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  1. Wooh! Thanks,DarkDruid. I almost did harakiri
  2. Raison

    100k Sales Soon!

    I think it does not mean the number of copies sold. Probably it's the number of screenshots, videos, posts on the community forum,etc. But it would be interesting to know.
  3. Raison

    Safety / Weapon Malfunctions

    I think both are not needed. Do not make a complicated game even more difficult,especially for beginners Arma players.
  4. Would be nice to see Sahrani,Lingor,Namalsk and Isla Duala
  5. Raison

    RH PDW pack

    Thanks,Robert! Try it right now. And moooaaarrrr
  6. I think Arma 3 made ​​a big step forward in this regard (to FPS "feeling"). The soldiers have become more like real people with weapons, not Pinocchio with Parkinson's disease.
  7. Raison

    RH wip Thread

    Great! I can`t wait your M4,Mk18 packs with the new attachment system
  8. Raison

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    I noticed on this video "white" interface. Much nicer than the standard green. What is this mod?
  9. Raison

    RH wip thread

    Double work? You serious? Aha, I wouldn't ask, if they have been made by human hands! Terrible textures, sounds of gunfire just disgusting,bad characteristics and more. It only remains to hope that Robert will do a normal version of this weapons.
  10. Raison

    OA desert mercs

    http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/820/codmw2sf.jpg 194 kb WOW! This is ArmA 1 or 2? Where download these units?:D
  11. This is M4A1 S.I.R.S, but in MW2 is called just M4A1 (http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/M4A1) ;)
  12. WOOOHHOO!!! It works. Thank you,Robalo:cheers:
  13. I'm using the CO and use this mod in the forest missions, but after patch 1.54 for OA it stopped working. :confused: I know, that I can simply edit profile.cfg, but with mod is more convenient to change camoface.
  14. Thanks for the reply No, I'm just not sure how to correct name of this sight. Just for an example :D
  15. Thanks for update,Robert! I have a three questions: 1. Are you planning to add M4A1 Magpul versions with vertical handgrip? This shorty or normal 2. Add Tan versions of M4A1,like in MK.18 pack? 3. Add M4A1 verisons with iron sight,like in MW2?
  16. Why not? It is almost useless, and sometimes distracting (when you look in sight). Now, all packs will be with it?
  17. In future updates are planned version this pack without the AN\PEQ-15 on all weapons? ACR,HK416 looks better without it :p
  18. Raison

    RH wip thread

    Hi,Robert. Would be great if you add this weapons to your AK`s box. They will be a nice supplement to Russian weaponary: MP-443 "Grach" Lobaev SVL AEK-971/973
  19. Raison

    RH Mk18 pack 1.1 for OA / CO

    You mean like on BIS SCAR`s?
  20. Thanks, Robert. Pack is Awesome! Found a two wrong hand anim with ACE (M4A1 SD Eotech and M4,M4A1):
  21. He is in Vanilla version and was in ACE to the last update. I remember because often fought with him. Vanilla After update, same box
  22. I've tryed both. If i try the class name (this addweapon 'G36c'), I appear with G36K Eotech - http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_weapons/show/152770 :confused: Before the last ACE update I appeared with G36C, also in Vanilla version.
  23. No, this is G36K (Karabine). I mean G36C (Compact or Commando), it was up to the last update and then disappeared from Special Weapon Box.
  24. Why ACE Team is removed from the game G36C? :confused: