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  1. just wanted to say thankyou kju, fixed my problem and followed all the relevant advice you gave regarding my RPT everything works better than before :)
  2. @ weedman Please upload your rpt log file as a start. http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/91649335/file.html
  3. @weedman Probably you still have some mixed models active. a) Do you use A3 models or not? b) Do you have community addons loaded that contain infantry? A\ Nope have no use for them at the moment, prefer a wide range of units so i stay with A2 units B\ Yes i am using arma 2 hazmat units , Australian SOTG and they all do it. 2 release's back and it was fine all the custom A2 units worked and i could even select A3 units and use empty vehicles with them, but now constant glitch's or original USMC texture.
  4. anyone know why with the latest release my A2 units are all messed up, shows the same graphics glitch's kju was saying about when mixing A2 and A3 units however i am not mixing units?. I have removed AiA_ActivateA3Models.pbo in the hope it would default back to A2 units which it did do but custom A2 units are all the stock character textures :S any idea's?
  5. beautiful work, well done!!
  6. well i would be happy if i could just remove water/ponds from the relevant maps in question, wont really bother me at all except for the empty lakes which would be new territory :P
  7. @ Fabio_Chavez, weedman, Yokhanan, Meerkatflyer I tried to fix the "water line" bug by defining elevationOffset = 0; in CAWorld. That seems not it and didn't help. I am not even sure its related to water actually. Thanks for informing us and the update :) , sometimes it happens and sometimes not so i guess its down to bi on this one.
  8. also receiving a lot of this water line bug.
  9. @Fabio looking lovely mate
  10. weedman

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    take your time mate as this is a learning experience for you no doubt. Maybe you could think about adding other objects like jellyfish,octopus etc.. (just a suggestion), looking real good btw
  11. This will inherently stop issue's as we near close to beta and launch, class-names will be finalized and will stop the errors everyone is encountering. Right now i feel kju is reaching into his box of tricks and again going to bring us another masterpiece to add to his repository. :)
  12. thank you very much for all your dedication and hard work to this mod, we (the community) greatly appreciate it.
  13. ah thank you very much, very informative and fixed my issue immediatly now playing at 2560x1080 @ 21:9 aspect ratio and this game has never looked so beautiful paired with my track ir 5 XD
  14. this is not working properly for me, when i try to link it to my A3 it mess's up my exe and steam wont launch the game and i then have to verify integrity to get it back?
  15. @ mladjaSRB Do you use custom weapon models? just to give a quick update on this i used the australian SOTG and while the unit models where default i found that the custom weapon models where still there and fully functional, if that helps kju
  16. same problem as everyone above. Kju care to share some light on the situation?
  17. Thanks Zerith for showing me this is possible, it might just be something to do with the abundance of addons that i like to use, will play further with weapons further.
  18. care to enlighten one then please, cause i couldn't drag no weapons into my inventory nor if i dragged them to the ground (They just disappear and are not listed in my inventory or action menu), gear customizations i haven't even attempted due to some of the A2 Units having certain gear attached to them and i believe it could get messy.
  19. kju you was asking for suggestions on what to do next, not sure if it is possible without model tweaking but is it possible for A2/OA units to use A3 weapons / Gear customizations.
  20. +1 i also have this problem does not seem to disperse correctly neither, kju do you have any suggestions as to why the latest update has killed caa1? It works fine when loaded up with @AIA but once i try to load up a caa1 island and preview with a A2 soldier it CTD's. It loads fine so im contempt for now as its needed for some of my older islands i still use, but if you could spread some light onto this i would be most grateful
  21. why has the recent update killed caa1 ??????
  22. JSRS works man i believe just make sure you run the cba's along with it, i have tried only @Caa1 and AIA and there seems to be a problem if you load up an A2 unit on one of the caa1 islands it crash's upon load.
  23. is it just me or does the latest update break caa1, as soon as i try to place a unit and try and test i get an immediate crash.
  24. +2 also get this small artifact, and also on some old arma 2 maps i get a strange line that clips across the entire terrain (this only happens at certain altitude and if i aim looking in a certain direction).
  25. weedman

    RH wip Thread

    Amazing and beautiful work roberthammer, i wish you all the best of luck with your projects!