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  1. ~Vagabond~

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    hi litos, thank you for your comment. I saw your PM and I thought I had answered :confused: . I'll send you a new one ;)
  2. ~Vagabond~

    PROJET FELIN - [R3F] Armes

    Yes, it's a slope level indicator :), like in the true PGM scope :p
  3. ~Vagabond~

    PROJET FELIN - [R3F] Armes

    It's compatible to ARMA 2 too, but it's not optimized for ... there is many fonctions you won't have like the double sight and many other things wich OA included :(:( !
  4. ~Vagabond~

    PROJET FELIN - [R3F] Armes

    Yeah, why not, w'll see that =)! BTW did you enjoy it ? :)
  5. ~Vagabond~

    PROJET FELIN - [R3F] Armes

    As i said, There is a very bad render of muzzle flash in the game, and it's very difficult to play with muzzleflash in the night, cause the bad render ! In your videos, we can see muzzlflash only when you are behind the gun, and i saw a lots of videos of FAMAS without muzzleflash. :)
  6. ~Vagabond~

    PROJET FELIN - [R3F] Armes

    :confused::confused: FRF2 and minimi have muzzleflash :p. There is only FAMAS and PGM HEcate II which don't have muzzle flash :bounce3: Moreover, Muzzleflash in the night destroy the gameplay :(
  7. V.1.1 Description: [R3F] Projet FELIN addon brings to ArmA 2 OA and Combined Operation a large set of French weapons and gears featured by Hight Definition models and textures witch preserve game's performances. We have been carefull to balance realistic functionality and gameplay. Features: * A full description of weapons is available in the game section "Weaponary" and includes : (new) FA-MAS, FRF2, PGM, JIM LR are also in camo version ! Famas F1 Famas F1 AIM Famas F1 EOT Famas F1 EOT HG SD Famas F1 J4 M203 Famas F1 J4 M203 SD Famas G2 Famas G2 EOT Famas G2 J4 Famas G2 J4 HG Famas G2 AIM HG Famas G2 AIM M203 Famas surb Famas surb AIM HG Famas surb AIM SD Famas surb EOT SD Famas surb EOT M203 Famas Felin FRF2 J8 FRF2 J8 SD PGM Hecate II J10 PGM Hecate II MilDot PGM Hecate II POLY Minimi EOT (Modified BIS Model) Minimi J4 (Modified BIS Model) Minimi 7.62 J4 Minimi 7.62 OB-50 AT4CS (Modified BIS Model) JIM LR * You 'll find in our MOD all the usual of a BIS addon, as specific hands positions on each gun, breech's, trigger's, arming's animations, and infrared or thermic filters on optics. * We have created ours own balistics and sounds for these weapons, aiming to set perfectly to the game, and also gogles, new optics with effective graduations. * The addon is multi-language, automatically set on the game version. Included files & Installation: Two files options are to download, one with a SETUP.exe witch installs the addon automatically in the ArmA 2 directory, the other with a usual ZIP file to install it manually. With the .pbo files, a erver key, documentation (documentation.pdf and readme.txt with all info for mission's editors) and personalized shortcuts. Lgo7xSY0SwQ EcYY3rJ-4EI Addons Required : None Version : -version 1.0 on 10/07/2011 (new) Changelog : Add Famas camo desert Add FRF2 camo desert Add PGM camo desert Add PGM Polymere Add Zeiss scope 6-24*72 Add Minimi calibre 7.62 Add OB 50 Add JimLR camo desert Add flames on Famas Add custom box of ammunition Balistic Correction of the Minimi 5.56 Sights Correction of the Famas G2 Sights Correction of the Aimpoint Texture Correction of the M203 Minor Corrections on some textures Corrections on some 3D models and Shadow volume And many more ! -version 1.0 on 16/12/2010 Links : www.team-r3f.org projet_felin.team-r3f.org Bis Forum DownLoad Link ~R3F~ Download R3F Armes v1.1
  8. ~Vagabond~

    [R3F] - Projet FELIN (W.I.P)

    Thank's you Latrompe, you are a source of inspiration for me :o. Very happy to see that you like these photos !:)
  9. ~Vagabond~

    [R3F] - Projet FELIN (W.I.P)

    Hi all, some artworks :biggrin_o::biggrin_o: :
  10. ~Vagabond~

    [R3F] - Projet FELIN (W.I.P)

    @Minidou : Nanucq already put special tracer chargeurs in the ammobox :)
  11. ~Vagabond~

    [R3F] - Projet FELIN (W.I.P)

    Hi mate :) Here is the UV set : http://forum.team-r3f.org/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=1183.0;attach=17026;image Yes it's our first mod, and yes we made all (models, textures, lods, anim, config ...) ourselves :p:p. I don't understand what you say about ST errors and plannar mapping, because of my poor english vocabulary and the fact that i only made 3D model, optimisation and promotion. I think that Nanucq will answer tu your question tomorrow ;) @Minidou : G2 can take 25, 30 round famas chargeurs, and stanag. I'm not sure that FAMAS FELIN can take Stanag :confused:.
  12. ~Vagabond~

    [R3F] - Projet FELIN (W.I.P)

    Hi all !! :p:p Some new screens :bounce3: :
  13. ~Vagabond~

    [R3F] - Projet FELIN (W.I.P)

    HaHa ! maybe :p:p This is 12.7 P.E.I, maybe he just hit the car :p:p. In the two case, result is the same : the death :D