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  1. Hello, BI. I have a problem. I recently started playing CC again and decided to take on the Strategy Game mode (the single player campaign fulfilled my craving for CC for the time being when i first got it), but I can't utilize the torpedo, it explodes. Now, I know that there are patches for it, but since my copy is on Steam, it's supposed to automatically download and install said patches for me, right? Well, even with the beta setting on and all that on Steam, the patch wont download. It doesn't register as being seemingly available. I tried to manually apply the patch as advertised here, but that wont work since the installation file doesn't recognize that CC is installed. Could you guys help me out?
  2. bfcrusader

    Steam wont update

    Well, for some reason the problem has resolved itself. Thank you guys for taking the time to reply. Dunno what was going on.
  3. bfcrusader

    Voice actor volume.

    Haven't you put the voices on maximum and the other sounds at a lower setting while physically turning up the volume on the speakers?
  4. Are they selectable through clicking and then tapping the delete key?
  5. Don't you need to launch a drone or something like in the original game?
  6. Depending on the type of faction one plays and its respective strengths and weaknesses, I adapt to those. generally, however, I like play defensively and take my time before building a strong offensive force from behind my strong defensive front and finish off the enemy. I also prefer games that has both a strategic element as well as a tactical one. Company of Heroes is one of my all time favorites in pretty much all categories.
  7. bfcrusader

    Weapon Loadouts

    Saving weapon loadouts is a nice idea, it gives the game a certain fluidity
  8. bfcrusader

    Skyhook bug?

    Unless Mantas have height over ground display in their HUDs
  9. In the original it was simply go from A to B, nothing else.
  10. For the record, a Manta's "garage", as you put it, is not called a garage but a hangar.
  11. bfcrusader

    Two Monitors

    The game more or less screams out that it should have it, if nothing else
  12. Then explain the additional loading time when switching to a distant Manta to be due to the telemetry distance. I have no problem with a Manta or Mantas to be slightly laggy in getting control over as long as the control is assumed and from then on fluent. Mantas ought to be able to cover an inter-island distance on one full tank of fuel just like in the original. And why do you speak of just sending one Manta? I think sending most if not all on this long distance trap is a viable strategy
  13. I know it was an integral part of my strategic planning when I wanted to ambush the enemy carrier on an island I suspected it would chose as its next target for invasion. I would land my Mantas on the airstrip (does that exist in this game) and let them remain there, fully fueled and armed for engagement until it arrives or I learn that it is somewhere else. Such huge potential should not be wasted
  14. Localized armor too. So that the armor protecting a certain part of the ship takes damage before the protected parts take damage. If you shoot another part of the ship, you have to take out the armor of that part first and so on.
  15. bfcrusader

    Original Carrier Command

    Would you say it would have been possible to implement back in the day?
  16. bfcrusader

    Manta hook orders?

    There HAS to be an automatic function as well for this, BI. Please include it
  17. bfcrusader

    Abort Supply Shipment

    I believe there was an abort button in the first game, it should be implemented here too.
  18. Seconded. I can live with it upon release but the game should get these touches later on. While I'm at it, every video of the beta has the player launch Manta 2-5 while the icon representing (whatever) 1 isn't either a Manta or Walrus. It just has this Eagle head icon or whatever that seemed to be. I never really looked that hard. What is it?
  19. I second the notion of a timer till completion of an order of, for example, new Mantas or Walruses and all the other stuff. Same goes for repairs on the Carrier and perhaps for vehicles as well (although I don't know how fast or slow they are right now). Fuels should have a form of measurement as well.
  20. My word, the soundtrack for the menu is already epic and I already crave the soundtrack!!! That song, what are the lyrics for it?
  21. bfcrusader

    P&C Beta questions

    They wont release it with multiplayer but are at least considering adding it on later
  22. As in... beta driving?
  23. CARrier command it would seem :P