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  1. @KrA You really need to work on clearly communicating things. Your first line mentioned the difficulty of long-range sniping. Then you mention shooting at 2km. Even now with the edit you've mentioned 1.5km, which is still ridiculously far, which leads me to believe that I was actually right and you are complaining specifically about long-range sniping being too difficult due to sway, in which case my prior comments stand. I thought I was wrong and you were complaining about some sway bug, but now I'm pretty sure I was right and you were complaining about sway making extreme-long-range sniping too difficult, which it should be. And if we don't have all these other things factored in (wind particularly), then we need that sway. Fact is, right now sniping's too easy, and just about any player can load up with a super-weapon and annihilate 50 AI from a good perch without issues. It's a gameplay issue more than anything. Easy sniping is fing boring as hell, and it makes games boring as hell when 2/3rds of the players want to do that instead of something slightly exciting.
  2. dnk

    Multiplayer dying fast??

    http://arma3.swec.se/game/statistics That's why we're calling you out for cherry picking. The trend is upward, especially at the low points. "Dying"
  3. @LP Just reporting what's been said on the forums a good bit before. People have tested with RAM disks and SSDs. Never heard of them offering real performance gains until now. Then I see in another thread that you, LP, have an odd rig and serious, unusual performance issues. Might be that whatever's causing those is causing the SSD to have an unusual effect. Perhaps "0" is a bit strong, but 5% would seem high for FPS. The game loads in models and textures when they're available, and nothing until then (or lower-res cached ones). HDD speed correlates with pop-in delay. I'm sure there are a few odd instances when the engine gets held up on the HDD when there's a sudden big new scene to render (those 500ms lag spikes, perhaps), but that's a very small %age of gameplay. But, hey, it's helped you so good for you then. Hope the rest of your issues get fixed. Might want to try going solo with the GPU for a change to see if that helps. @Game_On One of the big issues is the lack of 64-bit support. Other than that, the game seems to use RAM fine. What specifically should it be doing better, or why isn't it doing it right?
  4. Wonder who some people are... Might want to consider being a bit more clear in your OPs/comments if you don't want everything to get sidetracked and your views to be misinterpreted. Took you what, 23 posts to correct everyone? You wonder why a bunch of people "trolled" you when it seemed to everyone you were making a really odious point about sniping at 2km...
  5. LP: .... X'fire .... terrible performance .... This pattern keeps repeating throughout the forums. It was as if exotic hardware setups don't get along well with the engine... 20FPS isn't acceptable, but 35-45 is usually (in just about any game). If I'm playing a fast gamemode like KOTH, I might want 45-60, but I can settle on the lower end. This is true for every game I play: anything over 50FPS is excess, anything under 30 is painful, and somewhere around 45 is "good". Doesn't take much brainwashing by BI when most video game players have been having "29.95FPS" shoved down their throats for decades by the consoles...
  6. Right. Either you expect to hit something at 2km or that part of your OP was useless.
  7. dnk

    Multiplayer dying fast??

    Yeah, it's pretty clear Bvrettski is either grinding an axe or just a dishonest person in general.
  8. I used to live about 1km from a shooting range in a woods. The longer range woods sounds are really accurate. Sounds just like home.
  9. No, you will never convince some people with reality (the point of this thread as I see it now). They want X and reality is irrelevant to their desires. I am being quite literal. Things that only a select few can master after years of effort should be the game's standard under any conditions.
  10. dnk

    Weapon sway

    True, true. Thankfully, it seems they've got someone working on that (AI configs) right now and it'll be out fairly soon.
  11. 1. An SSD will have 0 impact on FPS.2. Another SLI rig... hmmm... 3. When and how are you playing at 25 FPS? SP or MP? With what settings? How many AI? What mission? I do not really understand your response.
  12. Stop, just stop. The real world has no bearing on this thread.
  13. dnk

    Arma needs more arcade-like options....

    I would still like to see a side-by-side and detailed comparison of game lobbies and what exactly the OP et al. desire. I haven't played BF/COD in some years, so I might not be in-touch with the newest lobby features... Until now I hadn't really considered it an issue, though.
  14. dnk

    Weapon sway

    As douchy as maturin may be being, I love this exchange: M: if you configure the game properly, you don't have these issues with the AI DW: I'm talking about an unmodified game M: it's not a mod. DW: bigot. Forum doesn't have smileys for my feelings on that one.
  15. dnk

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Eh, given the relative lack of assets in the current game, I feel like we're due for a bit more unpaid DLC/updates before having to pay for something new.
  16. I do agree that in video games you can tell the difference between 30 and 120FPS. That said, the difference between 20 and 40 is a hell of a lot larger than 40 and 120. http://boallen.com/fps-compare.html http://frames-per-second.appspot.com/
  17. 2 questions, one of which is scripting related: - Is there a way to create a texture that has a negative effect on a specific object's rendering when rendered in front of it? Currently, you can have a texture rendered in front of another object and it just renders over it (eg on-screen markers) and the rest of the screen. I want to reverse the effect and only on one specific object. Is this doable? - Is there a way to check the height of the terrain offset (for "grass" concealment at a distance) at a given location? If these two things are possible, the "grass rendering" ticket can be modded fairly easily.
  18. dnk

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Well, you could make "weapon/body inertia" an option (currently it's always off). You could make ballistics an option (currently always on). You could make penetration an option (ditto last). You could make grenade throwing method an option (instant or realistic/slow). Weapon sway can be a slider (full=realistic, to off=none). Health level can be a slider (like 5x to 1x, include option for impairment for certain wounds). I would love that. I've said this many times on many forums, options are the way to please everyone. The fans can have their cake and eat it too. It also saves people from having to mod things or deal with addons or just not get what they want at all.
  19. You really gotta give more information on this if you want to build up interest.
  20. [ninja'd] They also might not think 40 is good (I've had arguments over that before here). The high-end crowd typically thinks 60 is a bit weak... 120FPS , which is the ultimate goal, almost certainly isn't achievable by the engine since I'm not sure there's a CPU around that could do it. ~5GHz Haswell might get there, just. I can get CPU-bound quick even with an age-old GTS250 and an i5 3350P (far better relative to the GPU).
  21. dnk

    Arma needs more arcade-like options....

    ^ You should really look for a community. Pubbing is a miserable way to get the experience you're after. I'd personally recommend 15th MEU.
  22. dnk

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    http://dev-heaven.net/projects/asr-ai/files Found it! Sort by date released and make sure you get the A3 one (most are A2).
  23. dnk

    Multiplayer not in playable state

    Ah, unfortunately central/eastern Europe gives me 350-400ms pings. Oh well.
  24. dnk

    Bad performance

    More exotic SLI high-end rigs having issues... hmmm... PS the game struggles with latency and bandwidth issues. Having 2 titans doesn't net you much when their cores are waiting on all the data to be loaded and processed by the CPU and RAM. The CPU is mostly limited by one main thread on one core also. What counts as "acceptable FPS"?