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  1. ball0fire

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    has anyone got sli working? my game runs fine on 1 card, but i just like to share the love i put it to force alternate rendering ,and altho it did slpit the usage to %50 on both cards it then set up some massive mouse lag (aboot 2 seconds)
  2. have a look at what else you have running there are some anti viri systems that do this, also i know that FRAPS can do it as well umm what else was there... i cant remember what it was but it was somthing else running inthe back ground you can also try runningthe dxsetup in the arma 3 folder as well and also if you dont have a nvidia video card you might wanna see aboot installing the latest physx driver too hope that helps
  3. ball0fire

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    the abrams would hav to be the hardest to get right, and i ddont think (and jarhead will no doubt agree) that you just cant get it perfect cos of the way the games sound engine works personally i think the abrams sounds just great, and has done a great job on it
  4. ball0fire

    Anyone try the Android version?

    aww nue , i hadnt checkd the leaderboard for a week or 2, ive been knocekd off the number one spot in overall scores :( down to 4th boo hoo
  5. ball0fire

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    i have no idea how that all works if you just running at host and not dedicated as for those keys they are the default BI keys for everything by BIS if you want to allow more mods you need to have the ***.bikey in the keys folder, however, running as host i have no idea if even any of this applies to you
  6. ball0fire

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 79384

    well the arma2 patch is already released, im sure BIS woulda liked to have them both at the same time, but they are just ironing out a few bugs while they can. im happy to wait another month, if they keep fixing bugs like they are at the moment well done guys
  7. did you have human pilot? sounds like what happens if the pilot selected manual fire before you got in
  8. indeed im suprised none of these excellent rcons have some kind of chat messaging capabilities yet i dont know how to do any of this but i didnt think it would be that hard, see'ing as we can already send global messages throo BE when we kick or ban somone, cant it just work off that system to send BE messages? anyhoo keep up the good work with the Rcon's
  9. ball0fire

    WarFX : Blastcore

    you should ask the ACE guys to make their mod compatible with blastcore not the other way round :D
  10. thnx that workd, but all i can say is wtf were BIS thinking.. or not thinking whne they ferget to add ammo boxes , weapon crates
  11. thnx for the reply but umm... wut?
  12. so how exactly does one find and use the PMC weapons in say... the editor?
  13. ball0fire

    [REQ] v1.54 downgrade patch

    kinda hard to do if yah using steam version tho
  14. ball0fire

    "BattlEye Initialization Failed"

    the reason you have this problem is because one of the last patches 1.07 i think) and possibly 1.54 for ao/ co) doesnt force you to install battleye so you dont have it. most servers would run battleye purely for Rcon access and or maxping kickers so that would be why nearly all servers kick you when you join because , as it says, battleye failed to start (cos its not there) if you have the steam version of arma2 / arrowhead you can open up the steam app right click on arma and select isntall battleye . or as already has been said make a folder install the files and away you go just thought i'd let everyone know what and why.... carry on
  15. is the BE server down or somthing at the moment all my BE Rcons are failing to connect to BE master server update failed