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    Franze's Addon Compedium

    Thanks for the hard work to you and Nodunit! I have known your work on the Apache only but I'm quite impressed to see your take on Fixed wings, still, glad to read on this, may future endeavours go well for you man :)
  2. Unchained

    NIArms Release Thread

    Hi, Browsing the Steam workshop I found this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=931520646&searchtext= I subscribed to see the contents and I saw it was all of your stuff, I saw no credits or anything around it so I'm not sure this was correct and wanted to report it here just in case. Now I'm unsubscribing from it since I'm already subscribed to your account items, please let me know if this should be reported. Aside from that: Amazing job you are doing so far! I'm really happy to see some stuff I like in your work schedule.
  3. Hello everyone, back here again with this questions that impede my advance in creating the configurations I want... First off: Which is the LinkedItems bipod config? As far as I search inside the A3 files, I can't find a weapon I can use as a template to add a bipod, still don't understand my question? Here's an example class arifle_MXM_F; class MRA_CW_MXM_MOS_LP_BS: arifle_MXM_F { class LinkedItems { class LinkedItemsOptic { slot = "CowsSlot"; item = "optic_SOS"; }; class LinkedItemsAcc { slot = "PointerSlot"; item = "acc_pointer_IR"; }; class LinkedItemsBipod { slot = "BipodSlot"; item = "bipod_01_F_snd"; }; }; }; Which of course the "LinkedItemsBipod" is something I have invented in hope that was the right class, same as the "BipodSlot" in the Slot definition, only real thing there is the item, the bipod because I could get the class name out of the virtual arsenal (Since I tried this and, of course, it failed, weapon on editor shows with the Laser pointer and the scope, but not the bipod). I want to know what class is the one that has the linked item for bipods, and the slot. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm having an issue here, I'm creating some configurations on for an addon using BIS helicopters (Namely the armed Huron and the UH80 GhostHawk), when I set the crew="somepilot"; parameter it only sets the pilots with "somepilot", but not the door gunners of the UH80. So if anyone knows how to configure that, I would be deeply thankful :) Thanks in advance! Drake.
  5. Unchained

    Nomex Coveralls Expanded

    Hello Scorch, can I get permission to use this addon in my mod? If so, please contact me so we can discuss further stuff about it
  6. Massi, Excellent job in the latest update! I would like to ask you if you still have that old black reskin of the ArmA 3 BIS 1911 (ACP-C2 .45 independent pistol) you did on the very first versions of your weapons mod, I would love to use it on a mod I'm working on if you allow me to. Regards, Drake.
  7. Unchained

