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  1. how I can open arma 2 civ models with their standard standing animation and texture and save them as a 3ds? I wanted to try something for univesity, I searched for it but I can't find anything, please help.
  2. You would help me very much if you could tell me how I can open the arma 2 civ models with their standard standing animation and texture to view them and save them as a 3ds? I need to do something for univesity, I searched for it but I can't find anything, please help.
  3. well then BIS is making a mistake not adding this realism settings in arma 3 and it should be the standard control not just in expert. when they really wanna make a good war simulation this is the way to go. we have enough arcade war games with this flat arcade controls...
  4. tom_

    E3 - Arma 3?

    Oh shit this game will be beyond epic, 50 citys on the island! check out how large the citys are in the video, he said also that every building will be enterable!!
  5. tom_

    E3 - Arma 3?

  6. tom_

    F-35 again

    What makes you say that, the game still looks realistic for me...
  7. tom_

    Plane and Helicopter realism poll.

    the realism like in a real flight simulator game like microsoft flight simulator or f22 lightning is the way to go, arma is a war simulator and this the next step! who disagree, the market is full with arcade games like battlefield.
  8. tom_

    F-35 again

    I also would love to see the F22 (love it since the game F22 lightning) Seeing the F-15SE for the first time and it's looking really good, F18 would also be nice.
  9. tom_

    E3 - Arma 3?

    hmm I agree but I take it with a grain of salt, it's the same like in arma2, the screens looked good, pimped all the way with depth of field and blur filter to look as good as possible but in the end the game was crippled and the game still feels like a beta and couldn't use it full potential. so its not just about how the game looks, but how the game feels in the end, I would rather love to have the arma 2 graphics but with a fluid nice improved engine with great physics, everything bug free, a fluid netcode that gives you hours of fun and all the things the players would love to have like shooting from vehicles, walking arround in vehicles like in boats, custom equippable weapons and armor, underwater swimming. So I just hope they concentrate on these important things and don't just make everything look better like the step from arma 1 to arma 2 and just stuff it with physics and some improvements.
  10. This. The teaser is a pure waste of money for BIS and maybe cool to look at for some kiddies and BF3 players. Arma 3 is about a war simulation and they should concentrate to show the potential of a sandbox like gameplay and show the engine or something and they should stop trying to look just like another ego war shooter a la battlefield. It's the same waste of money like using real models for marketing screens. I wanted to discuss this subject in this thread I made but unfortunately it got deleted.
  11. tom_

    E3 - Arma 3?

    I hated this, the map looked unrealistic and like sh!t without grass, why don't turn off trees and buildings?
  12. tom_

    You love Green land or Dessert POLL

    You can say what you want but this is the fact: Desert terrain = boring mixed terrain with deep forests, grassland, cliffs = interesting I really hope we get some forests, but I also can't see any forests on Limnos :( Just imagine how epic it would be to fight in a deep rainforest like in this one: forest
  13. tom_

    can we shoot while in a vehicles?

    I hope it's possible I still remember how much fun it was to shoot out from vehicles in Joint Operations Typhoon Rising, the gameplay of this game was pretty good, a bit similar to arma, just a bit more arcade, but the netcode was much better, it runned perfectly smooth even you played with 250 ppl on one server. what also was cool, you could take a seat in the vehicle or move arround free in a heli or boat, this was just much more fun, not so restricted like in arma where you could just look arround. swiming underwater was also great in joint operations, I remember how I was hiding underwater and waited for enemys to come across and then I got out and killed them with a knife, I had some epic moments with this game. hope it will be in arma3, but I doubt it.
  14. how I solved the problem, deinstalled physx and installed riva tuner and decreased the clock speed.
  15. they could do millions with this by releasing it as a 9.99€ game and also in the mac appstore that is opening in 2 days :P