As long as you did not have problems with it, a "worked perfectly" is great feedback. That makes me less uneasy about the functionality, and lets me know that someone finds it interesting and/or usefull. If you encounter problems, or have ideas/wishes for further updates, dont hesitate to tell me. :)