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Greetings, big congrats on your latest update, I see you guys made some really nice breakthroughs since I last downloaded the mod (0.3.8 or sort of), now, I don't know if someone reported this before, I checked the last updates since this release got out and no one mentioned that the following after launching the mod in the mission editor: (Downloaded v0.3.9.1 and erased the old version, making it a clean install, for what I understand, that is a full version right?) Notes under what I have tested this to see what I'm about to report: -I have tried this under vanilla ArmA 3 + @RHSAFRF and @RHSUSAF, not a single mod more. -If any of what I'm about to report was done on purpose and/or is still WIP previously mentioned in this thread, I apologize, I must have missed that post. Now to the point I wanted to mention: -In the Groups module, BLUFOR side, there's a faction called USA (SOCOM), inside there's an Infantry (MARSOC) class and finally some Spec op units, should I place any of those groups on the map and then try to assign myself as a player of any of those units I'll find out that those are not in the Units module, instead, a US army M113 unit is selected on the unit selection instead of what I would spect to be the infantry unit I just double clicked, and those units are no-where to be found in the editor, not under army, not under USMC, USAF or Navy ("Dude! Those are spec ops man, they are "you-were-never-here" ops man, of course you won't find them in the mission editor"... LOL just kidding) -I don't understand why there's a navy faction with only the corpsmen for the USMC and those are not in the USMC corresponding infantry places, was this done on purpose or just a human mistake? :) -Selected the following: USA (USMC - W) // Infantry (LAR) // Scout (Marksman), enter the preview mode on the editor with that unit and hit the inventory, I get a missing icon of the KAC SR25 (Which also has an insanely long butstock, tresspasses the soldiers shoulder, looks quite odd although I never knew if that gun actually has such a long fixed butstock like that, if possible please relieve me of the ignorance in that detail hahaha). -So far any ACH helmet I've tried (Rifleman and a couple of Machine gunners) have the default arma icon. That's as far as I have tried tonight on testing what you guys been up to, I love the whole content anyway, once again I apologize if I'm reporting stuff that was reported before, I checked the last 2 pages to be honest I haven't seen any new reports on all this that I mentioned, if this was mentioned before, I'm sorry that I didn't see that, the forum search function didn't help, I don't log in often to the forum and keeping up with all the posts on this thread ain't something I can do often to do it in a sane fashion, so cheers and I hope any of this helps! Regards, Drake.
  8. US Army and branches Description: Hello everyone! I'm LT. Drake Jackson (AKA Mr Azeroth (Steam), AKA LT. Drake Hawkins) I'm proud to present to you, the G.E.A.R. unofficial US army and branches unit pack! This pack will cover the unit part of all of KetsuCorp's G.E.A.R. releases. Aside from the uniform/vests/helmets/etc. What weapons are this soldiers using? -Currently the default ArmA 3 weapons, you will notice some soldiers are using different configurations of ArmA 3 weapons, that's because my MRA_CW.pbo file contains them, and now some soldier classes will have a different weapons or different accessories attached, for example: The autorifleman will have the MX SW with bipod and ACO sight, and the marksman will have the MXM with bipod and MOS scope. -And before you ask: I haven't decided if I should combine this pack with other weapon packs since: 1) I haven't found a pack that fits all the units. 2) Too many downloads may be a bore. Do they have the ArmA 3 vehicles? -Yes! Can't miss that, but not all branches will have the same vehicles, such as the assault boat (Specially for marines and ST6 in AOR, those 2 will have it) or the A-164 wipeout (USAF in ABU will have it), that is to add more realism to it. Did you add ArmA 3's groups? Yes! For the sake of sanity, I've added the groups and now all my units will feature groups. How about some screens? Sure! Why not? Let me upload a few for you, I'll put them under link format because they need rezising and are over a 100kb, and if I remember well, forum rules say those are a no-no for those images. PS: If anyone can/wants to take scenic screens of these units (With ArmA 3 weapons) I would be glad to post them here so they look better (With your propper credit and thanks for your collaboration on the proyect) US army (OCP): http://imgur.com/rpdHZx1 http://imgur.com/smuTzOO http://imgur.com/DbbdhWh USMC (Woodland):. http://imgur.com/CXtxXFv http://imgur.com/ZfpXHz4 http://imgur.com/qmcZ3LK USMC (Desert): http://imgur.com/p6Yygmu http://imgur.com/YLwvoQy http://imgur.com/3sqq0RN USMC (Winter): http://imgur.com/ZEMkptQ http://imgur.com/ZVGz3cF http://imgur.com/kX7ZHV1 Requirements: Now as a base, all my releases for G.E.A.R. related addons will require this: G.E.A.R. Core: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28353 G.E.A.R. US: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28501 G.E.A.R. NVG: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28591 And the corresponding uniforms will require this: G.E.A.R. OCP (For US army in OCP camo): http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28439 G.E.A.R. MARPAT (For USMC units): http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28502 Recommended but not necessary: Marksmen DLC Helicopters DLC Download: File hosters: US Army (OCP) MEGA.nz link Mediafire link PlayWithSix link Armaholic.com link USMC MARPAT (Desert, Woodland and Winter) MEGA.nz link Mediafire link PlayWithSix link Armaholic.com link Future plans: -Groups (Done!) -Random goggles, I want them to use just a couple of A3 face wear and most of the goggles that KetsuCorp made. -Add Spec ops. -Divers. -SDV's. -Mod icon (Help on this would be greatly appreaciated). -Port all G.E.A.R. releases. -Ketsucorp PMC (Using generic equipment). Bugs: -USMC (Winter) backpacks will have the woodland