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    Bin Laden 'Shooter Interview'

    Can't your narcistic ego handle the phrase and you wanna ban me from another tread showing your controllfreak deficits? Seriosly, imagine a guy like this FRL Myke would be a police officer running around closeing investigations cases, "because every source on the world said so", but likes the dominate everyone else who could be cheeky to him. And wants to intimidate me mentioning "my infraction history"? Hey i'am not gona be taken hostage by third-world like police thug mindsets like yours.
  2. Dosenmais

    French in Mali

    The Mali Stuff Starts at 15:45 so that you other people can skip this "waehaehaehaeh the american crack addicted have no health care waehaehaeh" Crap that comes before.
  3. Dosenmais

    Bin Laden 'Shooter Interview'

    We have no proof' date=' no videotape, no corpse, no nothing. We just have a story that the No.1 Terrorist of all Time was hidding for years in a pakistan Military Neighborhood after escapeing the mountains of afghanistan with his dialysis machine before he was killed by a super special special force who was to stupid to capture him alive while every small town backwater SWAT Team can capture people with stun grenades and had no other choice than to shot him and throw him into the deep sea. Wow, and you wanna tell me "i won't believe"? No, you are the one who believes, you are the one who wants to believe. First of not "every source on this whole planet" says that because this is a relativistic formulation and evaluation by you whats called a source and whats not. This assertion is sensless because it contains nothing than repeating of non related Wanna-Believe statements. Also, that hes dead or not wasn't my subject, my subject is when it happend. And again, there is no "source symphatize with Al Quaida" because Al Quaida is a non defined lose group and ever Jerk with a Skimask, Shahada and Handcamera can make Al Quaida Statements. Okay you are just a Mod on a Gaming Forum, but imagine with your attitude you would be a Police Officer. Do you would be have a Police Officer investigating a shootout and than saying "Well the whole world said so" Case closed. Yeah, you tell me about how to use the brain. Assertions like "Every source on the whole world said so" are now facts. Also your rhetoric mirrors lack of attention, because even if you wanna believe the official story, you must accept that conspiracies are real and in this case people conspired against the United States and caputred Planes.
  4. Dosenmais

    Bin Laden 'Shooter Interview'

    Yeah you can bet that. Even if they would speak the truth, which they never do, no one would believe them. Well, maybee people like you believe them because they are not interessted in a debate to solve a conflict of interests while these people see just government as a method to enlarger their own ego and it makes them bigger when they think that government enforces violence those rules of live these people think are the right ones. Yeah, ban guns, Obamam yeah. This question is total unnecessary and goes in the "Well if you don't believe it you must know better" Category because people got trained their whole life someone else as them has the answer. No, i wasn't there. I also see no proof that Bin Laden was there. And the say they haven't also seen any proof. Well you know go along with wish thinking, that government gives us a part of truth or some sort of truth because... yeah because we are citizens, taxpayers and some sort of Paper says they have to tell us the truth. No, they don't tell you the truth at all. Not a bit. And what they say most people can't even understand because its so wrapped in good sounding phrases. They tell you what they plan to do, but its also so common couched that everyone can pick and choose and thinks its to his own best. You have just as me seen no proof at all that he was living in this house and got killed by a SEAL Hit-team but you wanna believe it so hard, that you declair my doubts on a obviously feeble-minded story that the corps of the No.1 Terrorist was dumbed into the sea as BS. Are you serious? I mean are you realy serious about that, because a shadowy group of spooky boogymen made a anonymous statement about something, is proof for that? Everyone with a Handcamera and a Skimask can make an Al Quaida Video. People made fake Beheadings in the Past and the Media buyed it. Has the shadowy group of Al Quada some sort of press spokesmen who vistited a conference in the white house or something? I bet you that if someone would rob the bank down the road here and i would made an Internet Al Quaida Statement the next day declairing that this was to raise funds for the holy war, some people would believe that Al Quaida robbed that bank. I could do that with nearly everything. But let me guess, i bet this Al Quaida statement was also published by the Intel Centr who found these statements all the time by some mysterious ways.
  5. Dosenmais

    Bin Laden 'Shooter Interview'

    Yeah sure this guy shoot bin Laden who used his wife as a shield and than sunk him in the Ocean. Bull, this whole story is total bull. I bet Bin Laden is dead since end of 2001 and i don't believe a word of the governments version. This story is fake as a 3 Dollar Bill.
  6. Dosenmais

    Any interesting books to recommend?

