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  1. gopherman

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Awesome, awesome sound mod. The depth of sound makes a massive difference to the ambience. Well done to you. Constructively though the HMG's like the DshK and Browning, and the 12.7mm and the Barret do not sound heavy enough in my humble opinion... While the cracks sound a lot higher pitched and almost squeakyer(?) than the ones I've heard going over my head.
  2. gopherman

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Hey OpticalSnare - great to see you working on this again. One thing that bugs me that I am still not sure is an error with my set up or something in the mod - crashed air vehicles do not emit light when burning - theres the beautiful lighting as they come in on fire but when they hit the ground its pitched into darkness which obviously is very unrealistic; especially when the vehicle is visibly burning... Cheers
  3. gopherman

    Custom campaign..?

    Yeah I know its fiddly - I've been making a mission or two (since OFP in fact...so I have made a FEW missions already) and now I'd like to tie them together in the manner of a small campaign. It's the stuff about the variables that would aid in making my small cobbled up missions a bit more coherent. Is there any tut's or guides around on this? A place to start looking?
  4. How complex is making one then..? Is there a guide about anywhere? Cheers...
  5. gopherman

    Hitscan weapon mods

    Are those compatible with CO? Both are 2009 releases...
  6. gopherman

    WarFX : Blastcore

    ...What about meeeeeeeeee!!! Anyone else not getting illumination from downed aircraft that the mod still generates fire for?! Shot down aircraft light up the place beautifully, but crash into utter darkness. Ground vehicles still illuminate when on fire...
  7. gopherman

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Maybe a bug, maybe me but does anyone else not get a light source from shot down aircraft? They light up the land just fine on the way down but once they hit the ground the light goes and all that is left is an unrealistic fire which emits no light..? Edit: Ok after a little testing, it seems no aircraft, destroyed on the ground or in the air will provide light as they burn on the ground... I can't read 143 pages to see if this is common! Any help?
  8. ?!(alive "radar1"):this setCombatMode "BLUE"; From: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13860&highlight=RADAR Where does it go?!?! I know about the unit names, all sorted - but am at a complete loss as to where to put that - everywhere I do, I get error messages. Thanks
  9. I have OA. Never ever ever noticed the countermeasures. How embarrassing. Oh well, thanks!
  10. Not so much a request for an addon - but can someone point me to some aircraft counter measures mods so my aircraft actually have some means of surviving anti-air missiles?! Cheers!
  11. I guess it is pretty pointless asking what happened to this, like if it popped up in a fresh thread I cannot find?
  12. gopherman

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Question: Im reinstalling stuff due to a few mod conflicts I overlooked. Will this work alongside: SLX mod's AI bits ASR AI rearming AI tweaks Cheers!
  13. Awesome, working fine now. Many many thanks for the assistance guys!.
  14. Ahh right, sorry I did not realise you were pointing out an inconsistancy in my code there. Should also say, I can get a single ACM to work, its when I try and put a second in, the second never seems to work unless I put it in without any tweaks in the init.sqf As soon as I do that, it does not work. EDIT: Looking at the code (with changed names for ease) [1.0, ACM1] call BIS_ACM_setIntensityFunc; or [1.0, ACM1] call AMC1_setIntensityFunc; ..?