icon, forgot to fix this one and wanted a release with groups already, I'll try get that fixed for v1.0. -None other that I know of, if you find something like a wrong uniform/backpack/missing unit, please report it! Change log: v0.9 -Open Beta. -Added: Bikey and bisign to my addons. -Added: Groups. -Added: Woodland MARPAT marines. -Added: Winter MARPAT marines. -Added: Custom weapon configurations in a separate addon. -Optimized: OCP configuration to a better standard, classnames remain unchanged! v0.5 -Open Beta. -Added: Missing flag (Thanks to EvroMalarkey from the CUP team for the flag!). -Added: Custom MX SW loadout (Now with sand bipod and ACO sight). -Added: Custom MXM loadout (Uses MOS sight and sand bipod). -Added: Autorifleman and regular marksman now have more optimized weapons. -Optimized: Reconfigured infantry dependencies (Unit class names remain unchanged!). -Optimized: General code optimization and minor changes. -Fixed: Several new issues with backpacks. v0.2 -Open Beta. -Added: Vehicles with their corresponding crew. -Added: Marksmen/Helicopters DLC support. -Fixed: several issues with missing backpacks. -Fixed: Helicopters where having the jet pilot as crew. -Removed: Jet pilot since I considered not to add the CAS plane. v0.1 -Closed Alpha for approval of Ketsukorp, not released for the public. Credits: -Really big big big Kudos to Ketsucorp, without them, this would have never, ever, happened, at least from my side, I just packed units, the whole texturing and hardwork here was done by them, they deserve all the credit. -Pappy Boyington, a Die-Hard OFP user-content creator, he released an old perl "How-To" on how stuff was packed in OFP and thanks to that I've learnt how to mess with config.cpp's. -M1lkm8n for the support with some config issues, and responding over skype, thanks! -Mikero for the wonderful Eliteness tool. -EvroMalarkey from the CUP team for the flags. -BIS community wiki. -BIS for the great game, I've been following the series since OFP. -kecharles28, thank you and withSIX team for providing a mirror! -Foxhound, thank you for providing a mirror in armaholic! It's my favourite website to get addons since ArmA 1 times. -If I'm missing someone, I apologize! Please mention it here or by PM and I'll add you inmideately since everyone that helps me with stuff (Configs, screenshots, provide content, or hosting) is someone I owe my grattitude. Do you want to help?! If you want to help, that would be great! I'll make sure to add you on the credits and thank you for your contributtion! :) Currently I'm needing help with the following: -Hosting: If you are a person who owns a website for ArmA series addons, or you have a known host of your clan, and you want to host my addon, that would be neat! -Configuration: Where are the groups defined in the ArmA 3 files? -Icons for the factions: As mentioned before, I'm asking the CUP team, but don't let that stop you, if you want to provide me with your flags, they are welcome :) I'm looking for icons that show on the editor, those icons should be: US Army, USMC, USAF, DEVGRU, Navy. Disclaimer: -DON'T try to make money from this pack or its requirements in ANY possible way. -Textures belong to Ketsucorp. -If you want to release a different version of this addon, you HAVE to contact Ketsucorp and ask them if you can use their addons. Also I ask to contact me for permission, and please to put my name in the credits if you do, after all, you got the idea from my pack if you do :) -I don't make myself responsible if this addon gives errors/Problems to your ArmA 3 installation, your computer, etc. ANYTHING. If you use it, it's your problem if it gives you trouble. Not me, not BIS, not ANYONE, this is user-generated content, provided "as is". -No guarantee of ANYTHING, use at your own discretion/risk. -Share freely, but please, credit the author and it's collaborators (Specially Ketsucorp). :) -Also this follows the BIS EULA and regulations for addons and user-created content.
  9. Greetings everyone! My mod once again got patched, now featuring Marines in all 3 camo's, groups, bikey and bisigned addons (Those details are also added to the OCP release). Please check the first post with updated information including new screens, updated download links and more information on the patch log and what I'm going to do in the future. I'm having a special request to anyone who can/wants to collaborate, please PM if you can do some reskining of a few A3 accessories. Regards, Drake.
  10. A thing I've been finding annoying and I don't know if I'm either blind or nobody is reporting, and is the fact that the US M4/M16's have the front ironsight just way too high, I mean don't get me wrong, models look badass but you can't add your ACOG or Aimpoint sights/scopes without finding out later that the front ironsight is blocking the red dot or the optic of the ACOG, only scope that I saw working on this was Alwarren's MARS scope... Any other scope will have the optics blocked by the front ironsights of those two weapons, any idea how can that be fixed? Regards, Drake
  11. Well, you are counting with one already :) I've been busy lately but I managed to make a good bunch of units and make it look good without any problems so far, as soon as I finnish working on some group configs and stuff, I'll be releasing USMC (All 3 camos) and US Army (OCP) at v0.9 with groups and vehicles assigned, continuing to work on other units, I'm thinking about what to do next with AOR camo, I definitely wanna leave that for Special Forces, use as much variety as possible there... Needless to say that as I discussed this with you guys on moddb, I want to use all your gear packs with units, and if possible, make sure also the soldiers can use your goggles/masks as well, which is something I'm starting to read on since I got all the groups and vehicles thing almost figured out. Have you guys thought about doing Desert ABU? I would love to have both options. Lastly, I'm no modeler or texture artist but in terms of configuration of units and some other stuff I can handle very well, so if you need help on that, please contact me and I'll give it my best try to help :) Drake out.
  12. Unchained