    Just everything from Murray Rothbard. Read his books and you will understand why stateism and government became the live doctrin of menkind, an institutionalized mental sickness. Government is nothing than threat and brute force and these books will help you to understand that.
  7. Dosenmais

    An unusual tool for mod makers - yet very relevant

    Yeah there are a few realy usefull motivation manuals out there, but what is war of art so specific about? Tell me. Is it about how i get good ideas? I see myself as creative but to defeat my own lazyness is another thing.
  8. Didn't hear you rise such questions while the assault weapon ban was debated. You don't show up to court, you lose your civil rights. As easy as that. I just feel sorry for her willy-nilly parents who couldn't raise a kid teaching them real values. Wanna play anarchist? Wanna play revolution but complain about PTSD because your home was raided by the police? This isn't a game. What did she expected? Hell, even the last backwater militia groups train how it is to get waterboarded these days. I'am tired of these pictures get painted of poor little cutie-pie got jailed for their noble believes of stateless anarchism. Hey look what those kids wrote, they have no idea even about anarchism but seek company with communist and eco-facist groups. There was a time in america when such people like Occupy got monitored for un-american activities, so don't try to tell me something about corporate police state because of this case. Tell me something about fast and furious. Tell me something about the IRS raides hundrets of homes every year because people wouldn't pay their protection money to the federal thugs.
  9. Dosenmais

    Merry Christmas!

    I'am more the orgy type anyway.
  10. Dosenmais

    Merry Christmas!

    December 25th, the birth of Saturn A homosexual god, now check the historical pattern December 25, now thought the birth of Christ Was Saturnalia, when men got drunk, fucked each other then beat their wife Fact is, it was still practiced, til they called it Christmas So put a gerbil on your Christmas list Ras Kass - Nature of the Threat ;)
  11. Dosenmais

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    It isn't in your might to say what people should have and what not. Its a total personal decision to decide what to buy and to own or to build. You don't like guns? Don't buy one, don't build one. But let others alone, don't stick your nose in other peoples businesses. And to show my respect for your, maybee selfish, believes: I swear not to use a firearm to detain a bulglar, rapist or murderer from entering your home. I wouldn't dare to involve a gun in the event. The National Safety Council says the Numbers for 2011 are not even near 500. Infact, it says the children(0-14) who died by firearm accidents where 150. There are more children dying because they drow in the swimming pool, but everyone likes swimming pools and no one would dare to call for a ban of them. Polemic doesn't help your lack of knowledge, facts and basic use of logic. Typical the Anti-Gun person is a leftwing etatist, who believes in the government with his buildings look like feeding breasts is a free-stuff wellfare agency instead the dangeroust organisation in human histroy, is afraid because of three main reasons: 1. They are so weak and cowardly, that they are afraid they would shoot themself in an accident. 2. They are afraid their wifes would shoot them because of the weaklings they are. 3. They are afraid their dumbed down by public school and filled up with drugs by medical doctors Kids would go postal. PS: Okay, imagine he wouldn't be just a moderator but someone with real authorities in real live. He already throws me out of the debate after he's being polemic and using wrong facts. Imagine this guy would a politician in this hole gun debate. What do you think would he act? Do you think he would let you make free decision about owning a gun or not? Count 1 and 1 together.
  12. Dosenmais

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Go back a bit more far in the timeline. Meanwhile the Rebels get training on Anti-Aircraft weapons. Yeah, follow the Afghanistan blueprint...
  13. Dosenmais

    Israel - Gaza - What should we do if anything.

    This hole "palistain vs. israel" debate is a political football wo gets played around with. Its a total arbitrary case of two tribes who fight and kill each other for religion and land. Both play with dirty tricks, both are the puppets of forgin powers, both have their ranks filled up with religioes loons and psychophats. Yeah, i know israel is funded by the lobby in the US. Yeah i know the Fatah was infiltrated and build up by the CIA. Yeah i know the Hamas was founded by Israeli intelligence services. Yeah i know the PLO was financed and trained by the KGB. I know all that stuff and i don't care anymore. When the forgin powers would not longer finance this conflict, it just would bleed out. Young israelis are tired of the draft who force them to serve as canon fooder. They don't want to breath the deadly dust from the DU-Ammonition the IDF fires in the Gaza Stripe. The Palistinians are tired of the blockade and want to do some business without daily raids, checkpoints and restriction of their markets. And so on... But now that the third reich rooted and CIA controlled Muslim Brotherhood is in charge of egypt, they will use the palistinians as some kind of buffer zone and gip head against Israel, things just would get worse. Whatever, i don't care anymore. Its always tragic if people kill each other for nonsense, but Israel is a arbitrary case just as so many others on this planet.
  14. Did you read my two posts, because if you had you would see yeah i did. And i "focussing" on that because it showes me again that people have no idea what they are talking about! That things who sound "over the top" sebsational are sometimes just total hogwash.
  15. What you kids don't get is that outside of your little box in whatever western country you live, there is a total different game. And every little touch with this reality you see as aggression against your little wishworld, because it is. You wanna make confers to "pussy riot"? Better you look it up before. Was Leah Plante involved i a gangbang while pregnant, yeah? They are not even anarchists, they are a bunch of kids who favor socialism in reality. "Something Corrupt inhabits the American Justice System." Yeah tell this all those illegal imprisoned people who refused to pay their illegal IRS income tax.