    OPerators eXtreme Tactical Addons

    Neat mod man, I like to see nice camo's around, cheers! What weapons/vehicles are you planning to add in the future?
  13. Unchained

    Where BIS defined CfgGroups?

    I have checked there already, it's not there, thanks for the reply though. Yes! It's here! Thanks for the support man! :)
  14. Well, that's pretty much the question, after depbo-ing BIS files inside the addons folder I still can't find the definition of the main CfgGroups where the infantry/vehicle groups are defined, I need to copy that and change the identity of the units in order for them to have my units. But I want to keep BIS predefinited positions and all that stuff since doing all from scratch is just a real pain. Any ideas where I can find that config part? Thanks in advance!
  15. My apologies for double posting, a new update for my units has been released! Please check the download links for v0.5 of my new units. Regards, Drake.
  16. Excellent answer, I'll put myself to work on this right away, thanks ruebe!
  17. Excellent to know that! I'll PM you since I'm registered in Armaholic :) Thanks for the host! Regards, Drake.
  18. Thank you very much for the mirror kecharles28, I'll added it to the main page and proper kudos on the credits for your support (Also to your team), I'll take a look to your idea of the promo page then, thanks for informing that! Regards, Drake.
  19. Greetings everyone, I'm having a serious issue with an addon I'm developing, I'm calling vehicle classes in the config file and when I binarize (Using Mikero Eliteness) the config file, it fails mentioning that in certain line of the code, there's an "expected class name", to which I go and check if I'm not following the correct bottom-up dependency of vehicles... Another thing is that I followed the ladder of dependencies accordingly to the config files I got them from, I've checked inside the original A3 pbo's to follow the order or everything just to make sure it calls the vehicles I want without changing any values from the game itself, I've done that in order to create my own vehicle classes referencing to BIS classes and just changing a few values I want changed, so far the Infantry part was excellent but once I started doing it on vehicles things went south, it's like if I define too much classnames that are actually calling BIS units for some reason, it will end up giving me that error, and I can't find it, I tried removing chunks of code (First the trucks code, then the Quad, and finally the MRAP part of coding, to which I got successful binarizing after removing all 3), but if I leave any of the 3 defined vehicles (Either the MRAP, or the Quad and/or Trucks) alone in the config file, it just won't work. So here's what I've coded so far in that part: (Inside cfgVehicles) class Car_F; class MRAP_01_base_F: Car_F class MRAP_01_gmg_base_F: MRAP_01_base_F class MRAP_01_hmg_base_F: MRAP_01_gmg_base_F class B_MRAP_01_F: MRAP_01_base_F class B_MRAP_01_gmg_F: MRAP_01_gmg_base_F class B_MRAP_01_hmg_F: MRAP_01_hmg_base_F class MRA_US_OCP_MRAP: B_MRAP_01_F { scope = 2; displayName = "MRAP (Unarmed)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class MRA_US_OCP_MRAP_GMG: B_MRAP_01_gmg_F { scope = 2; displayName = "MRAP (GMG)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class MRA_US_OCP_MRAP_HMG: B_MRAP_01_hmg_F { scope = 2; displayName = "MRAP (HMG)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class Quadbike_01_base_F: Car_F class B_Quadbike_01_F: Quadbike_01_base_F class MRA_US_OCP_QuadBike: B_Quadbike_01_F { scope = 2; displayName = "Quad Bike"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class Truck_F: Car_F class Truck_01_base_F: Truck_F class B_Truck_01_transport_F: Truck_01_base_F class B_Truck_01_covered_F: B_Truck_01_transport_F class B_Truck_01_mover_F: B_Truck_01_transport_F class B_Truck_01_box_F: B_Truck_01_mover_F class B_Truck_01_Repair_F: B_Truck_01_mover_F class B_Truck_01_ammo_F: B_Truck_01_mover_F class B_Truck_01_fuel_F: B_Truck_01_mover_F class B_Truck_01_medical_F: B_Truck_01_transport_F class MRA_US_OCP_HEMTT_Transport: B_Truck_01_transport_F { scope = 2; displayName = "HEMTT Transport (Uncovered)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class MRA_US_OCP_HEMTT_Covered: B_Truck_01_covered_F { scope = 2; displayName = "HEMTT Transport (Covered)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class MRA_US_OCP_HEMTT_Mover: B_Truck_01_mover_F { scope = 2; displayName = "HEMTT Truck (Trailer)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class MRA_US_OCP_HEMTT_Box: B_Truck_01_box_F { scope = 2; displayName = "HEMTT Truck (Container)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class MRA_US_OCP_HEMTT_Repair: B_Truck_01_Repair_F { scope = 2; displayName = "HEMTT Truck (Repair)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class MRA_US_OCP_HEMTT_Ammo: B_Truck_01_ammo_F { scope = 2; displayName = "HEMTT Truck (Ammo)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class MRA_US_OCP_HEMTT_Fuel: B_Truck_01_fuel_F { scope = 2; displayName = "HEMTT Truck (Fuel)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; class MRA_US_OCP_HEMTT_Medical: B_Truck_01_medical_F { scope = 2; displayName = "HEMTT Truck (Medical)"; crew = "MRA_USA_OCP_Rifleman_Light"; side = 1; faction = "MRA_US_OCP"; }; Any ideas what could this be? I have the slight fear I may find this error when I try packing up tanks/helicopters/static/Ship or Submarine... PS: I'm Using Notepad++ to work on this, saved the file as a .cpp file so it will check it as a C++ file, that makes me a little bit more frustrated since everything is well spaced, I'm not missing {} or [] or () or "" since Notepad++ places it for you and if you type it twice it will remove the double, saving you those kinds of problems. Thanks in advance!
  20. I use Mikero's Eliteness instead of the console addonproject to binarize and pack the pbo. How can I get the log from pboproject? Update 06/15/2015: I found out the error was naming too many of BIS base units, it was not necessary, moderators, please close this thread.
  21. How can I get the error file?
  22. Unchained

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Greets, I would like to congratulate Major_Shepard for his addon! It is really neat and useful for me so far! I would just like to mention that for example: FHQ M4A3 pack has custom ammo, ammo which doesn't have it's own picture and that gets to be a problem at first because I can't save the addon if any of it's content doesn't have pictures. Would you be able to check for an override for that? Also, on Massi's latest v1.2 weapons pack US rifle sound supressor doesn't have it's common variant in LEA, whenever I check that, it's only the desert one, and I see other sound supressors have been cut too.
  23. Unchained

    Unused Animations Mod

    You were right, it looks like it was a mod conflict with HotShotMikes unused vehicle animations, sorry for the inconvenience.
  24. Unchained

    Unused Animations Mod

    It looks like with the new patch, the animations stopped working, just reporting, cheers. Tried the following configs: Custom jump / Default running anim / 2nd walking anim. Custom jump / Default running anim / 3rd walking anim.
  25. Unchained

    User Mission Request Thread

    Greetings, I do believe a good Co-op zombie mission like this one should be made for the comunity, since it's easy to understand, fun, has coop standards, and I feel it could be a really good mission to put in a server... So let me begin to present the mission itself, it's Quarantine! ALL the thanks, kudos and respects are for the creator, D.Murphy Man. The mission itself was made for ArmA 1, in this sandbox-like mission you have to save survivors of the apocalypse, kill hordes of infected and profit your way through as a mercenary, how? Buy a gun, kill zombies, rescue survivors, find and sell vehicles or use them for your own profit, smuggle weapons, and other possibilites for your zombie desires, I'll leave the link below, if anyone has the chance to recreate such madness, I'll be happy to help, at least with general unit placement around the map (As I don't know too much about scripting but the basics) Armaholic link